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Friday the 13th, and why Facebook makes me silent in times of world crisis (Week 46 Update, 2015)


We all know of the vast number of tragedies that struck the world over the weekend beginning with Friday the 13th of November. Take one look at your Facebook feed, and it’s flooded with profile pictures in a colour-swatch of the French flag. Add several posts from those wanting to raise awareness to other less-reported tragedies, and contrast with posts that can be politely be described as complete racism towards our great multicultural society.

Well, that’s what my Facebook feed looked like, anyway. It still looks like this, actually. After attempting to watch a play-through of the new Fallout 4 game that same weekend, I had to stop about 20 minutes in as it was way too…realistic in comparison to what’s been happening and the hatred I was reading on my newsfeed. The thought that there are nuclear weapons that could wipe out the entire world instantly, in the hands of power-hungry nations where it could only take one person to decide their detonation…it was scary. I had to step away from watching a video game trailer of what was meant to be fiction due to how much it duplicated what out potential future could be like in comparison to the events over the weekend.

I spent the whole weekend trying to decide if I’d write anything on Facebook about any of the events from that weekend, including the natural disasters. Facebook kept prodding at me to change my profile picture to colours of patriotic support…but in changing my picture, would that help save the lives of those who lost theirs over the weekend? Would it stop terrorism? Would it help those already suffering from acts of terrorism?

Well, I ended up doing nothing.

It’s so funny: Facebook was initially created as a network to connect college students: a dating website of sorts, to share as much of ourselves as we like. Yet, the more it encourages us to share our opinions on world events, the less I want to share.

I saw people with whom I attended high-school writing ridiculously thoughtless, uneducated, racial comments which honestly made me quite disappointed. But why should I be? It’s their place to express their opinion, and they have as much of a right to share their opinion, even if I disagree with it. If I don’t like what they’re writing, I could simply remove them from my Facebook, right?

At the same time, I have some very differing opinions on topics that could easily cause that same level of disappointment in friends and family through Facebook – related to religion and culture in particular. Yet, I feel it’s still something that’s not appropriate for me to discuss over Facebook. I’d prefer to either keep it to myself, share it with those I trust and love, or write about it in a space I openly call my own, such as this blog.

So, that weekend really influenced me yet again in my decision to share less on Facebook. Instead, I hope to focus on the good things through my blog here. I want to write about things that inspire, that help people to be creative and that assist with people looking for the little things in life that make them happy. I hope to follow J.R.R Tolkien’s perspective, and continue to promote the good in the world. I look forward to sharing the happiness I find in my life with you!

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Mrs Ginger Fox Visits Ikea for the First Time Ever (Week 45 Update, 2015)

Last week’s update (apologies for the delay) is based around my very first trip to Ikea. Seriously, I can’t believe that I’ve managed to avoid Ikea until now…I must have been living under a rock, or was a very poor uni student (or both). But anyway, it may have been a good thing that I avoided it for so long, as Ikea has now given me a massive list of ideas and products to investigate. Anyway, here are my overall thoughts on surviving Ikea as a complete noob to the Swedish mega-store:

-Ikea is big. BIIIIIIIIIG. And it feels like so much more of an adventure with the mapped-out trail of the store. Hubby and I hadn’t figured out the quick escapes, and ended up walking through the entire store to exit as we missed the sneak-out exit in the food court after lunch. Oops. Oh well, there was much adventure and gallivanting as a result! So, if you’re low on your daily step count for your Fitbit device, Ikea is a great place to go. by browsing and walking through the place pretty much twice, I almost racked up my whole daily step goal.

-Thank goodness we were there to mainly purchase things for other people! I spent the whole walking trip around the store needing to convince myself about not getting a filigree-detail vintage style mirror. Unless you have a game-plan, this store is deadly.


Oh mirror, stop tempting me so.

