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Week 34 Update, 2015


Hello there! Wow – it’s amazing how much better I feel today compared to last week. In fact, today is the first day I’ve started feeling better enough to get back into my daily routines and activities, and I’m starting the week feeling so productive because of it! So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week.

-Last week, I ended up having to take it easy and adjust to having bad asthma. When I wasn’t at work, I was at home on a nebuliser, or trying to rest. However, half-way through last week, my left ribs became excruciatingly painful as a result of too much coughing. I ended up at the doctors,  having an x-ray to see whether I’ve done any serious damage (which I’ll find out later this week). I’m pretty confident that it’s just muscle damage, though. At the time last week, though, I was struggling to breathe, sleep, eat or do anything without feeling sharp pain in my ribs. I am happy to report that I am now feeling 100 times better than last week (even compared to the weekend), and am starting to feel like my normal self again. Yay!

-Today was my first time going on a proper walk and exercising at Curves in over three weeks. I can’t believe to explain the pure joy I felt when I put my gym shoes on and walked out the door. While I do have to take it easy for the next week or so, it’s such a relief that I can start being active again. Seeing all of the benefits exercise and walking gives me across all aspects of my daily life – and to then have these taken away due to illness – it certainly makes me appreciate more what being active has done to help me.

-I had my first postgraduate evening classes last week, which was quite exciting. The subject I am starting with, Global Business Practices, seems like a fantastic way to get me back into studying, as well as introducing me to studying business. The class has no textbooks, as well as no exams, and the structure of the class is for us to watch videos in the lecture, and then have a group discussion for the tutorial component. We also have online discussion posts to write each week in order to share opinions and experiences – something which will be very valuable, as our class is predominately international students from extensively varied career backgrounds. Studying business still feels slightly daunting to me, as my academic background is from the humanities field – I feel that my approach may be too dynamic, philosophical and creative in comparison to others. That being said, in our digitalised society, those who are innovative and imaginative are being encouraged to pursue the corporate world…so it could be an advantage! Anyway, more of an update on my studies will occur once I’ve tackled my first assignment next weekend!

-This week, I’ve started to feel something. I’m so ready to reinvent myself across so many aspects of life. I’m so ready for a change in some key areas: a fresh start. This is going to be vague but – I’ve been feeling like I’ve been stuck in some things and situations for so long that I no longer have the chance to do something different that makes me stand out or correct any shadows of negativity from the past. So, I’ve been spending some time trying to research, prepare and hope. I’m really ready for a change that will help propel me into being the type of positive, helpful, crafty, friendly caring person I want to be on a daily basis. This week, I yet again wait to hear whether I am one step closer to the chance for big changes…the feeling from it all is becoming more and more familiar, and I’m more accepting of being flexible and taking chances from it all.

-In the midst of resting up and trying to recover from illness, I discovered an amazing television show: the Great British Sewing Bee. I started to watch an episode at my in-laws whilst trying to fix up some very high blood sugar levels, and instantly got hooked. In the episode I viewed, the theme was on vintage patterns. The contestants had a challenge to construct a “walk-out” dress – a 50’s Butterick pattern which I have in my collection! Seeing the pattern in practice (I haven’t tried out mine yet) really inspired me. I have since obtained all three seasons of the show – the more I watch, the more enthusiastic I am about getting back into some sewing after the success of my Mera dress from a few weeks ago. Here’s hoping I have a free weekend soon to set up my sewing area properly!

That’s about all I’ve been up to! Thanks for reading 🙂


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Week 33 Update, 2015


Hi there! Yet another week has passed, and I’m still quite unwell (hence another late post which I was meant to put up a few days ago – sorry). So, I bring you this update from home while I try and recover. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-My sinus and ear infection is still present, and I’ve been fighting them all week. In fact, my ear infection has led to my ears being quite blocked, and being unable to hear properly. I went to work for all of last week, however I struggled to get through each day and was a coughing mess for most of the time. Pushing myself to be at work, combined with a reaction to the antibiotics I’m on for the infections has led to me having bad asthma (something I haven’t had for years). I ended up having to leave work on Monday and go straight to the doctors as I was having trouble breathing. Turns out, I was having a bad asthma attack, and I had a couple more during the day. So, I’m now on steroids for  few days to try and combat the asthma, and now have a puffer again. However, the steroids cause my blood sugar levels to become quite high, so I have also been tackling abnormally high blood sugar levels as a reaction to the steroids. It’s been really exhausting for me trying to combat all of the illnesses and their reactions to my diabetes, however I was on doctor’s orders to be on bed rest for the start of this week with no talking (it really triggers my asthma). I really hope that I’ll be on the mend this week, as I’ve been so sick this year and just want to have a healthier immune system again that doesn’t impact on my ability to be a normal, working, positive young adult.

