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Week 26 Update 2015


Wow, the 26th post of the year means that we’re halfway through 2015! Along with my normal weekly update, I’ll also give you guys a quick reflection on how I think the year has been so far. With an aim to get lots more writing done this week, I hope I have lots more to share with you soon!

-Firstly, a reflection on how the year has gone so far. I started this year with my NLD deciding to become active, leaving me quite unwell and unable to exercise for three months. After taking the time to rest and recover, I now have dormant NLD, and am able to exercise on an almost-daily basis. I have also maintained my exercise regime and am on the path to being healthier: not just physically, but emotionally and mentally However, I also started this year quite disappointed and frustrated at where I am career-wise. So, I’ve been trying to active set up some hobbies and activities to give myself self-care and a feeling of value and importance outside of the workplace. After 6 months of being unsure about whether I’d continue studying, I’m about to start a qualification that not only is interesting to me, but also is perfectly suited to my professional skills and future aspirations. I’ve got a long way to go confidence-wise still, but I’m much better than where I was last year. Plus, I am still blissfully married to my epic husband, which will never ever change; if anything, it’s the one constant source of positivity in my life, knowing that it’s something that will always be going right. I’m hopeful to see what the rest of the year brings as it unfolds!

-I did mention that I might have some news for you this week. Well…unfortunately I have no news. It’s hard to explain, but the opportunity I was waiting to hear back about ended up not going ahead. There apparently is a plan for it to come up again in the near future (with some slight changes), and I’ve been advised that I should go for it when this does happen. So, even though I didn’t get good news so-to-speak, I’m hopeful. Either way, what’s meant to be is meant to be.

-This week on Curves Complete has been relatively normal – I did my normal workouts and averaged 10,000 steps a day. I did have the first weigh and measure for the 12 Week Challenge (4 weeks in), where it appears that while I have maintained weight, I’ve lost 1.2% body fat and a few centimetres here and there. My blood pressure has also improved dramatically since I started exercising again, which is awesome news!

-I spent some time this week figuring out the software for my insulin pump, so I can upload my pump’s readings, blood glucose results and averages to my computer and the server for my pump. My doctors and I agreed to set this up so I could easily send through my results to them for any necessary changes (something we’ll be working closely on for at least the next year until my diabetes is in perfect control). To ensure that records would be accurate and easy to interpret, I’ve made it an active goal to do more blood tests each day (as mentioned previously based on the advice of my doctors). This has been going really well, and I’ve pretty much managed to do around 7 BGLs a day (including one an hour after every meal, which I wasn’t even doing before!) It’s a massive achievement for me, and as long as I remember to keep checking my sugars (especially before bed when I’m most forgetful/sleepy), it will become a stable habit.

-Over the week, I also received confirmation and approval for taking extra leave over the Christmas school holidays. Since starting work full-time, I’ve never had the opportunity to take extra leave over the Christmas and New Year period. However, given that my husband is a schoolteacher, I really want to spend some time with him and the rest of my family (including young nieces and nephews) who will also be on holidays during this time. I am really excited to have a few weeks booked in, and am considering whether hubby and I may have a few days away somewhere around my birthday just to relax and make the most of the holidays.

-This week, I realised that I’ve fallen behind on keeping up hobbies and activities that make me happy and feeling productive. The main thing I’ve wanted to do (and have really sucked at trying to put into place) is sewing more of my own clothes. With a lack of finances and wanting to start saving for our own home, I’ve realised that I won’t have much funds to buy pretty new clothes. So, I want to have another go at re-starting this hobby. Not only will it be more financially savvy, but it would also be a crafty skill that will help build up my confidence (something which has started to plummet in a professional environment lately). I’ve spent the weekend planning out which fabrics to use for which patterns, and am aiming to use the upcoming weekend to set up my overlocker and sewing space. Starting off, I’m going to try to make a simple day dress using the 60s Butterick pattern I had in mind for the formal brocade dress I attempted a few months back (we ended up not having enough fabric to make this dress), as well as a simple bright purple cotton drill day dress from a 1953 Vogue pattern. This would also give me some fantastic content to write about on here! I really hope I can give myself a fair go of trying out more sewing: it makes me feel so accomplished and confident when I do!