-It’s definitely a great place to gain inspiration for redecorating or revamping worn-out rooms. However, it is a challenging place to go when you’re renting. There’re so many cool shelving systems and cupboards that can be mounted onto walls, and mega walk-in wardrobes…but unfortunately, due to rental laws we’d be unable to put them into our current place.

One day, I'll have a walk-in-wardrobe. But today is not that day.

One day, I’ll have a walk-in-wardrobe. But today is not that day.

-There appears to be two types of affordability for items at Ikea. There are items which are bargains and affordable, or items that are overpriced. There are a couple of things that hubby and I were looking at, until we realised we could get pretty much the exact same thing at a discount warehouse, but for even cheaper. However, Ikea does have lots of strengths in the storage solutions they offer, as well as the quality of the storage furniture.

-Food was a bit hit and miss. As a coeliac, the meatballs were definitely not gluten free, so I couldn’t try the main item everyone raves about on the menu. In fact, hubby did try them and was a) not impressed and b) felt very sick for hours after. I’m pretty confident we wouldn’t write home about the food, and will probably shop on a full stomach next time (a convenient way to also try and avoid grumpy-husband-when-hungry-and-surrounded-by-too-many-shoppers syndrome).

Pretty lights and windows. And pre-grumpy shopping husband, haha.

Pretty lights and windows. And pre-grumpy shopping husband, haha.

-Speaking of the above, like many major mega-outlets, you’re going to have to deal with many, many shoppers being there who don’t understand how to be polite and not strike up a conversation with a group of trolleys in the middle of a busy t-intersection walkway. It’s a grumpy shopper’s nightmare (aka, my hubby). So…if you or your significant other is a grumpy shopper, plan ahead and give yourself extra time, or try to go at a non-busy time (aka not the weekend).

Overall, if you know what you’re going to purchase at Ikea and have a small game plan, Ikea is wonderful. If you have a budget to stick to, it can be a nightmare. However, it appears to be relatively easy to compromise between the two. I now have many ideas about getting a more organised sewing space set up, and hubby and I have some good ideas for making a more solid gaming area. Plus, we now have our mega-cute house terrarium structures to start developing our inside-herb garden. Anyway, Ikea is something everyone should experience at least once, in my view, while I may find myself venturing back there in the not-too-distant future.

Our cute little herb garden glass-house :)

Our cute little herb garden glass-house 🙂

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Week 44 Update, 2015


So, as I mentioned last week, I’m keeping these weekly updates short and only with progress reports on selected areas. Over the past week I’ve had some pretty good progress health and exercise wise, so here’s my update!

I have been so focused on channelling any negative feelings and frustrations I have into exercise. Over the past few weeks, a combination of both feeling unwell and feeling crap emotionally led to me to barely getting to the gym. However, my gym coach reminded me how helpful the gym is to me: I have a chance to let off some steam and to put all my energy into exercising, whilst always feeling so positive and refocused afterwards. So, based on the advice of my coach, I set out to meet some exercise goals last week. I’m pleased to report that I stuck by every single one, and even exceeded one of my goals: I managed to get to the gym 4 times a week, do over 10,000 steps 5 days in a row and walk every day in my lunch break at work! Even though I had a very busy week, and had days where I really wanted to stay at home and watch Netflix, once I got to the gym and completed a workout I didn’t regret my decision. I managed to even get an extra surprise, as through the week’s solid efforts I managed to somehow lose 1.2 kilos in the process.

So, in light of the above, I’m yet again reminded about how powerful exercise is for having a healthy mind and for relieving stress. Even if I do a small walk, and complete a pretty dismal workout at the gym, the effect it has on my ability to stay positive and cope throughout the week is incredible. I’m definitely aiming to keep this up, and just monitor how exercise helps me maintain a positive attitude and lifestyle.

That’s my main update for this week. I have some exciting things happening related to Dungeons and Dragons, streaming on and my music, but you’ll have to wait to find out over the coming weeks. Thanks for reading 🙂

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