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2014- Week 34


Ahhh I’m so sorry I’m late yet again in posting my weekly update! 🙁 The weeks seem to be getting away from me before I have a chance to sit down and write…but I’m hoping I’ll get back into the swing of things for next week and post first thing Monday morning (fingers crossed!)

So, here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week (and a bit)

-Curves Complete is still coming along slowly. I’ve managed to lose almost a kilo in a week, so my body seems to be adjusting to making exercise a habit. I’ve been struggling having my daily water intake, and as such have become quite dehydrated and gotten headaches over the past week…so it’s definitely evident how much drinking enough water can help! I also had food poisoning (yet again) last week, so I didn’t get to the gym for my usual 4 times a week, but considering my great results this week, I seem to be doing ok.

-My diabetes has, yet again, been all over the place. I’m having less hypos, but am still having unpredictable jumps in levels. I spent all of Monday (almost) at Diabetes Clinic, where my insulin pump levels have been adjusted, so I’m hoping to see some improvement over the next week. I also found out that I’m due for a new insulin pump (YAY upgrades!) which I totally didn’t realise (apparently I got this pump 4 years ago? I thought it was 2 years ago…) My new pump will have the ability to connect via Bluetooth with a blood tester made by the same company, so that when I do my blood tests, they will automatically be entered into the pump for me (which may sound pretty simple, but at the minute a lot of the time when wearing dresses etc to work, it’s hard for me to enter specific things into my pump other than doses of insulin for food, which is a manual but easy process). I am hoping I’ll get the new pump in time for our honeymoon!

-Speaking on honeymoon…it’s now less than a month until we leave for our cruise. I cannot wait and cannot emphasise how excited I am for this. I need a change of scenery, as I’m very mentally/emotionally exhausted with the current settings/scenario around us. We’re only just making ends meet whilst trying to take our best steps in starting our professional careers, I’ve had a crappy time with my health of recent, and future job opportunities for both of us are looking bleak. It’s so incredibly draining, and we haven’t even had a chance to properly celebrate being married with a decent honeymoon…so thank goodness it’s less than a month away! To have some time where I have to switch off, even switch off technology and not check work emails, will do wonders for me hopefully. I will probably try to post on here once a week while overseas, but it won’t be as detailed in content. Otherwise, I’ll be using Instagram/Facebook etc only when we have access to free Wi-Fi. I can’t wait to have a break.

-I want to start writing more interesting blog posts on here. I know that the weekly updates aren’t very fascinating to read about, or glamorous in content, but it is the project I set myself to keep “on track” with personal goals. However, to bring some variety to content on here, I’ve researched some popular blogs who have provided topic ideas for interesting blog posts. Hopefully over the next few weeks, I get to writing some of these and putting them up here 🙂

-After last week’s crisis with my working life, I’ve spent the past week focusing on figuring out what I’m passionate about, and how I can incorporate that into a career. My Business Coaching sessions have really been a huge help in figuring out my strengths, as well as things I enjoy doing. Initially, I was getting worried that I had a “tunnel visioned” focus on the career opportunities out there, and that I would miss out on opportunities that would be perfect for me in the future. I was able to do a personality quiz via the VIA Institute of Character (thanks to the recommendation of my Business Coach, where I discovered that the 7 strengths/things I value the most are Love, Honesty, Love of Learning, Perseverance, Gratitude, Judgement and Kindness. For the future (well, for now), I’m going to try and remember these key aspects in the direction I’d like to be taking career-wise, and try and remember these things which I *hope* are strengths of me, or at least things I value highly and hope to have on a daily basis in a working scenario.

-Currently, my awesome husband has applied for an amazing job, and we’re hoping it works out. It will give us the stability we need for the future to make our dream of owning a house a “closer” reality, and would just ease a lot of stress. The current situation with teaching job opportunities is pretty dire in the Secondary English Teaching area…but all we can do is stay optimistic for now.

