Week 31 Update, 2015


Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for yet another late weekly post – thanks to a pretty bad chest/sinus infection, I’ve spent the past few days in bed resting and with no voice. The infection moved into my throat, which has been very painful and left me unable to talk for the past day. However, the doctor confirmed that it’s not tonsillitis yet, which I’m very thankful about (as I haven’t had tonsillitis yet this year, compared to getting it several times in the past few years). Anyway, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to:

-We’re now in the start of August, and it really feels like the year has gone by so quickly. It’s made me wonder how much I’ve accomplished this year. Recently, I’ve really felt like I haven’t progressed much this year with life goals, and that I’ve been stuck in a rut. Though, perhaps that’s what this year has been for: a chance for me to step back, learn to be flexible and to work on self-care and health.

-Curves Complete has been pretty average, other than acing my step goal of over 10,000 steps for the work week. Otherwise, there was no change in my weight loss, and a couple of centimetres lost in body measurements. I’m still battling unstable diabetes blood sugar levels, where having a hypo almost every day last week meant I had to eat more than usual. I’ve got a lot of things against me in seeing some progress, but I’m going to keep working at it regardless. Exercising on a regular basis really is helping me get out of the slump I’ve been in lately.

-Well…I bring you (yet again) no good news about the opportunities I was waiting to hear about. It appears that things didn’t work out, and it wasn’t the right timing. I don’t know what it’s been so difficult for me lately, however it could be because I am finding it to be hard to be satisfied with where I’m currently at – especially in financial and professional terms. That being said, I seem to have completely forgotten the approach I had a few months ago: that where I am now will help me work on other goals and parts of my life that I’m passionate about. This includes study, hobbies, home life and more. However, the perfectionist and goal-driven part of me keeps convincing me that where I am right now is *not* enough: that I should be aiming higher and better off than where I currently am. I’m really trying to get myself to step back and be grateful for what I have and where I am now, because in all reality, I *am* doing pretty well, given how young I am.

-Based on the above, this year has yet again reinforced to me how important health is. Yes, there will always be finances, work and everything in between, but we won’t always have our health. This week has really drilled in the importance of looking out for yourself, especially with illness. As a Type 1 Diabetic, Coeliac Disease and NLD-sufferer, I have a pretty weak immune system. As such, I’m learning that when I become ill, I really have to make sure I nip the sickness in the bud as soon as I realise I’m becoming sick, and give myself enough time to get better. Otherwise, pushing myself to work and do everyday activities when I’m unwell makes me sicker for longer. As a normal person who has some pride in showing they can perform like a normal human being regardless of their medical conditions, it’s been tough for me to accept that I will become sick more regularly than the average person.

-Hubby and I did something pretty dangerous this week: we started playing World of Warcraft again, but on a private server this time. The history and story of the game had been tempting us to play again (thanks Youtube videos), but we were both not keen on starting up our subscriptions again for something that we would barely play.

-I’ve recently noticed that my energy levels have been decreasing, and have been trying to figure out what options I have. Over the past few months, I stopped taking my morning multivitamins, which included Magnesium and Zinc. Both of these were recommended to me by several doctors to assist with energy levels of Type 1 Diabetics, and a Professional Development coach this week connected Magnesium with assisting fatigue and mental health. So, a combination of the above has led me to try taking these on a weekday basis again. Here’s hoping that it will give me energy so I can stay up until 10pm, and restart the hobbies I’ve been so eager to maintain around work and study!

That’s all I’ve been up to around being sick and all over the past week. Thanks for reading 🙂


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