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2014- Week 38!


Well, we’re finally reached the week of our honeymoon! So, just as heads up that this may be the last update you’ll receive from me for a while, because we’re unsure of how much internet access we will have (plus…it’s our honeymoon, so access to internet won’t be our priority!). While I’m striving to post each week, in reality I may not be able to do so on the honeymoon, or I may do a very quick update. We’ll try to post photos on Facebook or Instagram (you can see the Instagram on the right-hand side of this page) when we can, however I am hoping to unplug from the internet and social media while we’re away. Either way, I’ll try and a leave you with a decent update for this week, just in case I’m too busy honeymoon-ing 🙂

-Tomorrow marks a massive achievement for me: I will be having my 100th workout on the Curves Complete program. Considering I had three months off due to injury/wedding, achieving this in such a short amount of time has been a big success for me. I’ve worked hard to make sure I reached this goal before our honeymoon; in fact, I even did 6 workouts last week (when I normally do 4). I am so proud of myself for sticking with the Curves program, where my exercise program has now become a habit. I feel so much healthier, my blood sugar levels and diabetes has improved massively and I can see the changes in my body happening. When I get weighed and measured this week, I will put up a “before” and “after” post of my journey so far…maybe. But regardless, I am so happy with the changes I’m making towards being a healthier and more active person!

-I am so ridiculously tired. With our honeymoon starting on Thursday/Friday this week (YAY), there’s so many things I have to complete before I go. I’ve had heaps of work for my Masters degree, including an assignment due in last night which took longer as I changed my argument at the last minute to have a more developed research project. Work has been ridiculously busy, and I’m trying to tie up any loose ends on things before I go, but it’s providing to be quite difficult. I’m also working very hard to get to my 100 workouts goal before I go, which has meant going to the gym 5-6 times a week for the past couple of weeks. Plus, I’ve also had to run around getting things sorted health-wise for the trip, including a visit to the hospital to get a new pump, getting medical letters and paperwork translated, and ensuring I have all up-to-date prescriptions and medication. I haven’t even had a chance to pack yet, so I’m pretty stressed out (luckily, I have made a complete packing list). With all of the above, I’ve been having horrid nights of sleep recently, so am feeling very run down.

-With all of the above, I was starting to stress out a little bit about travelling. One big reason I was stressing is because it’s my husband’s first time travelling overseas. Therefore,  I’ve automatically put pressure on myself to make the trip as amazing as possible. It’s ironic: I help send students overseas all of the time for my career, yet as soon as I get to travel overseas (my last trip was in 2010, which I organised myself), I become stressed out. Like every other time I’ve been overseas, I’m sure that by the time I get to the airport, I go into excited-optimistic-traveller mode and it’s all good. I just hope that we have an amazing time and a fantastic adventure together.

-So, last week you would have read that I’ve started playing WoW. I am STILL loving it! The depth of the game is so much better when you’re actually on the online servers, particularly on an RP server. Also, the quests are so much more rewarding (on a personal/story level) compared to when I played previously (on a private server, which was only up to Wrath of the Lich King in updates). As a human paladin, I’m now level 26 and am in Duskwood, however I did spend quite a bit of time questing in Redridge. There was a fantastic quest in Redridge with the bravo Company that was very touching, and also a great introduction to learning how to play with other characters for me. I also even got a new mount as a present (for studying so hard over the weekend): a Celestial Steed, which is going to look amazeballs when I gain the flying skills. It’s probably good timing that we’re going on our honeymoon later this week, as I’ve been playing WoW at an addicted pace over the past week (at least an hour a day before bed to help me relax). Once I’m at least level 50, I’ll probably start looking to quest with friends. I also need to get my Horde character levelled-up, and Ray and I have a game ad Pandarins together (which, in my opinion, have the most AMAZING starting area ever…except for those bloody monkeys!) In summary, WoW is incredible!

And that’s all of the updates I have, for now. Most of the week has been filled with me cramming study/finishing assignments and finalising things for our honeymoon. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you when I’m back from my honeymoon 🙂


2014- Week 37!


Time for another update (and this one is on time!)

