Christmas with Mrs Ginger Fox

Merry Christmas readers! I’m back after taking a break for a month, and am hoping to start 2016 with the blog going in a better direction. In the meantime, I wanted to write a few posts to end 2015 and reflect on the year. To begin with, my recap of Christmas:

Christmas is always a wonderful, yet busy time for me and my family. This is the first year since I started working full-time where I’ve been able to take extra leave around Christmas, so I have some extra time to relax. Normally, Christmas celebrations and catch-ups with family are crammed into a few days before I return to work for the first day of the following year. However, I’ve had an extra week off before Christmas, and two extra weeks off before returning to work. As my sister is also due to have her baby any moment (she’s technically due early January), our family didn’t make any extensive plans. This has meant that Christmas has been rather relaxed, and just about catching up with family.

My side of the family waits with anticipation for the arrival of my sister’s baby, which meant our Christmas has been quite close-knit: my brother and sister and their spouses joined hubby and I in seeing Star Wars, my sister and sister-in-law and I all went op-shopping together (the first time I’ve been in months!) and hubby and I joined my brother and his wife for a mini-LAN party playing some Borderlands. Today, I’m off to catch-up with my sister and sister-in-law again, and it just feels so special to have so many moments with my side of the family this Christmas. Whilst my birthday is this Sunday, we’ll all be catching up for a casual BBQ lunch and just taking it easy. It really is an exciting time of the year!

With my in-laws, we get to have an extended Christmas as my sister and brother-in-law and nieces are visiting their relatives and will return for the New Year. it’s always been such a joy to share Christmas with nieces and nephews: I feel I’m at an age where Christmas isn’t as “magical” as it used to be when I was younger: presents aren’t really exciting like when you were a child (I mean, gift giving is nice and all, but no longer the focus). For me, seeing nieces and nephews celebrate their first few Christmases and being able to share it with them is such a nice experience.

I also had an awesome bonding moment with my hubby’s parents: we played our very first game of Cards Against Humanity together. Little did I know that the first time I’d be playing this game would be with my in-laws, but it was hilarious and we had such a laugh together. It really was a great moment to share together.

Lastly, even though I mentioned that Christmas is no longer about gifts…I did receive a rather special gift. My dear hubby and some family members all pitched in to get me something I’ve wanted for about 10 years: a Shamisen (Japanese equivalent of a banjo, of sorts). This has really been a dream come true for me, and I’ve spent the past few days setting up the instrument and learning my first song. It’s bringing me a lot of joy so far – being able to practice a little bit of music everyday whilst learning an unfamiliar instrument.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the summary of what Christmas has been like for me and my family. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!

Merry Christmas from Mrs Ginger Fox and hubby (Arjade/ZorakTheTroll)

Merry Christmas from Mrs Ginger Fox and hubby (Arjade/ZorakTheTroll)

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