The reason I haven’t been writing? I felt a little bit violated.

Hey guys!

So, I’ve taken a break a bit longer than expected from writing on the blog. It’s for many reasons including my hubby being unemployed (which meant I had no spare money whatsoever to buy pretty new clothes or even go op shopping). That being said, hubby is now permanently employed and starting out on a new career track this year, which is very exciting! But back to things – there is a main reason why I’ve taken a step back from blogging.

I learned late last year that regularly whatever I wrote on the blog about certain things somehow ended up being told to my old boss (I’m in a new role now). Sure – it is a public blog, so I should be prepared for others to find out what I write about. But the factor that others were actively telling my boss what I was writing to report about how I was feeling at work (even though I didn’t specify my work or anything in particular)? That made me really uncomfortable, and really made me feel so uninspired to keep writing. I felt like my “safe space” of sorts had been violated, and I was no longer comfortable being honest about sharing some of the main aspects of my life on here anymore.

As a result, I’m now really unsure of the direction I’ll take on here. I’m wanting to start showing more of “my voice” on here – more opinion pieces and the such. But the risk that a similar situation could happen down the track has made me more nervous about writing. However, I know that I have some amazing supportive friends in the workplace who are encouraging me to keep writing and being myself – no one should stop me from doing what I love and writing. But yeah, as a result of what happened late last year, I’ve been a bit nervous about opening up. That being said, this year is full of opportunity, support and so many achievements for me. I know it’s going to be a great year and I want to share it with you.

Anyway, I really felt that I owed you all a little explanation as to why I’ve been a bit quiet. I sincerely hope I can get my blogging “voice” back soon, as I’ve been feeling so sad about not being able to keep up with something I’ve been doing for years and loving.

Fingers crossed I’ll report back here soon, with lots of confidence and with no hesitation in writing about whatever the hell I want 🙂


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