-Over the past week, I’ve been working hard at my Curves Complete program. I want to make sure I reach 100 workouts by the time we go on our honeymoon (in 10 days!) So, this meant I had to work out for 5 days last week, and probably 5 more this week. It’s been really encouraging for me, in that even on the days that I feel terrible, I still make the effort to head to the gym. Plus, after actually going to the gym, I feel so refreshed and focused (I seem to always forget about that!) My steps for each day are gradually increasing to an acceptable amount again. However, due to lack of finances (we’ve trying to save like crazy for the honeymoon), we’ve had to be a bit flexible with my meal plan and replace meals with more affordable (yet healthy) options. I’ve had a few days when I needed to focus purely on study, so there have been some days where I haven’t had the step goals I needed, or the best meal plan. However, I’ve got a plan for our honeymoon: I’m wearing my pedometer and aiming to do a lot of walking each day, as well as watch what I eat on the cruise. Being a coeliac, I’m guessing that my carb options will be limited, so I’m going to try and have a high protein/fibre diet while I’m gone.

-After giving myself some time to think over the past week (and a lot of discussion with my amazing husband), I have decided that I’m really going to try and focus on my professional development. However, I’m going to focus on how I can gain this outside of my workplace. This includes researching conferences available in the fields I am passionate about, volunteer opportunities, joining groups and organisations which will enhance my workplace skills and much, much more. This will be, in a sense, me looking for extra-curricular activities to enhance my employ-ability and professional skills. I have some big ideas so far, and am going to dedicate some time to really think outside of the box (and outside my actual workplace) to find some things which will help. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I’d be really eager to hear from you 🙂

-I made this blog to be honest about my progress with things. So, I have to admit that over the past week, I’ve been struggling with study. In particular, procrastinating with my study has been a big reality for me. Work has been pretty crazy over the past few weeks, and it’s been hard getting myself into the right frame-of-mind to focus on study when I get home. I’ve been mentally exhausted, and also discouraged because I feel that I’m so behind in my studies anyway (that it’s impossible to catch up). However, over the weekend I did 3 weeks’ worth of readings (and that’s postgraduate readings…so there was a lot), and I did forget that I have a day of study leave this week. Really, all I need to do is plan my time effectively and stick to my daily goals for study. I also now have several people who I have to “check in” to about my studies to ensure that I’m on track. So, as long as I put my head down over the next week, I should be all up-to-date by the end of this weekend (where I have to hand in an assignment), so that I have no study worries on my honeymoon.

-Continuing on from last week, I’ve been keeping up trying to read more regularly. I finally managed to complete a book which I purchased several years ago. It’s been a bit difficult to keep up this pattern with books I want to read as a hobby; particularly as I’ve had to read a lot of my course readings this week to catch-up. However, I’m aiming to really read some fiction on our honeymoon to help me get back into the habit of reading for pleasure (rather than for study, or for work/necessity).

-I’m really starting to get into playing Dungeons and Dragons based/RP games on a regular basis. Casually, I’ve got games of WoW, Icewind Dale, Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 and Dragon Age, which I switch between depending on my mood. Every Wednesday as well, I’m lucky enough to be participating in an RP game of either DC Superheroes or Pathfinder, which is helping me become a better player. It’s even making me think about whether I’d like to run my own game in the future, specifically a Forgotten Realms-based game series. I’d have to take the time to really develop a storyline, as well as learn to be a good GM, but it’s a possibility for the future.

-On the note of gaming: I have finally taken the plunge, and am now the proud owner of a World of Warcraft online account. I had starting contemplating playing WoW online (if I was able to get a subscription) just so I could have a better gaming experience, and give online gaming a go to ensure I have a regular gaming hobby to keep myself entertained around studying and working. Well, it seems that luck was on my side, as Ray and I managed to win a competition at the local shopping centre, where he won a gift voucher to the mall itself! With limited options for what we could actually buy, we decided that we could use this to purchase the WoW games and start our own online accounts (a bit of a present to ourselves for working hard too). Given that the first month is free, we have to make sure we can afford to keep up the online accounts. However, one month accounts to being the same amount of money of my buying two of my Boost smoothies (and I can easily make do with two less of these per month!) Over the weekend, we set our accounts up, and have started in the Earthern Ring world. While most of our friends are on PvP servers, I decided to start in a more RP-based server due to being a beginner, and also because of bad gaming experiences I’ve had before in PvP servers. So far, I am extremely impressed with the Earthern Ring servers. In fact, on one of the first quests I went on in the human starter area (Fargodeep mine), I had a level 90 player offer to help me out. He was just chilling in the mines, and not only did he put some epic spells on me, but he also helped me clear out the mines (and I think he may have given me money too while we were “grouping” together). This really had an impact on me: considering I was so afraid of gaming online because of the terrible players I’ve been attacked by before, it was so refreshing having players who were willing to help. I hope when I get a character that is of a higher level, I can do the same for newbies. I do know that there will be bad/douchebag players, and I will have to deal with them one day, but I know that there are good players out there who will help out. So, overall, I’m having an awesome experience playing WoW online so far, it’s serving as a hobby I can use to “wind down” at the end of the day, and I’ll need to try very hard not to get too addicted (similar to what happened to me with the Sims in high school….haha). If any of my friends would like to game with me sometime, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you my details 🙂