-Last Friday, I did my very first Twitch TV stream (with hubby as my sidekick)! It was a bit unplanned and unexpected, but due to hubby receiving an El Gato from me as part of his birthday present, we decided to give it a try. I streamed me fumbling through the start of The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. It was a fantastic decision, as only two other people were playing this game on Twitch at the time! I ended up having up to 9 viewers at one stage; for an unadvertised first stream, this was incredible. We had a very enthusiastic and active chat room, and met some really awesome fellow gamers in the process. Hubby and I were also surprised that our Australian internet was able to let us stream, and we’re also so excited and motivated to keep streaming (especially once we get NBN). So, I’m hoping to stream once per week, and you’ll be able to find me under mrsgingerfox on Twitch, if you’re keen!

That’s all I have to share for this week! Thanks for reading 🙂



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Week 25 Update, 2015


Hello there! Apologies for the delayed post – I was expecting to receive some news to share on here, however still haven’t heard anything. Alas, I will go ahead and post what I’ve been up to over the past week, and hope next week’s post has some exciting news to share 🙂

-I’m back into the swing of being in the Curves Complete program, working out 4 days a week. My body seems to have also readjusted to exercising, as I’m no longer having as many hypos post-exercise. I managed to lose another half a kilo last week, and am on track with my goals. It’s incredible how much more active and alert I am now I’m back to regularly exercising and walking! Last week, my steps were a bit low as I had a sick day for a bad migraine and was at Diabetes Clinic, but I’ve made up for this with my steps for the current week so far. I’ve also been following what my new endocrinologist has asked me to do and am doing more than double the blood glucose tests each day, which is helping me get the most out of exercising too. It’s great to feel a little bit more in control of my health again!

-I’ve been waiting to receive some news this week. For the whole situation, I’ve been calmer than I’ve even been in similar situations. I’m really trying to take on the approach of “whatever happens is meant to be”, and if this doesn’t turn out, it just means something better is in store. That being said, I’ve had a really positive feeling about this, and a couple of signs of good luck. If this news was of a positive kind, it would really feel like everything was falling into place for my husband and I. Hopefully I can share more about this next week!

-Over the weekend, I managed to play quite a bit of Elder Scrolls Online, and have recorded a couple of videos of my gaming experience. Unfortunately, the sound decided to not work (again), so I’m going to have to re-record the sound for the videos…which means there’ll be a delay in getting this content up on Youtube. Regardless, I have some older Pokemon videos to work on, as well as the Zelda series with hubby.

-After trying out Aveda’s Madder Root shampoo, I’ve noticed that it’s barely doing anything to enhance my natural red hair. So, I’m going to start investigating other products. A lot of natural redheads swear by henna or henna-infused shampoos to help keep the brightness of their natural red hair, but I’ve been hesitant to try it out. However, Lush has released a henna-infused shampoo bar, which I may look into trying out before looking at full-on henna. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

-I’m so sorry for my lack of writing on here! I’ve really been having a busy past few months, and really need to start making writing a priority again now that my health is better. I have a few posts in the work regarding exercising, as well as some wish-lists, and a feature of our Youtube channel. In writing this, I’m making a commitment to have them up on here soon, as promised!

That’s all I have to share for the past week! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Week 24 Update, 2015


Hello folks! I was off work today due to my Diabetes Clinic (more detail about that below), so I’ve had a chance to write my blog post a little bit early this week after a weekend filled with bride and bridesmaid dress shopping for a close friend, and family birthday celebrations. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week:

-This week, I’ve managed to lose 900g on Curves Complete! I wasn’t expecting much weight loss due to the long weekend, but this is a pretty good result. At the current rate, I’ll be hitting the lowest weight I’ve had (just before our honeymoon last year) in the next month or two! I’m going to focus on really trying to stick to the Curves Meal Plan this week. Plus, this week I had to make a “healthy pledge” for the rest of the 12 Week Program. I’ve decided that mine will be to not have any soft drink at home – the only time I could have soft drink is if I’m out for a special occasion or such. Otherwise, I’m trying to wean myself off soft drink (and even soda water due to the sodium, as my blood pressure is above normal). So overall, I’m feeling like I’m back into the swing of becoming a healthier me 🙂

