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2014- Week 43!


Hi everyone! Can you believe that it’s 8 weeks til Christmas?! I can’t…haha! However, it’s definitely starting to feel like summer! Time for another update, as per usual:

-Yes, I realise that I haven’t stuck to my promise of doing a catch-up post about the honeymoon. Sorry! I currently am really busy at work, and have my final research essay and exam for my postgraduate subject due in over the next week. So, I’ve had to spend most of my spare time studying and catching up. Rest assured, I’m going to work on this during this week, and hopefully have it up by the weekend. Apologies for the delay!

-As I’ve still been recovering from my chest infection, I had to give myself the past week off the gym (I will be starting back there today). However, I’ve used the past week to get back into my healthy habits. I’ve started upping my water intake, and switching coffee/worse caffeine choices during the day for green tea. I need to start wearing my pedometer again, however I will have a Fitbit shortly (which I’m hoping will give me a more accurate indication of how active I am during the day). I’m also going to have to stop myself drinking soft drink again (or limiting it to weekends/social events), because I’m struggling with it since returning from the honeymoon. While I’m studying over the next week, I’ll probably give myself an allowance for having soft drink, but after this I’m hoping to stick to soda water and green tea. As I start back at the gym today, I’m hoping that I haven’t mucked up my progress too much thanks to the honeymoon/being sick. Will let you know how it goes in next week’s post. 🙂

-I’ve had thoughts over the past week regarding blogging/writing. In a perfect world, where I won the lotto or similar, I would absolutely love to write/blog as a career, or on a more regular basis. That being said, I am wanting to make writing and blogging my “creative outlet”. My blog may not be popular or appealing to the masses, but I really enjoy writing. Yes, I am very out-of-practice with writing, however I think this is something I want to work on. I definitely want to write more regularly, and write posts of quality (rather than just these weekly updates, which aren’t as fascinating!) There’s a big break between the completion of my current postgrad subject and the next semester, therefore I’d like to dedicate some time towards setting my blog up for a variety of posts.

-An opportunity has come up for me, which I’m pretty excited about. A similar opportunity came up last year, however at the time I did not feel really for it, and also believed I couldn’t cope with the stress of it around planning a wedding/getting married. Now, I feel confident to pursue this opportunity, and that I will succeed with it. I can’t give away much on here unfortunately, however I can let you know that the next couple of weeks should be very exciting for me (and I’m hoping I can share more on here in the coming weeks) 🙂

-I finally managed to get myself a haircut, after having my last one weeks before the wedding (so, it’s been almost 6 months!!!!!) This has meant that my hair is now ready to be curled and set regularly again. Last night, I managed to successfully put my hair up in rollers (including silk scarf!), and have pretty good hair for work today. I finally managed to get myself a boar bristle brush (the type of brush most wet-setting gals recommend), and have found brushing out/styling the curls much better with this. The brush tends to help my hair be less frizzy (think 80s perms), and makes the curls more defined like the 50s/60s look I am after. Unfortunately, one part of my hair didn’t curl properly, so I have a strand out of place, but otherwise I’m really happy with how my hair is, and will be looking at styling it more regularly!

-On the note of 50s/60s styling, I’ve been on a bit of a 50s/60s culture binge at the moment. I have started to religiously watch Mad Men again, and am just about to finish Season 4 (I swear, Joan Holloway/Harris is my style muse). I’ve also watched Hairspray recently, and forgot how much I loved the movie. I’m also very eager to watch Cry Baby and My Week with Marilyn soon, however these might need to wait until I’ve completed my postgraduate subject. I am also listening to lots of 50s/60s Rhythm and Blues, but might write more about this next week. But yeah…I’m getting a bit obsessed, haha. 🙂

-I’ve been keeping a few items in the back of my mind as purchases I’d like to make when we’ve caught up financially. I want to start gradually updating my wardrobe to be full of items that I am confident about: ones that I wear because I love them, not because they “fit” me and are convenient choices. So, I thought I’d share the items I’m currently lusting over on here to get them out of my system (haha):

  • The following Erstwilder brooches (I am an addict):


The unicorn is absolutely adorable, and I love the colour.


The piggy is so cute! Love the imaginative concepts of these.


I’m also eyeing off this pug in a suit brooch:

All are available from the following site:

I do have a long list of items, but I’m not aiming to get these all in one go. It will be a project to span (probably) over the next year or so 🙂

-I am still playing WoW on a regular basis. This week, I haven’t played as much due to study, however I have been focusing on getting my profession skills levelled-up. My main character specialises in Mining and Blacksmithing, and I’ve been following several guides to get these up to Expert (I’m only level 32 atm). My husband and I are hoping to spend some time doing some Dungeons with a group of friends in the next couple of weeks.

And that’s about all I have to write for the past week! Thanks for reading 🙂


2014- Week 42 (Yes, I’m back!)


I’m baaaaaaaack! 🙂

Hi everyone!

