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2014-Week 21!


Hi everyone! Sorry (yet again) for the late blog post: work has been ridiculously crazy busy. I normally come in 45min early so I can write my blog, however instead I have been getting started at work early to try and finish all the tasks we have at the moment! So, hopefully I can catch up on the week-in-passing’s blog update now 🙂

-I’m back into the Curves program, and while I’m seeing the results already with my blood sugar results becoming more stable, I’m struggling to get back into the food plan. I also only managed to go to the gym 2/4 times last week due to being sick, and I just wasn’t eating correctly either. I was getting back into soft drink, heavy carbs and just crappy food. So, I’m starting to make my own meals again to try and stick to the Curves Complete meal plan, starting with a big batch of Quinoa Tabouleh. I added some corn into the mix, and it’s very tasty (I forgot how awesome Quinoa is!) Also, my diabetes starting getting a little bit out of control post-wedding (mainly due to not being able to exercise as much due to my foot injury), however now I’m able to walk at least 7000 steps a day and am back into the gym, my levels are looking much better!

-On the note of food, while I was cleaning up the house, I found a whole heap of Japanese cookbooks I bought when I was over in Japan. This includes the “Just Bento” ( cookbook. It made me realise how much I really wanted to start making bentos for lunch a few years back…but then moving house/life got in the way. As a coeliac, it’s hard to eat my favourite Japanese foods (note: Japanese curry, tonkatsu, gyoza etc) because unless you can make them yourself, you’ll never get to have these things filled with gluten-goodness. However, with my bento cookbook, and my Gluten Free Asian Cookbook (complete with gluten-free gyoza recipes!), I am ready to start making some bentos for myself and Ray. We’re probably not going to start this for a few weeks (we’re pretty poor atm due to our honeymoon payment being due in a week), but once I do, I’ll put photos up on here 🙂

-Again, on the note of food: I’ve started researching things for our honeymoon, and realised that the last time I went to Japan, I wasn’t a coeliac. All these amazing meals I had in Japan appeared in my brain, and I realised how many of these would contain gluten. Combined with the amount of soy sauce in everything (and discovering most Japanese MSGs contain gluten aswell), I started to panic. What if I couldn’t eat ANYTHING on our honeymoon (other than food on the cruise boat)? I started researching and found several websites to help out:

So basically, based on the above, I think my approach will be to learn the kanji for various types of gluten, make up some really good info cards in Japanese to give restaurant staff…and after that, if I can’t find gluten-free, find some options in a combini/supermarket. In all honesty, this will probably only affect lunches for us, but it’s something really good to know. Some people I spoke to (including dieticians) were all “oh it’s Asia, you can have rice and be ok etc etc”, but it’s definitely a bit more difficult than that. I guess I can just eat plain rice in the worst case scenario, haha.

-I’ve also started watching Mad Men again from the beginning. While I really hate the storyline (everyone having affairs/divorce/females being treated like crap), it is accurate with the era. The real main reason I watch the show is for the fashion/culture/art, and specifically to get some inspiration for future sewing projects and hair styles. Even in the first season, it’s pretty interesting to see the change in fashion from the early episodes to the finale. Anyway, it’s my little indulgence at the moment 🙂

-Over the past week, I’ve had so many opportunities to play Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs. Ray and I have set up our weekly Wednesday night games based on a type of DC Universe RP. I’m playing some sort of teenage-mutant-ninja fox thing with telekinesis and stealth. We’ve got a big variety of gamers in this group, so it’s giving me experience in gaming with different people, and seeing different styles of gaming. We’ve also started up a Doctor Who RP with some other friends, which has been incredible! I’m playing a Cyborg Time Agent who was originally a programmed killing machine, mind-controlled by the Master and slayed many civilisations. In the Doctor Who game, our characters are so varied, yet the party works so well together (on another note: playing Doctor Who RP with new-Who soundtracks in the background is AMAZING). And, of course, our normal D&D session based on Ray’s world he created will continue onwards. All of the above has made me very eager to game, and also more confident as a gamer too. 🙂

-I’m also still considering what study I’d like to go, in regards to where I want to be career-wise. I’ve received an offer for one of the courses I’d like to do (a Diploma in Modern Languages, for Mandarin), but I’d like to do this concurrently with a Masters degree, hopefully. I’m awaiting news on the offers for some Masters programs I applied for…so I’ve got to keep waiting until June probably. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want to be doing in a few years…the problem is, Ray and I both want to have secure, permanent work before we purchase a home (yep, we’re going to start saving for a deposit post-honeymoon!). The problem is that I don’t really want to pursue anything in too much depth until we both have secured permanent work. Sometimes though, I do wonder if what I’m doing is what I’m “meant to be doing”, and will lead me in the right direction for careers. I wonder if I’m capable of doing more (insert key flashback to high-school, where people had big hopes for me…I really feel like I’ve failed them). But, in this day and age, it’s hard for people of my age to even obtain work, yet alone permanent work coming straight out of uni. So, I really should feel more grateful for being where I am. Anyway, in summary, I’ve just got a lot on my mind about trying to figure out my 5-year-career plan.

