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Week 22!


Sorry for the late post, due to the long weekend and me getting my relax on! Well, I’m starting the current week with a very sore throat and very little sleep. So, to take my mind off how sick I’m feeling, here’s the reflection of the past week:

-Exercise is going well. The EA Active program is slowly getting there and I’m maintaining 3-4 workouts a week. My weight is currently stable, perhaps with a 500 gram loss.

-Things are becoming more finalised for both myself and Ray regarding our careers. We should have some answers within two weeks, which will help us start setting up for our future together (and get rid of a massive amount of my anxiety). I’m really looking forward to it all and I’m hopeful it all works out.

-Wedding things: We’re slowly edging closer with our preparation with under 320 days to go! A rough budget, guest list and browsing of clothes and ring ideas has happened. I’m just awaiting my tax return to get things more set in concrete (and I found amazing wedding bands on etsy!)

-On the same note of weddings, this week, I also found assurance for the future from several people. I’m so thankful that I have supportive family and friends around me. I feel that regardless of how things pan out, things will work themselves out…and it’s taken me a long time to start feeling that way.

-I found an amazing blog to follow this week- iheartcabramatta. Ray and I had been wanting to visit Cabramatta for forever (even though we both live relatively close to it), yet we had no idea of where to start. Thanks to the insightful and very informative blog from iheartcabramatta, we managed to have an awesome adventure in Cabramatta over the weekend, eat some amazing Vietnamese gluten-free food and find some awesome stores for our favourite nerd merchandise 🙂 Plus, the blogger herself is absolutely lovely, therefore take my advice and have a look at her page for inspiration towards your next trip!

-On another note, this week I thought about two of my colleagues who I won’t be seeing as much anymore (as they’ve moving in other directions to pursue their dreams). Both of these colleagues have been amazing to worth with and I’ve really appreciated learning from them. It was really thanks to them that I was able to develop in my current role and feel so welcome and involved in a team. I’m really going to miss seeing them everyday. However, I will be catching up with them soon! 🙂

-It’s always this time of the year where I fall sick. I’ve been getting pretty constant headaches, while some of my wisdom teeth have been growing through. I’m sort of bracing myself to get sick soon (last year, I was sick for a solid few weeks varying from infections to tonsillitis to hand, foot and mouth disease). Now I’ve gotten the sore throat (which feels like the start of either hayfever, an infection or tonsillitis) today, I’m hoping I don’t get sick. I can’t afford to get sick as I’m too busy and have too much work to do! So, I’m dosing up on Vitamin C and avoiding belting out my tunes on the way to work….fingers crossed….I really don’t want to get sick 🙁

-I currently have to blog posts in progress, which I hope to put up over the next few weeks. One is addressing the anxiety of making friends, particularly female friends as you get older (something I definitely struggle with), and one that’s a “letter to my high school self”, which is more reflection than anything. I may also put some pics up and further details on Cabramatta if I have time.

And that’s about it for now. Things could get very interesting in a couple of weeks time….so here’s hoping! 🙂