Week 21!



Well, many things have happened this week!

-First off, the most exciting thing: my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Anastasia Jane. I was lucky enough to get to visit her within 12 hours of her being born (so definitely the “newest” baby I’ve ever seen), and I even got to hold her. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever held a newborn baby…and it was really special. It’s amazing what life gives us 🙂

-Secondly, things are moving forward regarding the main “worry” of mine about future financial security and my career. I’ll have answers soon and know where I’m going and finally be able to start planning things in details regarding moving and settling down. I won’t say much on here (sorry, I have to be vague about it), just that I’ll have an idea of what I’ll need to be doing after the next two weeks. I’m so determined to secure my career and really hoping everything works out because I’ve had some pretty anxious times recently….just because I really want it all to work out so badly.

-I had a couple of times this week where I was challenged in a professional setting where I had to step up and be confident. It was a good experience overall for me, as I now know what to do in those scenarios and also that I am capable of handling issues when they arise.

-I have been keeping up my 4 workouts a week at home. So, I jumped on the scales to find out how I’m going, and it appears that I’ve lost a kilo over a week. Progress, woo! I had a little break over the weekend (and a few days before), so I’m going to get back onto it tomorrow night 🙂

-My diabetes blood sugar levels as well have improved dramatically, which has been beneficial to my productivity and wellbeing. It’s within the “target” I set a few months ago, however this target may need to be tightened to the real “targets” I should be reaching with levels, according to my clinics.

-On another note, I’ve had some pretty anxious moments this week. It’s mainly been about two things: awaiting news of the main “worry” I listed above, and also that I can be so awkward socialising and can find it hard to make friends of recent… especially reaching out and deepening friendships with females in particular. I was going to write a post about it, but it was too “melodramatic” for my liking. But anyway, just something I’ve noticed of recent and trying to work on so I’m not a worry-wart .

And that’s about it for now. This weekend, I’m most likely going to head out and try some wedding dresses on to get an idea of what suits me (I’m getting my dress made, but want to make sure the style suits me), and I’ve got a few things to work on and sort out in my spare time. This week will be a busy one though, so will see how it all goes.


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