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2014- Week 47


Can you believe it’s only a month until Christmas!? Time for another update…

-So, you know that opportunity I was waiting to hear about? I didn’t get it. I’ve spent the past 5 days getting back into a positive mindset about it (as I was really disappointed and upset about it late last week/into the weekend), and I’ve finally gotten there. Originally, I thought that I was ready for this opportunity, that I really wanted to get it so I would be more recognised in what I do, and also to help out more financially. However, upon reflection, the universe has told me that this opportunity is not meant to be for me, for now. It would be a very challenging and stressful opportunity if I did received it, and not the most ideal one to take when I am trying to work on my health and studies. I also received lots of supportive words and encouragement from friends and colleagues which reminded me that I am valuable and appreciated where I am now, and Ray and I also still have enough to financially support ourselves and start saving for a home.

I do keep forgetting that I am only (almost) 25, and I’m actually in a really good position in life where I am right now. Not many people my age can say they have a permanent role which they enjoy most of the time, which also allows them to pursue interests outside of work (including study) and can have a healthy life around it. So, whilst I was disappointed it didn’t work out, I’m now realising it was for the best. I won’t have any higher amounts of stress to deal with (if I got the new opportunity, I would have). It’s hard to acknowledge this when I’ve always been so hard towards myself and have really high expectations with myself for what I should be achieving. So, regardless, I’m going to really focus on working on myself for the next 8 months and realise that my value isn’t just defined by my roles in careers and the like. I’m going to keep going at the gym, and keep studying. I’m going to also try and put lots more time into blogging: something I’d like to do on a more regular basis and at a higher level. And I’m going to bloody start sewing more often.

-So, as per above, I will be trying to have a different focus on the blog for next year in light of recent events. I really want to start taking blogging to the next level: having a more professional looking blog, with more variety in content as well as more customisation towards the “look” I’m after. Currently, I am investigating moving over to and having a private host so that I can really make the blog “mine”. I do want to write more in my spare time, and I feel the current blog I have is a bit “bland” as it is: it isn’t very customisable or able to suit taking my blog in a newer, more innovative direction. I’ll still have the weekly updates on the newer, but I want to also start doing reviews on items such as clothing and accessories, how-to guides, reviews, opinion pieces and the like. I’ll hopefully change over to this in the new year.

-I’m also considering whether I will take two subjects next semester or not. If I did take two subjects, I will finish a Graduate Certificate by the end of next year. Otherwise, I’d have to do an extra semester in the following year. Whilst it’s been hard completing just one subject this semester, it has been a crazy semester (between our wedding and honeymoon), and I really did procrastinate. The subjects I would take (if I took two) would both be elective-based, so I’m having a good think about it before I finalise my enrolment for next semester.

-I’ve had a rather bad week on the Curves Complete program. Whilst I have lost more weight in the previous week, I have a feeling I won’t have fantastic results this week. Thanks to stress and having a pretty bad past few days, I’m way behind in my workouts, my food plan hasn’t been followed very well, I’ve pigged out and have done barely any walking this week (I only exceeded my step goal on one day). I know I’ve messed up this week, and it’s all due to my bloody emotions and a stressful week. However, the key for me is to not give up. It’s all about getting “back on the horse” and continuing to try. I’m trying not to let one bad week get to me (like it would have before), and I think by acknowledging that it was a hard week and realising I haven’t messed up my entire progress is key.

-I’ve played a bit of WoW this week as a form of escapism from all the crap that has happened. Finally, I’m on the most up-to-date expansion, and have gotten myself a level 90 character boost. I ended up deciding to use this on a new character: a Pandaren warrior. The Garrison feature is pretty interesting, and I’m enjoying having the two Hearthstones to travel between. Currently, I’m questing to earn reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpents, and have a baby cloud serpent to take care of in the process. This is pretty enjoyable, however for the rest of the level 90 character…..I’m a bit bored. However, it’s great that I have my level 49ish Paladin to play when I start getting bored, as I’m leaving this character as my one to level-up on my own, and to experience the challenges in-game with.

That’s about all I have to write for the past week. Sorry that there’s not too many exciting updates, as I’ve had a rather crappy week. Here’s hoping that things will be a bit better this week! Thanks for reading 🙂


2014- Week 46!


Another week, another update! It’s getting so close to the end of the year, where I’ll reflect on the year in passing and also set some personal goals for next year (as per tradition on here). For now, here’s a reflection on my activities over the past week.