-I spent this morning at my Transitional (those between the teenage and adult) Type 1 Diabetes Clinic with hubby. It was hubby’s first time attending one of my clinics, and it was really beneficial for both of us to be there. As my Endocrinologist is on maternity leave, my doctor for the next year is the Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. Not only does he specialise in Type 1 Diabetes, but he is one of the world’s experts (he was running programs at Cambridge University before coming to Australia) in Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy, and Type 1 Diabetes and young adults. Don’t get ahead of yourself reading that – I’m not planning on getting pregnant right now. However, as a Type 1 Diabetic, if I was wanting to have kids any time within the next 5 years (which is pretty true), I need to have my health perfected 2 years prior to even become pregnant or have a successful chance of becoming pregnant and having a healthy child. If there was any doctor who could help me achieve this, it’s the one I saw today. He is the leading doctor in this field, and not only did he want to personally handle my diabetes management now, but he wants to over the next few years to ensure I am able to successfully have children. Not only did he balance out what challenges I’ll be facing, but he also was very encouraging and said that I was doing so very well in exercising and trying to get my levels in control. Today’s clinic session was very informative and helpful for hubby and I…even if we have a lot of work ahead of ourselves.

-Speaking of work, from this week, hubby and I will be stepping up our approach to a healthy lifestyle in line with Diabetes Clinic. From next week, we’ll be taking a stricter approach to our meals and exercise. In order to perfect my blood sugar levels, I am now required to check my levels at least 6-7 times a day. As such, we’ll be setting up a “reward system” to help me achieve this. I now need to give myself my insulin at least 5-10 minutes prior to eating meals, and will now also check my blood sugar levels an hour after eating. We will also be more accurately measuring out our meals, and recording their carbohydrate, sodium and fat content – this is to ensure that I am accurately counting the carbohydrate content of my meals for my insulin rates. I will also be changing my insulin pump rates from calculating based on exchanges to mg of carbohydrate, which is much more accurate. Yes, it’s a lot of changes…but it needs to be done to ensure the future of myself, as well as my family. However, it’s not happening straight away – we’ll be easing ourselves into it over the next week.

-Last week, I managed to get my pre-order of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. I haven’t had a chance to play much yet due to a busy weekend, but from what I’ve played so far (including some time playing the beta version a few months back), I’m very impressed. Once I get paid this week, I will be purchasing the Imperial upgrade, as my character will be an Imperial (I love how the Imperials have no set alliance). I will be making a few YouTube videos of me playing the game – I actually started this last week, however the sound didn’t seem to record very well, and I’m wanting to make a different character anyway once I get the Imperial upgrade. As soon as I get these videos up and running, you’ll hear about it on here.

-I’m still waiting to hear some news about an opportunity that could potentially change future plans for hubby and I. In all honesty, I have a really good feeling about things, but I don’t want to jinx myself. If this went well, it would make things so much better for the future. I’m really hopeful so I can share it all with you!

That’s about all I’ve been up to, until I write some extra blog posts on here other than the weekly updates (rest assured – I’m working on these, sorry!) Thanks for reading 🙂



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Week 23 Update, 2015


Hello readers!

Firstly, apologies for the delayed post! I’ve had a few technical issues to deal with from earlier this week. We’ve just had a long weekend here in Australia, thanks to the Queen’s Birthday. I spent most of mine trying to relax and play some video games – mostly offline games, as we were without internet for a few days. This has not helped with me trying to catch up on extra blog post writing either! However, I have ensured to write the weekly update in the process of having a break over the long weekend. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-This week, I started the 12 Week Curves Challenge, and have maintained my schedule of 4 workouts per week. I have maintained weight this week, however have lost 15 centimetres overall, which has been fantastic news! I even had to tighten one of the belts I wear to the next loophole – it’s great when you start to physically see some progress! I’m not sure how well I’ll go this week (as I didn’t eat very well over the weekend due to socialising), but I’m hoping I can continue to work hard.

-The Global Corporate Challenge is now in its second week. Our team is performing above-average compared to the rest of the organisation. That being said, I’m still having one rest day, and taking it relatively easy on the weekend – meaning that my step average is less than 10,000 slightly. I’m worried this is letting the team down, however it seems that others in the team are performing at the same level as me anyway. It’s amazing to see some teams doing an average of over 20,000 steps already…two weeks in! Overall, it’s been fantastic seeing how this event is helping us all stay active.

-Sometimes, life throws you in the deep end. You end up unsure about your plans for the future, whether you’re in the right place, or what you’re capable of. However, life then throws you a curve-ball. An opportunity that you’d be silly not to go after and could really help out, especially if an epiphany you’ve had about the future seems like it’s a few years away at least. I’m a strong believer in a combination of fate/God giving you a chance to go after something different, or giving you a chance to grow as an individual. And this week, I’ve had something happen which seems to make perfect sense for me to pursue. It’s the right time, the right place, everything. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it seems like something too good to pass up on. If anything eventuates, it would give me such grounding in plans for the future, as well as a massive much-needed confidence boost. I’ll keep you posted if anything happens (and apologies that I’m yet again vague – it’s great to fill you all with intrigue and mystery!).