And that’s really it for the past week. Sorry it’s bland and not overly positive…I’m waiting for some good changes to happen over the next few weeks, hopefully! Thanks for reading 🙂


2014- Week 33


Hi there! Apologies for the late post-I’ve been out sick with food poisoning and terrible migraines. My eyes have been playing up quite a bit this week, so I’ve had to limit my computer usage outside of working hours. So, I haven’t been able to write my blog post until now 🙁

Well, I’ve had a whirlwind of a week (the above quote sums it up perfectly), so here’s my update on the week-in-passing. I have to admit, there’s nothing exciting to write about in particular, as most of the things which did happen were pretty negative. So, apologies if this post is a bit bland, but I did make a promise to myself that every week, I’d write an honest post on here. No matter how boring, melodramatic or negative it was, I would write a post here every week to “touch base” with how I’m keeping at my goals for the year. So, I’m thankful that I’m writing every week, no matter what the content is.

-Curves Complete is slowly going along. I hit a bump in the road a few weeks back, where the amount of steps I was doing each day significantly dropped. However, I’m getting back up to a better average of steps per day. Having the Botanical Gardens so close to the office definitely helps! I haven’t seen much change in the weight loss numbers (a couple of hundred grams recently), but I’m still seeing “shrinkage” and great diabetes blood glucose levels. So, I’m pretty happy with how it’s going, given it’s winter!

-My postgraduate study is going reasonably well, but I’m procrastinating so much. I had my first official assignment due in over the weekend, and I should have started it a lot sooner than I did. This is because I ended up being 300 words over the limit, with not enough time to cut down the content any further. I also have to catch up on my readings big time, and also my weekly submissions (and this weekend is dedicated to doing this!) I also used TurnItIn for the first time ever, which assured me that I’m referencing correctly (thank goodness, haha). Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting the results of this assignment to see that, hopefully, I’m on the right track and can believe in my study capabilities.

-I really, really need to start giving myself time to do productive hobbies and projects. I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, and am finding that I need to start taking breaks otherwise I will burn out. So, I’m hoping that over the weekend I can have a good think about what projects I want to work on, and give myself some goals. Hopefully I’ll start doing some sewing again…

-Over the past week, I’ve seen many friends going through some particularly tough times. It really saddens me seeing how much pain and suffering some people have to go through based on things which are out of their control. It’s a solid reminder that I should be more grateful and have a lot I can be thankful for. I hope things get better for them soon.

-I’ve realised (yet again) that I’m a rather socially awkward person (well, I’ve known I am for a long time, but it was just emphasised this week). I have had bouts of feeling incredibly shy and nervous recently when socialising, especially when being in social situations with people who have higher authority. I don’t know exactly why it is, maybe it’s because I feel that my contributions to conversation wouldn’t be important, or I wouldn’t know the best things to say. In summary, I get scared. Plus, I’ve started to get panicky when going to places with large crowds. For example, I went to one of the larger shopping centres locally, and the busy state of Thursday night shopping just freaked me out: there were too many people around. I really don’t know what it is: at work it is my job to communicate with others and be a “bubbly” person to students and staff, yet I just freeze up in normal social situations. I’m definitely becoming more and more introverted….

-I’m still quite concerned about what prospects I have for my future career-wise. We saw a local production of “Avenue Q” over the weekend, and a big part of the show is the main character trying to figure out his “purpose”. To be honest, I’m not sure what my “purpose” is regarding a career. There’s parts of my life where I can clearly see my purpose, such as in my home/family life, but I am so stumped as to where I’m meant to be going, or what I’m meant to be doing in my working life. It’s so hard trying to pinpoint what it is: what am I good at doing, yet also passionate about doing at the same time? Being in a country where our economy and employment opportunities are both decreasing, I don’t have the opportunity to investigate what’s out there. I’m just hoping I can get some clear guidance soon and figure out what work I’ve been put on this earth to do.

-On the same note as above, I’m also trying to figure out exactly what else I can write about on here on a weekly basis. Still a bit stumped as to what areas I could report on in an entertaining fashion…but it’s on my radar anyway.

So, that’s it for the past week. I know, a pretty boring post…sorry. Thanks for reading!


2014- Week 32!


Time for another update!