-I want to make a mention of my husband this week on the blog. I am so damn proud of him this week, as he’s been able to secure another year of work as a teacher (he has been offered classes 5 days a week for a maternity leave position). I’m so happy for him and how teachers/staff are seeing his potential and looking out for him: even if it’s not permanent work yet, he’s receiving acclaim from the right people to ensure he has some great opportunities for the future. I’m so lucky to be married to such an innovative, talented and enthusiastic teacher.

And that’s it for the past week! Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 36!


Well, time for another update! I was aiming to have this posted yesterday, but I was involved with an emergency at work and definitely wasn’t in the mood for finishing this post. Anyway, here it is 🙂

-I’ve had quite a social week over the past few days in particular (which is really something different for me): going out for drinks with work colleagues, 3 family birthday parties ranging from a 1st to 21st birthday celebrations, Father’s Day and lunch catch-ups. Compared to previous weeks where I’ve been at home, cramming in study, I feel like I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone a bit this week and opened up socially. I do feel quite exhausted from all the socialising, but I spent Sunday resting at home being lazy, so it did balance itself out.

-Gym was a bit mediocre this week. I ended up only going for half the time I wanted to, based on juggling all the social events. My step count wasn’t even up to the amounts I managed last week, and my water intake has decreased again. I also wasn’t able to follow the meal plan as accurately, as we ran out of money to be able to purchase specific things for the meal plan. That being said, we still had relatively “healthy” options (minus the Magnum Egos we got because we needed a little treat). The weekend’s social activities and alcohol has managed to make me put on weight, according to my Monday weigh-in…however, they’re going to re-weigh me on Friday to see if it was just the parties which has knocked me around this week.

-I’ve been having issues with my eyes and migraines this week. I think it’s because I’m spending way too much time in front of a computer each day. I spend most of the day at work in front of a computer, and then I’m going home to study in front of a computer, or gaming/watching TV. My eyes have been feeling rather “tired” over the past few weeks (even when I’m wearing my glasses), and I’m really thinking I need to start giving my eyes a rest from technology. I’ve noticed it seems to be a lot better when I go to the gym/give my eyes a break once I get home from work.

-You may have noticed that I put up another blog post last week (yay!) in an aim to start writing more meaningful posts/try writing on a more regular basis about things I’m passionate about. I sat down this week and have made myself a list of topics I hope to write about, and am hoping I’ll get a post from that list up once a fortnight. I will admit that I don’t see myself as much of a writer, especially in comparison to many of my talented friends who blog or write as a career. Since I finished my Journalism degree, my writing has definitely not been at the same standard. However, I don’t want this to stop me from trying to write more. Even if it’s a very simple post on things that make me happy (I’m going to do a post on my top 10 Youtube videos/songs to watch to get out of slump soon), I’m hoping I can express it well enough for others to gain some slight inspiration.

-Over the weekend, I gave myself a confidence boost by dressing in true 50s/60s style for our events on Saturday. Since losing weight, I’m able to fit much better into my Bettie Page green fan-printed skirt, which I wore with a bright purple top, and black fluffy petticoat. I even managed to get my fringe doing some crazy retro style, and it felt really good to be dressed up. I may put a photo up of it somewhere, because I got quite a few compliments and felt really confident. It also helped that my husband decided to coordinate with a matching purple shirt, green tie and converses. So, I’m aiming to definitely dress like this more in the future, and hope to invest in a lot more circle-ish skirts and petticoats. I’ve been eyeing off some Luxite retro earrings, more Ertswilder brooches and some Jubly Umph accessories too, so maybe I’ll give myself a little shopping spree once we’re returned from our honeymoon….

