In 2015 my goals are to:

-Keep working towards being a healthier, happier, body-positive person, and continue to have realistic yet long-term fitness goals.

-Work on maintaining as positive an attitude as I can throughout the year, including identifying moments where I can learn from not-so-positive things.

-Dedicate time each week towards craft hobbies: this includes working on this blog, starting to sew some of my own clothing and looking into making retro-inspired resin jewellery.

-Continue postgraduate study, and complete my Graduate Certificate this year. I also want to try some self-guided study related to Digital and Graphic Design.

-Write new posts and content at least twice a week, with one post per week being non-related to my goals for the year.

-Read at least one new book a week, with a focus on writers who are inspiring individuals or who have strong female protagonists.

-Further develop a wardrobe I love, which I will wear with confidence.

-Not be as hard on myself, continuing to develop self-confidence and self-love whilst discovering my importance and value in my married and family life.

-Work on establishing (or further developing) some lifelong friendships, particularly with some inspirational females that I can view as role models.

-Develop and participate in an online community and make some blogging friends, in a hope we can encourage and support each other.

Thank you once again for being a part of this adventure. I look forward to sharing it with you in 2015! :)

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