-As you can see, I have a new domain url (! I thought it was about time that I updated this, as the old name of the website wasn’t as relevant (it was modelled from my maiden name), and I also wanted a more unique, anonymous website link. So, I followed the name I came up with for my Instagram account. So, why Mrs Ginger Fox, you ask? There’s several reasons (which I listed on Instagram):

1. One reason is my hair colour, of course! Not only am I of auburn/ginger colouring, but it’s a pretty similar colouring to a fox.

2. The main reason is that I’ve always loved foxes, including my first “teddy bear” in this photo, named Foxy. Foxy went everywhere with me as a kid: he even got diagnosed with diabetes when I did and got treated in hospital with me. So from my childhood teddy to now, foxes are an animal I really like.

3. Mrs is because I’m married now, of course (and loving it). Yay!

4. I wanted a more random username than my own name.

So…yeah! There’s a bit of a change ahead, and I’m looking to also update the “look” of this website too. I’m (yet again) also contemplating whether I should do some “different” posts on here about different topics, but I’m stumped (as always) on what else I’d write about/include on here…..any ideas? 🙂 My writing abilities have significantly diminished since I was studying my journalism degree, so I’m in need of some practice.

-Curves Complete is still going strong for me. However, I will admit that the week in passing was a bit of a write-off thanks to me having some rather epic stress breakdowns. I am, however, continuing to lose small amounts of weight, body fat and centimetres! The main thing I’ve noticed this week is that I seem to have (almost) dropped a dress size: many of my clothes are getting quite looser, and some of my old clothes are starting to fit me again! This week has been really tough though, as I’m still having quite a few hypos. However, I’m really enjoying going to Curves: I love that it’s now a habit for me.

-As I said above, I had a pretty shocking week. A situation happened at work which has completely gutted me. Yet again, I have to be vague about what I write on here…but in summary, I’m getting worried again about my future and career opportunities after what has happened. It feels like we’re losing (again) opportunities to be heard, looked after and given chances to progress. So, it’s a scary time for me, filled with uncertainty about what’s going to happen next. I may need to really have a serious think about where I want to be heading with my career over the next few weeks, depending on what happens. I’m trying to view changes as an opportunity, but it’s hard with the track record I’ve seen so far…

-Study seems to be going well in that I’m not as far behind as I thought. That being said, I really need to stop comparing myself to other students studying distance: firstly because most are studying full-time and not working, and secondly because most of these students already have postgraduate studies behind them, whether it be other Master degrees or more. I am behind again, as I didn’t do as much study on the weekend as I expected (I desperately needed some relax time after the past week). However, I do have my first assignment: a concept review and essay, due in next Sunday. Luckily, I have my topics in mind and readings already prepared, so it shouldn’t take too long to do. Plus, it’s only an 800 word essay (which, in my opinion, isn’t really an essay at all!) So far, I’ve been getting better results than I expected, however these are on weekly tasks worth a minimal amount. Therefore, this essay will show me how I’m really going with the subject.

-I have to apologise to everyone which I haven’t had a chance to catch up with recently (or who I was organising to catch up with). Unfortunately, we’ve hit a “bump in the road” with finances to pay off our honeymoon in time, so we’re struggling to be able to do many “social outings” as we can’t afford it. So we’ve had to “postpone” (in a sense) expressing interest in hanging out, or doing events with people outside of the house because of this. So, sorry to anyone who hasn’t heard from me in a while! Rest assured, I do want to catch up with you (if we’ve discussed it already) however it may not be until we’re back from our honeymoon. 🙁

-Over the weekend, I re-started my game of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (having a Wii U, it’s easier if we just re-start our games). Luckily I did, because I had a bout of enthusiasm and am now further in the game than I have ever been! I LOVE the concept of Skyward Sword being the introductory game of the Legend of Zelda canon: it establishes everything previous to the Zelda storylines, and it’s such an aesthetically beautiful game. I love how characters are introduced and shown to be connected to other games (Hyrule Historia explains this SO well). So, I’m really hoping I can play some Zelda on a weekly basis.

-Lastly, I’m really wishing I could balance my life better. There’s so many things I want to be doing: working, studying, exercising, sewing, gaming, socialising…but I just haven’t managed to figure out how to fit everything in. I seem to be running out of time each day to put a bit of everything in, and then the days I have where I can “block out” time ends up being a total shambles, or I end up needing a day to just relax and not do much. I really want to work on all the above, including starting to revise my Japanese language skills and sew my own clothing on a regular basis. It really sucks I’m no expert at time management.