-I also managed to have an embarrassing accident last weekend. At the local supermarket, I was walking along pushing the trolley, when my feet gave out from under me, I slipped backwards and completely stacked it onto the floor. Once I hit the ground, I found the reason for my fall – one single, squished grape someone had dropped on the floor on the way to the checkout. Luckily, my fall happened in front of the cash registers with lots of staff to assist. Luckily, I seemed to have only badly grazed my knee and have a bruised big toe after having it all checked by a doctor (on a side note: with my bad luck recently, the receptionists at the doctors now know me on a first name basis…haha). I’m really glad that nothing was damaged too badly, other than my pride (I was in my tracky dacks with no makeup and gross hair due to being ill, and fell over in peak hour of weekend grocery shopping). Oh well…with my string of bad luck lately, I surely have some good coming my way soon, I hope?

-I’m feeling pretty miserable that I haven’t been able to exercise or do lots of walking due to illness. Most of my working days last week were at around 7000 steps, and then bed rest days were at a maximum of 5000 – a big decrease in my normal activity. Considering I also haven’t been able to go to the gym for almost 2 weeks now has made me feel pretty useless. My muscles and lungs are quite sore due to the amount of coughing I’ve been doing over the past week, but I miss the feeling of muscles being stretched from exercise. Exercise also makes me such a more productive and happier person, and the absence of it is starting to make me feel quite down.

-Finally, I can reveal the sewing project I was working on! Hubby and I had a friend’s surprise birthday party to attend last weekend, which was a costume party for “Super Heroes and Villains”. Unfortunately, due to illness we were unable to attend, which I was pretty sad about as we made our costumes completely by hand! Hubby and I decided we were going as Aqua Man and Mera (his wife), and I went about making myself a flowing dress made out of shiny scale fabric. Mera normally wears a body suit, however I was definitely not-so-keen to do the same, so went about making myself a dress instead. The sewing project was actually quite easy, and went of relatively without a hitch, and I now have an epic dress for future costume parties and events. I’m currently working on a blog post about my progress on the dress so you can see how it all unfolded step-by-step, however just wanted to share what I’ve been up to, now I can finally reveal the project 🙂

-This Thursday (which is actually tonight at the time of uploading this post), I officially start my postgraduate studies. I’ve been gradually prepping myself, organising a study space at home, setting up my computer and making up a study routine to follow. I am hoping that over the new few weeks, I’ll be trying out some study tips, apps and other bits and pieces and will review them on here. I received the updated subject outline last week, and notes for the first lecture, and the subject seems like one that’s a great introduction subject for me: it touches on approaching business from a professional and personal perspective, and has lots of interesting case studies. I’m hoping it will be the positive, encouraging boost of a subject that I need to get my brain into the motion of academic learning again!

-Over the next few weeks, I’ve set myself a goal to start working more on my appearance and dressing more for me (or how I want myself to be). Since becoming ill, it’s been a struggle for me to put outfits together and match the brightness of the outfits which have become my favourite confidence-boosting pieces. I’ve also not been in a position to buy many new pieces for my wardrobe, but am aiming to start giving myself a little budget to saving for those prized pieces I want to call my own. As such, I’ve been working on a big “wish list” of pieces I feel I need to complete my wardrobe collection, based on the past year of wishlists I have online, as well as combating the practicality of pieces (making sure they’ll be able to be worn in many different outfit combinations). This is to hopefully stop me from impulse buys, and work more towards a stricter budget to start saving for bigger things (a deposit for a house) and be more financially stable. I’m also hoping to start working more on my hair (once I have recovered from my present illnesses), and start doing wet-sets more often now I have all of the tools I need. I’ve had these goals for at least the past year, and want to start working on them while I have the time to focus on them.

That’s all I’ve been up to for the past week. Thanks for reading, and for hanging in there whilst I’ve been ill, unproductive and uninspiring in writing not as much content on here. I’m hoping I’ll get my inspiration back soon! 🙂


Week 32 Update, 2015


Hi there! I am so sorry for the late update – I am still very unwell, and have been resting and barely in front of a computer, let alone trying to get some blogging done! However, now that my sinus, throat and ear infection has migrated from giving me a killer headache to blocking my ears, I feel well enough to write a post! So, here’s what I’ve been up to from last week (which hasn’t been much…):

-Obviously, I’ve been ill for the past week. I’ve had a sinus infection, which has moved into a throat and ear infection. I’ve had it for over a week now, and it hasn’t been going anywhere. I’m on my second week on antibiotics now, and have had to change to something stronger as the first antibiotics did nothing. I thought I had gotten through winter without getting sick (for once in my adult life), but this infection has really knocked me out. I’ve had energy completely drained for me, where I’ve been going straight to bed after eating dinner at home due to exhaustion. I really hope I make some solid steps towards recovery over the next few days.

-I’ve been trying to rest and recover over the past week, especially given that I have very little sick leave left for the entire year (I submitted doctor’s certificates for all bar two times I was sick….yes, I have been *that* ill). Given I haven’t had much time off, it’s meant that I’ve really been a bit of a hermit after work hours. I’ve also had to stop going to the gym (I tried working out once while unwell, but the gym wouldn’t let me as I looked so unwell), and am hoping I’ll be well enough to return next week. My steps each day have been terrible, as I haven’t been able to get to the gym or exercise due to shortness of breath/wheezing. I’ve upped my Vitamin C intake, as well as Zinc for immunity and lots of iron to combat fatigue. Overall, I’ll probably be taking it easy for a little bit to ensure my recovery happens sooner rather than later – I can’t push myself.