-Firstly, apologies for holding off on posting this yesterday. I was having a rather anxious day waiting to hear some news (which I haven’t heard about yet), and was hoping I could post some good news up on this week’s post. However as I haven’t heard I’m going to put this post up today anyway.

-After an average week on the Curves Complete plan, I still managed to get over 10, 000 steps on 4 days of the plan, with the other days being pretty average. I’ve had a pretty eventful week, and the weather was crazy hot, so my walking wasn’t as amazing as the results from previous weeks. I also need to up my workouts to 4 times a week, as I managed to go 3 times last week (and skipped my 4th day due to crazy hot weather….and being exhausted). My water intake is back up to around 1.5-2 litres a day, and food is gradually becoming more “healthier” choices for me. However, I *cannot* wait to have a normal-sized fridge (should be able to afford to buy one in a few weeks) because we will start making our bento lunches (something I’m very excited about doing), and be able to make lots of fresh salads. Being able to make salads and bento supplies in advance and keeping supplies in the fridge will make such a massive difference!

-I’ve still been feeling rather fatigued this week with very low energy levels. It may be due to my insulin pump rates being changed last week, and having quite a few hypos last week due to exercising. I also really struggle if I get less than 8 hours of sleep each night, thanks to having both Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac disease (chronic health conditions that make those with them suffer from tiredness and fatigue on a daily basis)…it’s not just because I’m a nanna at heart. I do forget that I tend to be more tired than others because of these conditions, because I wish they didn’t affect me as much as they do. Anyway, I’ve been doing some reading over the past few weeks, and am considering taking some vitamins on a regular basis. Several Type 1 Diabetes websites recommend taking Vitamin D, B12, zinc and magnesium on a regular basis, so I’m going to investigate this over the next couple of weeks and start trying to take some. Hopefully I’ll see some positive changes and improvements with this!

-I’m so glad I’m finally taken the step in committing to and starting to wear the clothes I really want to wear. I’ve been receiving quite a few compliments on wearing my Pinup Girl Clothing skirts last week (you can see them via my Instagram, on the right-hand side of this page), which is really helping my confidence. For years, I’ve wanted to dress more “retro”, however have felt that I haven’t been confident enough, or have the right body shape to dress in this style. For years, I wore “quirky” items, but it still wasn’t the look I wanted, as I tried to cover up my insulin belly and sort of did a half-arsed job at it anyway. However, after really starting to accept the shape and body I have over the past few years, in combination with my goals to become a healthier person, I have feel that I can rock whatever type of clothing I want, regardless. So, insulin belly or not, I will rock a pinup skirt with a big, poofy petticoat! I will curl my hair. I will wear items that cinch in at my waist. And I will be confident enough to hit the beach this summer. So overall, a pretty positive week about how I dress.

-On a side note, I am a little bit worried about how I’ll go in maintaining a “routine” of setting my hair and doing my make-up, but only because of how tired I’ve been recently. However, if I get my energy levels sorted (as per above), I should start having more time again being awake, and able to do so. Practice does make perfect, though, so as I start doing this on a more regular basis, I’m sure it will take less time. In all honesty…it probably takes the same time or less as someone straightening their hair each day (which I know lots of people do). Also, I should remember that it took me a few years to become relatively “ok” at drawing on my winged eyeliner, so I guess I have to be patient!

-I’ve been playing quite a bit of WoW now that I have a little bit of spare time. I now have a character that’s so close to becoming level 50, so I’ll finally be able to get a flying mount soon! I’m also aiming to get some titles within the Argent Dawn and Crusade, because I really like that they’re about members from the Alliance and Horde joining together to fight the Scourge. Keeping in mind that I have little to no knowledge of the backs-story of Warcraft, I have disliked how there’s two distinct “sides” where one can be viewed as “good” and the other as “evil”. So, what the Argent companies believe in sits well with my main character. I’m getting close to getting these titles, however it appears that there’s only two dungeons that you have to complete multiple times to earn enough reputation to become exalted. My husband (who has a level 90 character) has been helping me complete these dungeons, and once I’ve gained enough reputation points, I will be a happy member of both Argent companies, hopefully!

