Week 24!


Another week, another blog update!

I have been pretty sick this week, so not too much has happened….therefore, this blog post may not be too interesting, haha.

-I still haven’t been able to exercise much due to being sick. I’m trying to fully recover before I get back into the proper workouts…however, as I’ve gotten sick with two different things over two weeks (tonsillitis, and what I thought was food poisoning…but it may have been a virus), I haven’t had a chance to recover. My weight is stable, at the same as last week.

-I managed to have an awesome op-shopping day with two wonderful friends from work. While I was trying not to buy any clothes, the majority of my purchases ended up being additions to the wardrobe. I was very surprised to find many fur (and imitation fur) coats, and managed to pick myself up an imitation fur from a company based in Melbourne during the 60s-70s…it’s a lovely cream/beige colour and is a mini-coat (sits on the waist). I’ll need somewhere fancy to wear it though, haha. Regardless, it was fantastic being able to op-shop again, and if I end up moving closer to Wollongong, it will definitely be something I do on a regular basis.

-I’ve really gotten into playing Dragon Age. Yes, I will admit that I’m probably playing it on one of the easiest modes, but I’m really intrigued by the storylines and character development. It’s definitely filling the “void” I had from playing Baldurs Gate 2, and then not feeling like any other games were as good. It’s giving me lots of ideas for D&D character development.

-Wedding update: nothing  much to update on. I’ve been Pinterest-ing and on Etsy saving ideas, but I ultimately won’t be able to make many purchases until post-tax return. The next thing will most likely be organising buying the bridesmaid dresses, and then going shopping for my wedding dress fabric 🙂

-If I have some time off in the future, I am going to try and write a few blog posts (so I have some different content on here). I know of late, it’s been pretty boring on here, as I’ve just been giving an update of what’s happened over the past week. And really, of recent, it’s not too interesting as I’ve been really busy. So, I am working on this and when I have some time off, will get cracking on finishing a few posts to go up.

-Over the weekend, I’ve been shown how to bathe a newborn and change the nappies of a newborn. Considering I held a newborn for the first time only a few weeks ago, you can understand why I wouldn’t know how to do the two above items. However, I’ve been challenged to successfully change a nappy next weekend…sooo we’ll see if I remember, lol 🙂

-And lastly, today is my fiancé’s birthday. We celebrated on the weekend by going out to our favourite Japanese restaurant, and will be celebrating with his family today. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have him in my life. To have someone that you know you can completely trust, who praises your nerdy-ness and lame jokes (rather than trying to hinder them), and who loves you for who you are….it’s such a precious thing to have. I hope I can bring as much happiness to his life as he does to mine. I can’t wait to share my future with him!

-Next week, I’ll hopefully have some more interesting updates and potentially an off-topic blog post that isn’t an update.

Thanks for reading!


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