-Hubby and I have started a plan of reading for at least 15 minutes per night before bed, and then telling each other one thing we’ve learned from what we’ve read for that night. So far, I’ve managed to get through one full book with this plan, and it’s only been a few days (so…I did read for 2 hours on night, oops). I really want to keep myself reading, and it helps when we’re both dedicated to it and spending the time reading at the same time. I’ve now got a couple more books lined up, and you can follow my progress on Goodreads (widget on the right-hand side of this page).

-I’ve also decided to make a Tumblr, as many people I follow on Instagram also have Tumblr, and I feel like it’s another good motivational resource to have. I want to really spend some time designing the page (but that may not happen for a few weeks at least), but if you’d like to follow me, you can find me with mrsgingerfox.

That’s about all the updates I have for this week. Hopefully I can get another fun post up this week too. Thanks for reading!


10 things to consider before reaching a full blown Quarter-Life Crisis

So, I thought I’d write something a bit different on here, based on what I’ve been reflecting on over the past few months.

In less than 6 months, I will turn 25. Many people will say that this is the age to be “discovering yourself” or “starting out in your career”, and that there’s so much opportunity. However, for me, I’ve been so driven and determined to achieve any goals I set myself since I was in primary school. I’ve worked hard to ensure I’ve met my personal and career goals…and whilst I should be enjoying the “starting time” of my working life, I actually feel like I’ve hit a wall, am anxious about the future and am uncertain of what I should be aiming to achieve next. So, I thought I’d share a couple of points which have kept me going through this time of uncertainty, to hopefully ensure I don’t have an equivalent of a quarter-life crisis…

NOTE: I definitely can’t take any credit for thinking these ideas up at all; most have come from the wisdom of some incredible people I get to spend time with, from my Business Coach to family, friends and loved ones.

You are not defined by your career/your career is not your life. This is so hard to actively believe when we spend so much of our lives at work. Most of the time, it can feel like it’s the majority of our day and working week, and everything else is just one the side-line in comparison. However, my Business Coach recently highlighted to me that in reality, work is only a third of each day of the working week.

So, considering we aim to sleep for 8 hours a night, it gives us a full third of our day to do whatever we like to define ourselves. Whether it is hitting the gym, cooking, hobbies, reading…anything! Therefore, I’ve made sure I spend this time doing things I enjoy and am passionate to ensure that I know and appreciate my value outside of an office environment.

Family is so important. I cannot stress this enough. Gone are the days where as a teenager, you’d strive to gain your independence and have time away from family. These people are so valuable, especially for reminding you of how special and important you are. Seeing my family and extended family grow around us has been such a rewarding experience. Even as nieces and nephews grow, and parents get older, you realise how quickly life can pass you by…and how important it is to spend time with these people.

Since being married, I’ve also embraced being a wife, and that my husband and I are now a family unit (with or without kids). We have so much value in being a family, and aim to have as many adventures as we can so we can grow and enrich our life together. Having and being a family both are so important and precious in creating a clear identity for now and the future, and I’m learning very quickly that this definitely should not be placed on the back-burner because of work, finances etc.

Friend networks become larger, but not closer. As a young adult, friends are now not only classified as those that you “hang around” with because you’re studying the same things/doing the same things etc. Your career, family, gym and anything related to life creates branches of extended networking opportunities to meet new people and connect. Hell yes, it’s scary though. Suddenly, you are connected with so many people, yet the types of friendships you had as a teenager (the close BFF types where you’d stay up all night on MSN and discuss every minor detail of life) drift apart, or even drift away. I guess this happens as our priorities change and we have less time to socialise on the same level due to full-time jobs.

Though, something I have learned since graduating from university is that it’s so massively important to be a friend to yourself/love yourself first rather than depending on others to define your importance and value. So, in summary…you’ll have friends from varying different social circles, and it’s ok if the dynamic of the friendships is completely different to those you had 5-10 years ago.

Staying healthy is hard. Whoa…where did that metabolism go that you had in high school? Oh wait, your hormones have sorted themselves out, and you now have to actually be cautious when eating/exercising etc. Now is the time where, naturally, your body seems to stop “growing” and sorts itself out with anything that used to help you stay in shape without actually “doing anything”. That being said, I never was lucky enough to experience this, thanks to being a Type 1 Diabetic and classified as “overweight” since primary school.