-Over the past week, my husband has been trying to convince me to GM a Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now, however haven’t had the confidence, or felt I have the required knowledge to run a game. However, now I have some more time on my hands, and a regular gaming group, I’m starting to think about developing this further. I’m hoping to read up on some Forgotten Realms history over the next week and start planning a campaign which will hopefully be an awesome one.

That’s about it for this week’s update! Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 45!


Hello again! Well, it’s hard to believe how close we are to the end of the year…I now have less than 10 blog posts to do! Here’s the update reflecting on what’s happened over the past week.

-I’ve made an active effort to get back into my Curves Complete program this week. Thanks to my new Fitbit, I’ve become a lot more aware of my level of activity throughout the day/week, and have exceeded my step goal on 4 of the 7 days this week, and met it for 2 others. I’ve been upping my water intake, and other than the weekend, cutting down my soft drink intake (thanks to soda water). It must be working, as I managed to lose another 600 grams over the past week! The biggest challenge this week will be trying to up my steps each day even more, and sticking to a healthier meal plan. As we only have a bar fridge at the moment, it’s hard to stick to the plan when we don’t have much fresh fruit a veg. However, we’ve been making do with what we do have, and we’ll be able to start keeping lots more fresh food when we finally get a new fridge in the next few weeks.

-As of last week, I have finished my first postgraduate subject! My exam went relatively well, considering I normally am horrible with exams. I managed to remember everything I had studied and wanted to include in the exam…however, it’s now a waiting game until release of results in early December. I’m going to wait to see the result of this subject before deciding to enrol in my next subject…but I’m pretty sure I’ll be passing at the very least! 🙂

-I should be receiving my order from Pinup Girl Clothing today (actually, it’s just been delivered to my house, so I’ll have it when I get home, yay)! FedEx attempted to deliver the items yesterday, but I wasn’t home. Considering I made the order on Thursday last week though, I am very impressed at how quick the shipping was! It was the free international shipping that was offered through Pinup Girl Clothing, and I’m very happy with how quickly it has shipped! I’ll probably give a review of these skirts in next week’s post.

-Thanks to my postgraduate studies being over for this year (until March next year), I’ve been able to relax a little at home, meaning more time playing World of Warcraft. This week, I’ve been focusing on getting my profession skills up on my main character: Mining and Blacksmithing. However, I’ve unfortunately hit a bit of an issue where my character’s level isn’t high enough to be in the areas where I need to mine to gain more profession skills. So, my awesome husband (who has a level 90 character) escorted me around the Burning Steps (my character only just was on level 36 at the time) so I could mine some Mithril. I also worked on levelling up, and am now in the 40s…and I have a random gamer to thank. When questing in the Eastern Plaguelands, I came across a friendly player who offered to help me quest around the area. As Earthen Ring is an RP sever, it was a good experience also being in character and RPing the storyline and background of my character with a random gamer. It was such a great help to me, and I’m yet again blown away by the kindness and generosity of people on this WoW server. My goal is to get to level 60 so I can finally fly…hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I’m seriously contemplating getting the Warlords of Draenor pack with the boosted level 90 character inclusion so I can quest around the world and not worry about dying. But in all honesty, I like the idea of getting to level 90 on my own, as well as the challenge from it. 🙂

-Over the weekend, I got to have an impromptu op shop adventure with my best female friend. I haven’t been op shopping for such a long time, and it was good having a search for bargains. I’m trying to not buy things just because they fit: I’m trying to only buy pieces that would be staple items in my wardrobe which would be used regularly. Also, I’m hoping op shopping will become a monthly hobby of mine, as I’m wanting my wardrobe to become a mix of clothing from retro/pinup inspired brands and contrasting op shop items/items I create myself.

-I’m still waiting to hear back about the potential opportunity I mentioned in previous weeks. I’m hoping I’ll have some more news in the coming weeks, though I’m getting anxious about not hearing anything yet at this stage. I have to be vague here until I know if it’s happening or not, apologies.

-Now that my husband and I have returned from our honeymoon and settled in back home, we’ve also started thinking about goals for next year. We have a big one: we’re going to start saving for a deposit for a house. It may take us a couple of years to have enough to apply for a home loan, but we’re going to start putting savings aside from January next year. It’s been really exciting seeing that there’s houses out there that we *potentially* could afford, which are also in great locations. Not trying to get ahead of ourselves or anything…it’s just something exciting for the future which we’re starting to think about more often.

