Week 39 Update, 2015!


Well, what a week!. So much has happened, and the past week feels like one of the most emotionally exhausting weeks I’ve had all year. So unfortunately, this update may not be in the best of spirits. I’m feeling much better now, but here’s what happened:

– Last week, we received unexpected news about hubby’s job situation. He was short-listed and interviewed for a permanent role that seemed to be set-up for him, and he didn’t get it. After weeks of being told good and hopeful things about the role, our dreams were crushed on the first day of the school holidays (plus I received some bad family news on the same day – all is relatively ok in relation to this though, but it was a nightmare of a day). We have so many questions about why it didn’t work out. But overall, I’m so angry at the school/education system. Schools system: I’m done. I’m done with trying to figure out why you don’t go out of your way to employ amazing, talented, dedicated teachers permanently – instead, stringing them along on false hopes and temporary contracts and getting rid of them at your own whim with minimal to no notice. These people have a family to support, and futures on hold because they don’t know whether they’ll have work the next term or not. I don’t get it. My hubby is now faced with the decision of whether he continues to try and pursue this school, or if he looks elsewhere or in a completely different career field. It’s been absolutely heartbreaking to witness and be a part of; seeing someone you love, who is so damn talented and passionate about something, but is being held back from opportunities due to the shitty circumstances of employment and the economy.

What’s been especially hard over the past week is realising that we’re both not happy with where we are currently in our careers. He doesn’t have permanency and is struggling with not knowing whether he has work to continue into each term, while I no longer feel challenged or valued and without future opportunities where I am. We just feel like we’re at a dead end in our working lives, and it really sucks.

-After last week, I spent the majority of the weekend trying to recuperate and put myself in a better mindset. Through this, I realised something – change is in the air. I have had this overwhelming sense over the past few days that if I want things to change for the better in some parts of my life, I have to be the one to make the change. So, I’m going to stop being so scared of change and moving forward/on and start taking the plunge in a big part of my life that is really impacting on my happiness as it currently is. I have this great belief that once I make this change, my overall mindset and mood will improve, and I’ll be able to start tackling some of my other goals.. Anyway, I hope that over the next few weeks, I’ll have some great news to report.

-During last week’s bad news, I became sick yet again. Hayfever hit me like a tonne of bricks, and knocked me off my feet from last Tuesday until this weekend. I had to spend all of Thursday in bed (I even couldn’t make my evening class), as the energy had been completely drained from me. As a result, I only got to the gym once last week, and have felt completely sluggish and flat. However, I needed to listen to my body and let myself recover, otherwise (as per tradition), I would have become sicker, for longer. Having a rough week and being sick at the same time is a crappy combination.

-One positive aspect of being unwell is that I actually had time to watch Netflix – I felt too unwell to play video/computer games. So…I *may* have discovered Downton Abbey, and I *may* have become slightly hooked. Unfortunately, I realistically don’t have time to watch as much television as I like, however I have been procrastinating like a boss and churning through seasons of the show (I’ve almost finished Season 2).

That’s about all I’ve been up to after quite a rough week. I hope that I can start working on writing more for the blog – it’s great having such an outlet where I’m aiming to reflect more positively on life. Thanks for reading 🙂


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