Since starting my professional working life, I’ve had some stark health scares and realisations: of course, sitting in an office chair for almost 8 hours a day, then going home to watch tv/play video games is not going to help you stay healthy. So, as anyone following my blog would know, I started a commitment to myself to be as healthy as I can be. Yes, I have Type 1 Diabetes, Coeliac Disease and Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticoruim (a rare skin condition where I get ulcers on my legs for no apparent reason), but these are NOT going to be excuses for me to mope and not make an effort. I’ve joined a gym that fits my lifestyle perfectly (I cannot recommend Curves highly enough for any woman!) and I’m also trying to eat a lot healthier, get my daily water intake and also work on my “mental health”.

Seeing the improvement in my blood sugar levels, as well as the positive changes in my body has been so rewarding. Yes, it’s hard work, and it’s not a “12 week transformation” where I’m getting instant results. But it is results that will be long-term and keep me on track for being a healthier person overall.

-Learning doesn’t stop once you finished university. Keep learning. Ok, so I *technically* haven’t finished university, as I’ve just started postgraduate studies by distance to further my qualifications. However, I’ve learned that it’s so important to keep your brain active. In the results of a personality test I undertook recently, I discovered that one of the things I value the most/am passionate about is a love of learning. It’s good to reflect and remember on how satisfying it was to *finally* understand theories from your university studies, or learning about an entirely new component of a culture that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise if you weren’t in an academic setting.

For those who aren’t pursuing further tertiary study, I highly recommend to keep trying to learn. If your university has an alumni system that allows you to have a library membership, go for it and keep trying to read journals in your areas of interest. There’s so many opportunities to learn online, such as learning to code, or generic brain training. It’s tempting to continue to switch your brain off from “extra-curricular” learning once you’ve gotten into a stable job that is relatively easy to do on a daily basis…but it’s so enriching to continue to have the drive and initiative to learn.

Keep your mind “happy”. This is on the same note as continuing to learn. Strive to fill your mind with enriching content; things that will keep it active outside of work. Don’t just settle for crappy TV because it allows you to “switch off”: keep a balance between watching some shows to unplug, and watching things that are interactive. For example, I will shamefully admit that I do like to watch the occasional episode of “Winners and Losers” or “Offspring”, however my husband and I also watch “QI” and “Spicks and Specks” every night. Allow yourself to read good, intellectually-stimulating books- don’t settle for “Fifty Shades of Grey” just because everyone in the office has read it and it’s the “next big thing”.

Also, if you’re a casual gamer like myself, ensure that you play thought-provoking or strategic computer games. As much as I think I’d get addicted to games like “Candy Crush” or similar, I love games with good stories or with a D&D setting to allow for a form of escapism. So, in summary: unplug, but don’t allow yourself to become brain-dead.

Don’t bring work home. This is a biggie. My husband and I have a “hug it out” policy when we get home, where we spend however long we need (some days it’s 5 minutes, other times it’s an hour) debriefing about work while having a cuddle. After this, we then aim to not bring up anything work-related for the rest of the evening. It’s not because we don’t care about hearing about what’s happening in each other’s lives, it’s that we like to clearly separate our working and home lives.

Unplug. I really struggle with this one, but it’s related to separating work/our public lives from home/private. For me, this would be not checking work emails out of the office…or first thing in the morning…or before bed…or on holidays. I’m a sucker for constantly checking emails, whether it be for work, personal or uni. Yet, these things have their allocated times when they are important, and shouldn’t need to be constantly on my radar (I mean, how important is it for me to check my emails before I go to bed?! Nothing can be actioned for it anyway until the next day!)

On the same note, I am pretty much constantly hooked into social medial; whether it is Facebook or Instagram. For me, I’m learning that I really need to stop checking these 30-60 min before bed, or even when I first wake up: it’s not needed, and can disrupt any chance of having a good night sleep! It would be even better to not even have my phone in the bedroom, but I don’t think I’m ready for such a commitment yet (I mean…my phone has my alarm on it, so…)

You’re still doing ok, and there’s no need to rush! Sadly, in our current economic situation in Australia, so many people I studied with in my undergraduate degrees have been unable to find employment since they graduated. Hearing how many have had to battle with Centrelink (and with the new government policies aiming to cut off payments for many of these people) is such a reality check as to how it is for most graduates under 30 in the degree areas I studied. I have realised that I am extremely lucky to have landed myself a job straight out of graduating, and in the fields I hope to specialise in…and I definitely need to keep remember this!