That’s about all for this week’s update- nothing too exciting, as I’ve been using this week to relax and take it easy after finishing my study for the year. Thanks for reading! 🙂


2014- Week 44! Plus the long-awaited HONEYMOON post!


Hi everyone! Well, I’m writing this blog entry from home today as a study break (I have an exam tomorrow). So, even though I’m not doing anything too interesting other than studying today, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week:

-Firstly, as promised, here’s a link to the big post all about our honeymoon! Yes, I know I said I was going to write one myself on here, however my husband was asked to write a post for a great travel website called Humans Who Travel, which sums up our honeymoon perfectly (and a lot better than I could ever write about it!) So, check out the story at the following link (hope you enjoy!):

-I returned to the gym over the past week. As I’m still unwell (I’ve had a cough for 4 weeks now!) I didn’t get to work out as much as I had hoped to. However, I did get weighed and measured and discovered that I had maintained my weight loss over the honeymoon! And not only this, but I also had lost almost 1% body fat! This was incredible news, as I did have quite a few treats on the honeymoon and didn’t really follow the program whilst I was away (well, it was my honeymoon!). Now I’m back home, I’m aiming to get back into my 4 workouts a week, hopefully start walking again on my lunch break and also ease back into the Curves Complete plan. As we are on the way to buying a new fridge (we’ve had bad luck with fridges, with two dying on us over the past few months, so we’re currently living out of a bar-fridge for anything needing refrigeration), we’ll be able to cook with lots more fresh ingredients. We also finally have our bento supplies (we got ourselves the most amazing bento supplies in Japan, from the Pokemon Centre no less…I will share this with you once we start making bentos)! A lot of the bento staples we can cook can be kept in the fridge, so I’ll hopefully have lots of good recipes coming your way on here in the future!

-I have been incredibly lucky this week, as my dad got me a Fitbit Flex as a present over the weekend! I have been wanting a Fitbit for forever for several reasons. Firstly, I really do enjoy tracking my steps and activity during the day…however, it’s a bit inconvenient for me to wear a “normal” pedometer due to already wearing an insulin pump. With a pedometer and insulin pump on my weight, my clothing could get weighed down during the day (haha…yes, my clothes have almost fallen down due to the weight of carrying both!) Also, I have been very impressed with the accuracy and variety of what is recorded with the Fitbit: I do like using apps to track my quality of sleep, my energy levels and everything in between as it gives me somewhere to report back to. Also, I know that there’s now the “watches” that connect with Samsung phones (in particular) which are popular now, but I just don’t like the look of them. The subtle appearance of the Fitbit (mine’s a black one) as a bracelet suits me, and I also don’t really like wearing watches too much anyway (unless it’s vintage styled or Hello Kitty!) So far, I’ve only tracked 1 full day, which was a pretty low-activity day for me as I was studying. However, I did manage to walk up to the shops and back, which ended up giving me more data on my profile. Today, I will be walking up to the gym and back, doing a weigh-in, work out and walking home, so I’m very eager to see how my results look today!

-Ray and I were discussing over the weekend that we want to try and start “staying up” at night…haha, what we mean is that we want to try and start going to bed later. For the past few months, I’ve been quite tired and exhausted thanks to the multitude of health issues I’ve had. So, I’ve easily been going to bed at around 9-9:30. However, for the past week I’ve been going to bed at around 10:30 due to staying up and studying…and each morning, I have actually found that I feel more alert and better rested, as I’m still sleeping for at least 7 hours (most nights are 8). So, perhaps I was “over-sleeping”, which was making things worse for me! Hubby used to stay up quite a bit, and he has admitted that he misses staying up later, so we’re both going to try and start staying up a bit longer, especially if I’m finding that I’m getting a good (or even better) sleep because of it.

