Suits me to a “Tea”


It’s easier to drink tea when it’s out of a Tardis.


I’ve never been a tea person before. As someone who became addicted to caffeine when I started university (some days I’d have up to 2 litres of Pepsi Max and live off energy drinks), it was hard to ever try and drink tea. Plus, I grew up surrounded by people who drank plain, normal varieties of tea which did not appeal to me in the slightest. Also, whenever I tried any type of tea, it didn’t have the same effect as the caffeine from coffee did, plus I couldn’t get my taste buds to appreciate tea leaves.

However, after cutting out the majority of caffeine over the past few years (I have one small coffee a day, and the occasional soft drink every week or so), I’ve converted myself over to herbal teas. Since studying abroad in Japan in 2009, I was able to drink so many varieties of herbal teas, from Barley tea (which I can’t have any more thanks to Coeliac Disease), to Jasmine Tea and many, many types of Green Tea. The variety of flavours, gentle pick-me-up and rituals (I have participated in tea ceremonies in a variety of countries now) associated with tea won me over. I’m also trying to drink more water each day; therefore tea is definitely helping me with this!

So, I thought I’d share the teas which I now have on a regular basis and love (warning: there will be a LOT of T2 tea in here).


My current (and growing) collection of T2 tea. I’m becoming obsessed!


-Green Tea with Mint: This is my go-to tea. It doesn’t matter which brand (heck, I have Lipton tea bags at work), but this combination is so refreshing and works as a good morning pick-up for me once my coffee has worn off. It may be because of the years of me chewing gum means I have a love of the taste of minty things, but this combo works so well for me. If you find a combo mixed with peppermint, it is a great start if you’re just trying to move to tea from being a regular coffee drinker.

-T2 Gorgeous Geisha: Sencha (Japanese traditional green tea) is amazing, yet I still can’t manage to enjoy the bitterness of it on a regular basis. The infusion of Sencha with sweet berries and flavours in this T2 combo works so well and has me hooked. Plus…I had to get it for the name as well, being obsessed with Geishas. It also works well as an iced tea too, being a very refreshing summer drink.

-T2 Relax: Every now and then, I will have trouble sleeping thanks to my brain refusing to shut itself down. After trying vitamins and other recommendations of sleep medication, I found that a cup of this an hour before bed helps my brain switch off and helps me sleep. It also smells so much better than a plain chamomile tea.

-T2 China Jasmine: This tea is so fragrant and dainty! It’s great to have with meals as it’s light and not too strong in its flavour. What I like about T2’s version (compared to the watered down versions you usually get at some restaurants) is that the scent and the flavour is so fresh. I love the smell of jasmine!

-T2 Chai: When I’m feeling hungry (but have already eaten), Chai is perfect. I normally have my chai with milk and honey, which is so yummy and also helps keep my tummy happy. Having a chai tea made from a fresh mix makes so much of a difference compared to other “packet-ed” chai teas/latte mixes out there. The cinnamon and other flavours makes this tea a way of also settling my sweet tooth too!

I do enjoy the versions of these in T2 bags, however several of these teas I have in a bulk loose pack. Therefore, I get to use this guy to infuse them, which is always fun!


Quack quack!


Ducky even gets to time-travel, thanks to my favourite cup being my Tardis.



Now that I enjoy many varieties of tea, I have the perfect excuse to collect more pretty and quirky teacups, and perhaps even do high-tea like things. I can’t wait to start growing my collection of the Maxwell Williams’ Kimono teacups…my collection so far is of one beautiful red set (picture below). I’m very lucky in that both of my favourite tea cups (the tardis and my red kimono set) were gifted to me from each of my beautiful sister-in-laws and family.


The kimono teacup and saucer. I hope to one day have a full set in different colours, complete with teapot.


So, tell me…how do you like having your tea?

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