While I may not yet be at the exact level or role I aspire to be in to achieve my form of “career enlightenment” or equivalent, realising that I don’t have to rush to get there is important. Considering I’m permanently employed, have awesome super, and a current salary that ensures that we’re making ends meet (even if it’s only just) is something very rare and very lucky for anyone under 25.

And lastly,

-It’s ok to not know where you want to be, or what you want to do, or how you’re going to get there. I’ve been told by so many people recently that they didn’t have a complete idea of the direction they wanted to take until at least after their 30s. Also, that the prime of one’s career is normally around hitting the age of 50. Releasing that I’m absolutely not in the prime of my career, and that I don’t need to know everything for my career at this stage is key in staying sane in a world of uncertainty, economic crisis and job cuts galore (thanks to our government). Focusing on living “in the moment” is key, and valuing where I currently am at life is important. Spending too much time worrying about the future could mean I don’t appreciate my current achievements and celebrate present moments in life.

And there we have it! I haven’t written a decent blog entry/reflective piece in a while, so please excuse my dodgy writing skills. As always, thanks for reading 🙂

2014-Week 35!


Hi everyone! Looks like I’m going to have this post up right on time this week 🙂 Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week:

-Curves Complete is working so well for me! While the “numbers” are slowly happening, I’m starting to see some changes with my body. I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get a more defined waist (finally) and I’m finally starting to see a more toned stomach area. I’m struggled with this area of my body, thanks to almost 20 years of insulin injections making it very difficult to “tone up” that area. I also managed to smash my walking goals for this week, and keep my water intake up. I have a goal of reaching 100 workouts before our honeymoon (and I’m currently on 86, so should definitely reach this), which means I’m been consistently hitting the gym each week (except for when I had to take the time off for my work injury). I’m sticking to this, including over the weekend where I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday…yep, I’m crazy! I’m also considering getting myself a little reward when we’re back from our honeymoon to celebrate the 100 workouts…I’ve been considering maybe getting a brand new corset so I can do some waist training to help me fit better into vintage styled dresses and get a more defined “hourglass” waist, perhaps.

-My studies are getting back in control, and I’m feeling much more focused. I got my first official results back over the weekend, and I’m sitting on a distinction (and a good one at that!) This is such a relief for me, because I was quite worried that I wouldn’t be up for studying postgraduate-level subjects and getting reasonably good marks. So, thanks to these results, I’ve been able to get quite a bit of study done and have caught-up to the current week’s work. I have also been approved for some study leave, which I hope to use to complete my research project before my honeymoon, and then to study for my exams in October/November. I’ve started working on my research project, which will be focusing on the gendered readings/interpretations of the Japanese geisha by Western/Japanese audiences (of course, a topic which is a favourite of mine since when I was in high school!) This means I’ll get to re-read a lot of my favourite books and journals again. It feels so good to be studying again, especially when you get to see good results from it 🙂 It’s also a good motivator for me in my daily life, as I’m spending time on things I’m passionate about (Asian Studies).

-It’s now less than one month until our honeymoon! Over the weekend, we thought about our accessibility to technology whilst being overseas. I’ve decided that I’m probably going to use this time to “unplug” from social media and technology. This is because data on our phones will be ridiculously expensive, the internet on the cruise is expensive, and we’ll have limited access to free wi-fi. I may put up the occasional Instagram pic or Facebook update, but I’m not going to go out of my way to do so. Ray even wants me to not check my work emails…but I think I’ll struggle to give that up completely. But yeah…I think for my own health (I’m way too dependent on technology) and to make the most of the honeymoon, we’re not going to actively try and stay “connected” to the internet/social media/emails.

-When we return from our honeymoon, my husband and I are aiming to dedicate more time to being crafty. Of course, I have said for a while now that I want to get back into sewing. I am determined to make this a reality by the time we hit November. Considering I have a huge stash of materials and patterns, plus two projects which are “half-done”, I’ve got a good place to start. I think we just need to organise our space more so that taking the time to do projects doesn’t end up being “cleaning” time to find the materials we need. Considering we’re wanting to start saving for a home loan deposit once we return, we’ll need to keep being thrifty with our money, so making some of my own clothes will help me have items for my wardrobe which I (otherwise) may not afford. On the same trail of thought, I’m hoping to op-shop once a month, and aim to put up anything cool I find on here.

That’s really all the updates I have for this week (tis what happens when I do late blog posts for the previous week, oops!) Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping I have more exciting updates to mention on here in the not-too-distance future 🙂