Week 16 Update, 2015 (sorry it’s late!)


Apologies for the delayed post, yet again! I’ve had a crazy busy week with work, which started with all-day event at work on Monday, where due to being outside in torrential rain and wind, I became quite unwell. However, I have strived to make sure a post gets to the blog for my weekly update! The rest of this week was full of a work conference and many big work events, so apologies if next week’s update is a bit bland.

In all honesty, the past week has been a blur, so am not sure what I’ll be able to update you about!

-My NLD seems to be getting better! The dermatologist wants one more check over next week before he can decide if I’m ready to return to the gym and trying to walk more. What’s been even more exciting is that I can actually *see* the difference in my ulcers. They have healed over much more, and have become “itchy”, which is normally a sign for me that my skin is starting to turn into a scar in those areas. After some investigation on the NLD group I’m a part of in Facebook-land, it seems that my NLD was going through a stage of being “dormant”, in a sense, since 2013ish. However, for several reasons which could include stress, sickness and humidity, the NLD and its ulcers became active again in late January this year. I am really, really hoping that my NLD has recovered enough for me to start being active again next week.

-On another note, I’ve had a rather negative week relating to self-confidence, especially related to appearance. Due to my NLD, as you already know, I’ve had to stop going to the gym since February, and do minimal walking and maximum resting. As a result, I’ve gone backwards in my progress at the gym, I’ve put on weight, and my energy levels have dropped. To top it all off, I discovered over the weekend that I currently can’t comfortably fit into any of my jeans. I needed to have some jeans for a work event this week, and discovering that I couldn’t wear any of my current supply of jeans due to weight gain was really upsetting for me. Hubby was able to talk some sense into me, as he reminded me that I need to rest to be healthy – if I kept at the gym and pushing myself, my NLD would not heal. So, the rest time now is for my overall long-term health, and I can easily get back on the wagon and lose the weight I’ve gained over the short-term. I really wish I could have my immune conditions

-Over the weekend, I had the chance to play the Elder Scrolls Online due to the “Welcome Back Weekend” event. I have been ever-so-curious about trying out this MMO since I’ve become hooked on the Elder Scrolls game series (note: Skyrim has been filling a LOT of my spare time whilst I’ve been unable to go to the gym and go outside…perfect game to play when you are on bedrest). Overall, I am incredibly impressed; this game has the depth that World of Warcraft was missing for me, and I love the world of the game. So, I’m looking at writing up a review on this game, and compare it to World of Warcraft. I might also compare these to my brief experience in playing Neverwinter online too.

-Update on plans for the future and “the epiphany”: as per the usual warning, I can’t go into specific detail about this. However, it seems that this may be a little further away than I hoped. Overall, it seems that working on having some savings and being more financially secure is a priority before we investigate the ideas we have further. It’s hard, because I can see how amazing our plans are, and how positive these plans are for my/our future, but it’s a realistic approach. Jumping straight into the deep end isn’t the best way to approach this at the moment.

-I’m still researching whether I’m going to take up some more learning to “up-skill” areas I want to be qualified in. Web Development, Digital Media and Graphic Design are all on the cards still. However, again, I don’t want to start anything unless I have the time, savings and better health. I want to pursue a qualification for the right reasons, therefore also don’t want to rush into it without thinking thing through.

-Wow. Reading this week back, I’ve realised how draining this is to read…and I’m sorry. Health (which is not showing any signs of letting me get back to living my normal and productive life), combined with stress and raised anxiety levels has really been getting to me lately. However, it’s important for me to acknowledge that I’ve had a bad week, and even more so to keep writing each week (a goal I made myself since the start of 2013, and have kept to). I think it’s important to demonstrate (especially online) that life is not always the perfect picture that can be painted online. Heck, there were so many times I wanted to put up an Instagram post last week complaining about how shitty it is to have three incurable chronic immune diseases…but it just wasn’t the right time, and I wanted to reflect on it when I was in a better head space. These weekly update posts give me the chance to get it out of my system, and move on to the next week. Again, I apologise that it’s been a bit of a less-than-positive and uninspiring post. Here’s hoping next week brings better things 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there, and reading through the whole update. I hope to bring lots of exciting news and posts in the next few weeks!


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