-One of the only things I’ve been able to have some energy for over the past week (other than coughing and watching Netflix) is playing some more World of Warcraft on private servers. The simplistic nature of quests for a lower-level character has been quite therapeutic around my illness. Which reminds me…I will have to get back to Elder Scrolls Online soon.

-Due to illness, hubby and I haven’t been able to stream on TwitchTV for over a week. We do miss it, but we’re in no form to be streaming and talking yet. Hopefully we’ll be ready next week!

-I managed to complete my amazing sewing project, which I started over the weekend! I can’t share what I’ve made yet (I’ll explain later), but I’ll have a post ready for next week to explain how it all went. It’s really helped me gain confidence about stepping up to the sewing machine again, and reminded me how accomplished it feels when you create something of your own: completely customised and fit to your measurements. I can’t wait to show you more next week!

-I officially start my postgraduate business classes  next week. In all honesty, I’m a little bit nervous. It’s going to be the first time I’ve studied in face-to-face classes for almost 4 years, and my first time studying business subjects. I am hoping I’ll be able to balance study around my current hobbies and home life, and have my fingers crossed that studying these subjects will be relatively painless. I’m so eager to earn this qualification, as I feel it will open so many doors for me in the future. Yet, I feel that I have a lot to prove in the study and completion of my first subject. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s really all I’ve been up to this week – short, but sweet. Thanks for reading, and I hope to write to you as a recovered, healthier being next week! 🙂


Week 31 Update, 2015


Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for yet another late weekly post – thanks to a pretty bad chest/sinus infection, I’ve spent the past few days in bed resting and with no voice. The infection moved into my throat, which has been very painful and left me unable to talk for the past day. However, the doctor confirmed that it’s not tonsillitis yet, which I’m very thankful about (as I haven’t had tonsillitis yet this year, compared to getting it several times in the past few years). Anyway, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to:

-We’re now in the start of August, and it really feels like the year has gone by so quickly. It’s made me wonder how much I’ve accomplished this year. Recently, I’ve really felt like I haven’t progressed much this year with life goals, and that I’ve been stuck in a rut. Though, perhaps that’s what this year has been for: a chance for me to step back, learn to be flexible and to work on self-care and health.

-Curves Complete has been pretty average, other than acing my step goal of over 10,000 steps for the work week. Otherwise, there was no change in my weight loss, and a couple of centimetres lost in body measurements. I’m still battling unstable diabetes blood sugar levels, where having a hypo almost every day last week meant I had to eat more than usual. I’ve got a lot of things against me in seeing some progress, but I’m going to keep working at it regardless. Exercising on a regular basis really is helping me get out of the slump I’ve been in lately.

-Well…I bring you (yet again) no good news about the opportunities I was waiting to hear about. It appears that things didn’t work out, and it wasn’t the right timing. I don’t know what it’s been so difficult for me lately, however it could be because I am finding it to be hard to be satisfied with where I’m currently at – especially in financial and professional terms. That being said, I seem to have completely forgotten the approach I had a few months ago: that where I am now will help me work on other goals and parts of my life that I’m passionate about. This includes study, hobbies, home life and more. However, the perfectionist and goal-driven part of me keeps convincing me that where I am right now is *not* enough: that I should be aiming higher and better off than where I currently am. I’m really trying to get myself to step back and be grateful for what I have and where I am now, because in all reality, I *am* doing pretty well, given how young I am.

-Based on the above, this year has yet again reinforced to me how important health is. Yes, there will always be finances, work and everything in between, but we won’t always have our health. This week has really drilled in the importance of looking out for yourself, especially with illness. As a Type 1 Diabetic, Coeliac Disease and NLD-sufferer, I have a pretty weak immune system. As such, I’m learning that when I become ill, I really have to make sure I nip the sickness in the bud as soon as I realise I’m becoming sick, and give myself enough time to get better. Otherwise, pushing myself to work and do everyday activities when I’m unwell makes me sicker for longer. As a normal person who has some pride in showing they can perform like a normal human being regardless of their medical conditions, it’s been tough for me to accept that I will become sick more regularly than the average person.

-Hubby and I did something pretty dangerous this week: we started playing World of Warcraft again, but on a private server this time. The history and story of the game had been tempting us to play again (thanks Youtube videos), but we were both not keen on starting up our subscriptions again for something that we would barely play.

-I’ve recently noticed that my energy levels have been decreasing, and have been trying to figure out what options I have. Over the past few months, I stopped taking my morning multivitamins, which included Magnesium and Zinc. Both of these were recommended to me by several doctors to assist with energy levels of Type 1 Diabetics, and a Professional Development coach this week connected Magnesium with assisting fatigue and mental health. So, a combination of the above has led me to try taking these on a weekday basis again. Here’s hoping that it will give me energy so I can stay up until 10pm, and restart the hobbies I’ve been so eager to maintain around work and study!

That’s all I’ve been up to around being sick and all over the past week. Thanks for reading 🙂