-Once my exam is out of the way this week, and I’ve saved up a little bit to buy some fabric, I’m finally aiming at getting back into my sewing! I have to finish two skirts in progress first, but my aim after that is to make some peasant tops, some retro-styled pyjamas and attempt to make my own denim capris! Over the next week or two, I have a couple of rewards planned for myself thanks to my lovely tax return (I can finally say hello to two items I have been wanting for forever: the Harlequin skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing and the Geisha print Heart of Haute skirt!), therefore I want to try and make some tops to go with these new items so I can customise my wardrobe a bit further. I always find when purchasing pinup styled tops in particular, they tend to not fit me well. They either don’t cover my shoulders properly (which means I can’t wear them to work, or feel self conscious about bras straps/my huge shoulders thanks to being a swimmer/violist), or they end up being too revealing/sitting funny on my chest. I also have the problem of never being able to wear buttom-up-shirts thanks to my weird torso proportions/large chest….they either pucker like crazy, or end up too large and sack-like. So, I’m going to start trying to make some of my own tops, starting with some peasant tops and then moving to some with bow trims and Peter-Pan collars. Here’s hoping I’ll get some better fitted tops in my collection 🙂

-On the note of clothes- I am considering doing a huge clean out of my wardrobe once I’ve established some better new staple items for myself and my “look”. This probably won’t be until the Christmas holidays. However, I am thinking that I would consider doing a clothes swap/giveaway to fellow friends interested, as I know how hard it can be to find decent plus-sized gear at a reasonable price! So…here’s a shout out: if any of my fellow female friends would be interested in checking out clothing I’d be giving away/willing to swap clothes in sizes ranging from anything between 14-18/20, please let me know. These would either be free, gold coin donation (which I could give to charity), or we could swap items. If I know that there’s people interested, it may help me in organising my wardrobe/life better! 🙂

-Since my old favourite glasses company in Australia seems to have closed (I won’t say which company, as their products always seemed to break for me anyway), I have been on the hunt to find some affordable, yet retro styled and high quality vintage replica sunglasses. My hunt has ended this week! Introducing Catch a Thief: I had some money set aside to purchase myself a study reward, so it was perfect timing when I discovered these guys, who are based in Victoria. Here’s the two pairs I’ll have coming my way (hopefully) this week:


-Lady Lucite in Jade: I have become obsessed with Lucite/imitation lucite accessories of recent. Therefore, I knew I HAD to have these glasses when I saw them. I also was so desperate to find some coloured glasses…and this colour of green is to die for. The cat eyes aren’t too sharp, which I believe will quite my face well!


-Pretty Pointed in Black: I have had issues in finding great black cat eyes which suit my face shape. However, these glasses seem to be the perfect balance of circular shaping, with a great pointed tip.

As you can see, the prices are fantastic (in fact, the Lady Lucite glasses are currently on sale for $20, and there’s heaps of colours available!), shipping was very affordable, the UV protection is good for our harsh Australian sun, and you’d be supporting an Australian business (something I’m definitely trying to do more often!). I definitely recommend that you check these guys out! 🙂

-I’ve also had time to think over the past week regarding my consumption of the internet. Now I’m using a LOT more social media than I used to (I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest regularly), I’ve started actively following some amazing, inspirational peoples on there. However, I’ve also seen my fair share of negativity and bullying happening to people through these mediums (particularly related to feminism and female gamers), or people actively sharing or commenting on content which is meant to make people negative. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’m getting really sick of it. Yes, people have the freedom to post and comment on whatever they like, but I always think that the below quote sums it up perfectly. Yes, I know I’m being ironic in saying this whilst venting my frustration…but it’s just been on my nerves over the past week in particular. As they say…don’t feed the trolls!


So, in reflection of this, I’ve decided that I’m going to make an active effort to try and only go out of my way to look at positive things on social media. Hard to explain: I know I can’t completely remove negativity from my interaction with social media as I can’t control what others post (unless I got rid of social media…not happening!), but I can certainly try to not contribute to it, ignore it, and try to not go out of my way to further investigate/”Facebook stalk” (we’re all guilty of it, admit it) negative people/news/posts etc. I know it may make my view of the internet “jaded” and naive (especially with the whole idea that people only share the positive aspects of their life on social media, showing inaccuracy in their lives etc etc)…but after studying digital media and communications for over 5 years, I already know there’s a plethora of sick, twisted shit out there on the internet set to actively harm or hurt those exposed to it. And you know what? Screw it. It’s my freaking choice if I decide to actively try to avoid it! Each day, I’m learning more and more of the value of keeping your mind healthy (this is probably why I barely watch news anymore and never kept up with tabloids). So, you’ll probably be seeing me trying to share as many positive things via Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest in particular.

Well, I’ve had lots of variety in my blog post for this week! From reviews of shopping purchases, to future goals, to even a short contribution on my opinion of internet consumption…yay! I definitely want to try to post with as much variety in future weeks too! Thanks for reading 🙂