-Over the past week, hubby and I have been working on some more YouTube videos. I’ve re-started my Dragon Age game which I’m filming the progress of, and I’m also planning to do a “let’s play” of Baldur’s Gate 1 (with plans to stream Baldur’s Gate 2 onwards when we get the NBN and are able to try out Twitch). Hubby and I also had a go at playing a relatively-new Steam game called Unturned, which is Minecraft-meets-zombie-apocalypse (a video of our first play-through and thoughts has just been released on our YouTube channel). We’ve been receiving some fantastic feedback and recommendations from viewers, and I’ve been particularly touched due to discovering that some high-school students watch a few of my play-throughs as they view me as a great role-model as a female who likes video games. Based on this, I’m going to try and start making more gaming videos, and even open up some time to answer questions from the girl viewers, or anyone in general. I’m really happy that helping out and becoming a part of hubby’s YouTube channel has inspired others!

That’s all the updates I have for the past week – thanks for reading! 🙂



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Week 22 Update, 2015


Hi everyone! As it’s now the 1st of June, we’re getting close to being halfway through the year, and halfway through my yearly updates. It really feels like this year especially has flown by so quickly, and it’s been hard to track my progress and keep up with plans for the year. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week…

-It appears that I’ve “jump-started” my Curves Complete program, as over the past week I’ve lost almost 1.5 kilos! I’m now back to the weight I was in January this year, before my NLD flare up, and I can start to see some physical changes (ie. my belt now has to be done up one hole tighter!) After all the health struggles I’ve had to deal with in the past few months that left me unable to exercise, I am so damn proud that I’m back on track. I’ve undone the lack of progress I’ve had from the past three months in my first three weeks back at the gym, which is a massive achievement for me! Today, I officially start the Curves Curvette 12 Week Program, which I’m really excited about. This means that on top of my own weekly coaching, I also get to have one weekly group coaching session, as well as participation in lots of competitions and events. It’s just the right type of motivation for me!
-Last Wednesday, I also started the Global Corporate Challenge at work, which I’m tracking through my Fitbit. The team I am involved with is a fantastic, active group which will definitely help me stay motivated in being active. We’ve actually been performing above the organisation’s average step count, except for over the weekend (which I feel is based on my not-so-stellar performance and leaving the weekends as my “rest days” for my leg). I’m hoping that my leg injury doesn’t cause me too many issues, and doesn’t impact the team’s results too much.

-This week has been especially tight with finances. However, it’s been a fantastic learning curve and opportunity for growth with hubby and I. Yes, it’s been very tough and we’ve had to cut some corners to get by this past pay, but we’re now confident that we’re starting to get ahead financially and start sticking to our budgets. I think it’s a sign of maturity and successful “adulting” when you can view struggle as an opportunity to learn – a change of perspective is very helpful. Even though money is important, I’m so thankful that hubby and I, as well as our families, have the focus on love and being happy as the main pursuit in life.

-It appears that my computer is rapidly starting to die, so I haven’t been able to play many video games or record new videos this week. That being said, I’m hoping to change this over the next week or two before my Pre-Order of the Elder Scrolls Online arrives next week.

-I’ve been participating in a few Fitbit challenges with friends over the past few weeks. It’s been very encouraging and such a motivator to try and increase my steps each day – especially when I get a notification that someone is catching up to me! I think it’s been a real eye-opener in seeing my everyday activity levels. While my current levels have been fantastic, it’s made me reflect on how little activity I used to do a few years ago when I was studying/first started working. I’m so glad I have made being more active and healthy such a huge part of my everyday life.

-Over the past week, I’ve discovered that there are a big handful of individuals around my workplace who also play Dungeons and Dragons on a regular basis. It’s always refreshing discovering that there are more people that enjoy your hobbies and nerdy passions in a professional workplace. I think it will also help me in opening up and being myself more, as I feel that I’ve recently become quite withdrawn (not intentionally, but because I’ve been doing a lot of projects that require me to be “in the zone” and not very social). Realising that there are others in the same workplace that actively participate in such nerdy and creative pursuits outside of work on a regular basis has been a real encouragement to me.

That’s about all I’ve been up to over the past week! Thanks for reading ☺


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