That’s about all I can write with the limited time I have 🙁 Thanks for reading!


2014- Week 20!


Sorry for the late post! I started writing it on Monday, but word and tiredness got it the way, so it’s become a bit delayed. I’ve had a constant headache for about 24 hours now: so apologies in advance if this entry is a bit all over the place.

-I swear I must be 24-going-on-50. Or 80, perhaps. I’m realising more and more that most of my habits and hobbies are of a mature nature compared to my age bracket. You see, I was up until 1am on the weekend, and I feel absolutely dead; I’ve learned fast that I cannot function on less than 7 hours sleep, and have to be in bed by 10:30pm at the latest on a weekday. Also, I really cannot tolerate much alcohol at all besides a Baileys and milk; finding that ever since I got my health in control with diabetes blood sugar levels and exercise, two glasses of champagne makes me feel absolutely horrid the next day. I also cannot stand going out to anything remotely like a “clubbing” venue, preferring a place with low-level-volumed music to hear conversation and wanting adequate seating and personal space. Actually, to be honest, I’d prefer staying home with a nice home-cooked meal and entertaining under our own roof. I won’t get started on my cardigan and crazy brooches collections, but I’m basically rivalling nannas for the amounts of these in my wardrobe. I’ve always thought I was an “old soul”, however of recent, it’s become more and more apparent that I may be a granny in a young woman’s body. Haha.

-On the note of sleep, can I just say how frustrating lack-of-sleep is? It really plays on your mind and emotions, and makes you think things are worse than they actually are. It feels like the hours of sleep I didn’t get were traded in to suck confidence out of me for the rest of the week. I struggle so much when I haven’t had at least 7 hours of sleep.

-Married life is going awesome-ly. We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two of our friends over the weekend, and it was great to celebrate the start of their married life too 🙂

-I’ve been back at the gym for a full week now. Am still needing to take it easy because my foot injury is healing (so I have only half the amount of walking to do, and taking it easy on a few leg-based gym machines). It’s only been a week and I’ve lost half a kilo, which is pretty good considering the little amount of things I’ve been able to do! I’m making progress, even if it’s slow, towards being a healthier person! I am struggling at getting back into the meal plan, but once I’ve done an updated food shop (and probably start cooking my meals separately every now and then), I should be back on track.

-I have so many things to be thankful for at the moment in my everyday life and routine. I take a walk on lunch breaks with my “happy music” on full blast (atm Pharell Williams’ “Happy”, and…wait for it….Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky” are epic walking songs to me that just make me want to break out in dance…but I can’t dance, haha) and it makes me realise how lucky I am to work at such a beautiful campus, with such wonderful walking paths and nature to spend lunch with. I’m also extremely lucky to be able to have such a long lunch break, where I can relax and unplug from technology and the office. I’m thankful that I have resources to stick to becoming healthier, such as the opportunity to take walks on lunch breaks, the botanical gardens across the road from work and lots of encouragement from those around me. I’m thankful that, while we are just making ends meet, Ray and I have our own place and are living comfortably in our means (while having the chance to go on an epic honeymoon in a few months, and then start saving for a place of our own); the reason I say this is because there are so many people who wouldn’t have the luxury of being able to do so. I think I can take things like this for granted, so I’m hoping I can spend some time each day acknowledging the good things in life that are available to me, and being thankful for it.

That’s really about it for the week in passing! I’ve got a LOT of D&D games happening in this current week, so I’m sure I’ll have lots of updates for next week. Thanks for reading!


2014- Week 19!


Time for another update!

-Today, I’m starting back on the Curves Complete program, and returning back to the gym. This is a massive step after being away from the gym from the 24th of March due to my WorkCover injury. I’m a little nervous as I’ve really been slack in choosing healthy food, my diabetes levels have gotten a little out of control again, and I started drinking a lot of soft drink again. I’m not sure if I’ve put weight on, or just maintained my weight since my break from the gym. I’m hoping I can get back into things quickly, as it’s a massive benefit for me and my health.