I am sorry I’ve missed 4 weeks of entries, but I have been on my honeymoon instead (which I think is a perfectly reasonable excuse!) I am planning to do a combined huge post for the past 4 weeks that I haven’t been here, which will mainly be a massive post about our honeymoon…but it will take some time to write and may not be up on here until later this week. In the meantime, I wanted to post this week’s update just so you know I’m still around and working on keeping to my goals 🙂

Here’s what’s happened over the past week (at least):

-I managed to get back to work for all of an hour and a half last week, as I had to go home sick. Since we returned from our honeymoon, I had become quite unwell with fevers and a bad cough. For a while, I was concerned that I had caught something on the plane, as a lady who was quite unwell and coughing loudly on the flight home was kept on the plane by quarantine officials. However, the doctors were quick to confirm that it wasn’t anything that needed to be quarantined- I just have a bad chest infection. So, I really have spent the past week in bed, trying to get over this chest infection and not doing much else! Even as I write this entry, I’m still not fully recovered…however, I’ve now used up all of my sick leave for the year so have to return to work regardless. I’ve never been one to have fevers when being unwell, so it’s been a new experience for me in getting them and constantly changing from being hot to cold and so on. There’s so much I have to catch-up on since being away from my honeymoon, especially work and study-related, so I feel terrible that I’ve had to take another week off to get better. 🙁

-In relation to being sick, I also won’t be able to return to the gym until I am better, which at this stage will be next week. However, I feel I’ve done relatively well in keeping myself in-check whilst being on the honeymoon. To begin with, I managed to easily do over 10, 000 steps for almost every day on the honeymoon (the only days I didn’t were when we were seasick/at sea, and even then I managed to come close to the step goal). However, my highlight was definitely hitting almost 19, 000 steps on one of the first days! It was hard eating healthily on the boat because the food was prepared by an American-based cruise company for the masses. A lot of choices were high in sodium, fats and had lots more sugar compared to what I’d eat in Australia. I was lucky in that the gluten-free options were generally the “healthier” options on the menu, though. While I feel I did my best (and tried to eat more fruit and veg than anything else), I think the drinks really didn’t help me. Due to limited healthy options (I did drink lots of water), I mostly drank Coke Zero and Ginger Ale. One of my gym coaches said I should try to maintain weight while on the honeymoon, however I have no idea of how I’ve gone and hope I don’t let them down. The honeymoon was a time for us to relax and unwind, so I may have put on a little bit of weight. Though, considering we did so much walking, it may not be much of a difference. I’ll have to wait and see when I get weighed-in at the gym next week. What will be important is staying dedicated and recommitting to the Curves Complete program: once we have purchased a new fridge (and finally have a decent amount of fridge space, compared to our current state of living out of a bar fridge), this will be easier as we will be able to have lots more fresh food and I will be able to follow the meal plan to the best of my ability.

-As I’ve been in bed recovering over the past week, I haven’t been able to do much. However, I have been able to catch up on some gaming on World of Warcraft. It was good to have a break from gaming whilst being on our honeymoon, as I have to admit that I was getting a little bit too addicted. Regardless, I have a lot going on at the moment with study and work, so I’ve been trying to get gaming out of my system over the past week so I can focus for the next few weeks. So far, I’ve only got on character above level 30, but I am taking my time to explore and do lots of little quests. I now have a human paladin and Worgen rogue which I alternate between playing, and I do want to level-up a Horde character too (I’m tossing up between a Tauren paladin I’ve already made, or making an undead character). I’m still so impressed by the depth and detail of the WoW world, and also how much more in-depth the quests are when you are gaming online. I even managed to do my first dungeon the other day, which was a scary-but-good experience. I describe it as both because I managed to get so freaking lost and left behind from the party because I got stuck in a wall/water. Trust me to be the one who gets stuck, haha. We also had a group who decided to run ahead, even when their healer had died (so that made things difficult), and it was very fast paced. I did freak out a little, however I managed to keep up in the end and complete the quest I needed to. However, in the future I do want to save dungeons as something I do with the groups we make with friends, as I feel they will be more forgiving and understanding of my slowness and noob-ness (hah). Overall, WoW is serving as a great escapism for me, which helps me relax while also improving my gaming skills 🙂

-Since returning from the honeymoon, I’m realising the importance of keeping up hobbies that I’m passionate about and will also enhance my creativity. It’s so important to make time for the things that you enjoy, especially if it’s something that you can’t do as a job, so I’m wanting to make this an active goal for myself (especially because in a few weeks, I’ll have a couple of months as a break from study) I think a huge issue at the moment (which has stopped this from happening as much) is my lack of ability to stay up late anymore…especially since I’ve been sick/worn out. So, over the next few weeks, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things in staying up a bit later (I’ve been in bed my 9pm most nights!) This will allow me to have some allocated time to relax and focus on some hobbies. This will include reading, sewing, planning outfits, sorting my wardrobe, setting my hair properly, trying out new hairstyles, playing WoW and online shopping. I’m aiming to slowly ease myself into this, starting with the completion of a sewing project this weekend (finally finishing my first two skirts I made earlier this year), planning my next two projects- making a green velvet dress and a pair of denim capris, and setting my hair once I finally get a haircut. Here’s hoping I can stick to it, and not fall back into old, boring habits of just wanting to sleep!

-There’s been some amazing biographies which have been released recently which are on my “to-read” list once I’ve finished my studies in few weeks (I have several books I need to read for my final research project first). First, Amy Poehler’s biography is at the top of my list. I am a regular follower of the “Smart Girls” movement (in case you don’t know of it, here’s a link to their amazing website: that she is a part of, and really do admire her contributions to society. I also noticed that Beth Ditto has also released a biography recently, which I’m sure will also be a fascinating read. Also, my favourite sewing blogger, Gertie ( has released a new book for sewing vintage casual styles of clothing, which I am also so eager to purchase.

Once again, apologies I don’t have too many exciting things to write about. However, over the next few days I’ll be posting an update worthy of the 4 weeks where I haven’t written on here…it will be a complete review of where we went on our honeymoon and the experience of being on a cruise. For now, thanks for reading! 🙂