That’s about it for this week! Here’s hoping I can really figure out the direction I want this website to take, and get some ideas on other types of posts to include and work on. As always, thanks for reading 🙂



2014- Week 31!


Hi everyone! Time for another updates 🙂

-So, the domain for this blog is due to be renewed in a couple of weeks, and I’ve decided I’m going to change my domain to something more similar to my Instagram alias (considering my last name has now changed, the old website URL isn’t as relevant). Plus, I’m after a change anyway! So, over the next few weeks you’ll probably see some changes in the blog. I’m hoping it will inspire me to do more with this site, rather than just doing an update each week. Hopefully I’ll have some more “fun” posts on here, and actually have interesting posts, haha.

-Curves Complete is going well. It seems I am in a stage of gaining muscle, and not losing much weight. However, I am seeing progress through this in my measurements shrinking, and clothes getting looser! I noticed this week that my normal work pants are getting too loose for me, while my “old” work pants are almost ready for me to wear again (they’re a tiny bit too tight, but in a few weeks I should be ready). These are a size down from my current work pants, funnily enough! Curves also introduced new machinery this week, and I’m definitely feeling the difference the new machines make (as they have been upgraded and adjusted/remade to “work” areas of the body better). Two of the machines on the old circuit no longer exist due to the other machines being updated in a way that “works” the areas these machines used to be used for. Seeing all of the positive benefits of going to the gym has really motivated me: while I’m making slow, but gradual progress on the visual/numbers side of things, my diabetes has been fantastic and my mindset has been an optimistic one. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come in 6 months of being on Curves Complete (well, more like 4 and a half, as I had to take time off for my foot injury).

-Over the weekend, I managed to catch up on my study, and I’m definitely not as “behind” as I thought I was, in comparison to other distance students who are still submitting their Week 1 contributions (it’s Week 3 now). In fact, I actually made some good contributions to the online discussion board, which I was quite nervous about initially. What happened was that others commenced on my ideas being “great”, and these were the students I thought were very intelligent. So, I guess I’m going ok after all! I did spend most of the weekend catching up on the unit, where I also decided on the topics for my two main essays and caught up on the visual texts. However, I’m realising that the videos make the subject a lot more “real” and interesting! I’m feeling much more focused, and am starting on our first essay (due in 2 weeks) this week. Also, I originally thought that I could not complete enough distance units to receive a qualification for this course (before transferring to a Master of International Relations), however I’ve discovered that I could easily do enough subjects to gain either a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma before transferring, which is pretty awesome!

-Over the weekend, I also had a moment of clarity with my husband, where we realised that (if needed in the future), we could go on a big adventure, should the opportunity arise where we have to take a huge leap out of our comfort zone and relocate somewhere. I have to be vague about this one, because it’s only a realisation we’ve had that would only happen if we lost opportunities we currently have/any potential opportunities dried up for us and we had to think about looking elsewhere. Anyway, it was a great moment of realisation where we discovered that we could put our minds to it and make that “leap” if we needed to. Let’s see how the current economy and career opportunities treat us over the next year or two…

-We also discovered the greatness of doing grocery shopping online last week. We have a very strict budget to stick to in order to have enough funds for our honeymoon at the end of next month. So, we decided to give online grocery shopping a go, and it was a fantastic move. Firstly, it’s much less time-consuming; you’re also able to shop in pyjamas, or at any time you need to. We were able to stick to budget easier (without seeing temptations of chocolate bars and specials in store) and could see costs calculated as we selected items. Plus, you can also sort items by “price”, so we made sure we were getting the cheapest options for some products. When the groceries were delivered, we received all items, and all were in great condition. So, we’d definitely recommend it to other people, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget!

So, that’s all the updates I have for the past week. I know…yet again nothing too exciting is happening, but what matters is that I’m still making time to write an update each week regardless. So, I’m pretty happy about sticking to things and making them a habit 🙂 Thanks for reading!