-This week was incredible, thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest. For myself, and several of my friends, this is just as exciting as Christmas. WE EVEN GOT ON TV!!!!! This year seemed to have a massive increase in the quality of acts, and it really was a close call between the acts. Of course, there was a lot of politics and political-based voting (when isn’t there?), but there was a bit of variety with the acts this year; from a couple of quirky acts, to several James-Bondesque ballads, to songs with a message/political meaning. My favourites included:

-Iceland with “No Prejudice”. A mix of two songs from the ‘90s, “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Two Princes” sung by adult hipster Wiggles:

-Belarus with “Cheesecake”. Belarus’ Rob Thicke, minus scantily-clad females (he got a boyband instead???) This song is a fav for the comedic value (and product placement of Google Maps):

-Austria with “Rise Like a Phoenix”. This song is definitely crying out to be in a James Bond movie. I know there’s a lot of politics about this song and the artist, but regardless, the artist is an INCREDIBLE singer. Probably one of the many acts with epic vocal talent (and she seemed pretty genuine and grateful for the support she received too):

-France with “Moustache”. WHY OH WHY did France only get two points!?!? This is one of the best songs France has given us for years! I loved the quirkiness, comedic value and how catchy this was. Shame on Europe for not giving these guys more credit…I mean, come on…it’s about Moustaches!

Anyway, these are my favourites. I can’t wait to see what next year brings us! But for now, I’ll be getting myself a copy of the official 2014 Eurovision album and playing it on repeat (maybe skipping San Marino and Russia’s entries though). Fingers crossed Moldova starts bringing back their quirky acts AKA 2010 and 2011!

-This week ,I’ve realised I’m slowly discovering that there’s people in the office who have a lot more in common with me than I thought they would. This has been really awesome, as I thought I’d have to tone down on my quirky-ness and nerdy-ness and connect with people in these environments. But, I’m finding that since the wedding, I’m discovering more and more people around me actually share the same nerdy passions I do! I’m so excited about the friendships which are developing, and having more people to share the things I’m passionate about with 🙂

-So, I’ve been married for two weeks now! 🙂 Married life is awesome: our relationship feels pretty much the same, but with a little more excitement as we start our “official adventure” together. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks until we get out official marriage certificate (so I can change my name over), as well as our official photos….this is good, as it will give me some extra excitement and ability to relive the day. We’re starting to work on sending out our Thank-You cards to everyone who attended/helped out etc, which will take some time to sort out. We’ve also got the wedding of some friends next weekend, and it’s going to be great celebrating their marriage (while, at the same time, knowing what they’ll be going through on the day). 🙂

-I’ve been having some thoughts this week on doing some further studies in the fields I’m passionate about, hopefully to enhance my abilities and assist in my 5 year career plan. I’m still figuring out exactly what I’d be interested in pursuing for a degree, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind for the next few weeks to figure out. I’m hoping to start developing a career plan over the next week or two, so from this I’m aiming to be able to make a decision on where I want to be going (and the degree/s to match it).

-In summary, my husband and I have been incredible busy since the wedding; we actually haven’t had a free weekend, so we’re pretty exhausted. Lots more has happened than what I post here, but I thought I’d just mention key points (particularly Eurovision). I’m hoping to do some more detailed writing over the next few weeks, once things (hopefully) settle down. I’m so eager for a good D&D game, working on my Oblivion and Skyrim games and doing some writing!

And that’s about it for this week 🙂 Thanks for reading!


2014-Week 18!


Hi everyone! Well, I’ve had a crazy few weeks since the wedding, so I do owe you all a pretty decent update! Here’s what’s been happening since the wedding:

-The wedding itself: WOW! Our wedding was absolutely perfect for us and easily one of the best days of my life. In hindsight, everything that happened on the day and how it ran was the best it could be for us. Everyone commented on how “fun” a wedding it was, and the wedding was quirky (like us), yet unique and pretty at the same time. I think I’ll have to do an entire wedding-themed post one day (once I get our entire professional photos!), but for now, here’s some things I learned from the wedding itself:

1. Regardless of how we thought the day would run (including a schedule we had in mind), the day “ran itself” in a way. We realised early on that timing of things was out of our hands and our control, and those around us were ensuring that it would all fall into place. So, I had to really let go of my controlling nature, and just relax and enjoy the day. This worked out for the better as the day ended up being a lot more relaxed than I imagined, and I really got to just have fun on my own wedding day!

2. We know some amazing people, who we are lucky to call family and friends. I keep saying time and time again, the wedding could not have happened without the support we’ve received from everyone. Some people have really gone above and beyond with helping out for the wedding, and we know we can rely on these people being around for life. So many parts of our wedding happened because someone made it happen/created it/designed it etc. and this made the day so incredibly special and personal to us.

3. No matter what Pinterest or any internet site tells you a wedding should be like, your wedding will happen and it will be perfect for you. I am so relieved that I stopped using Pinterest to gain ideas for the wedding months ago, as I swear that I would have burned out. In the end, the “touches” we added to our wedding really made it “ours”, regardless of if something had done it before on the internet. Our light sabers, photo booth, board game table and Lego pieces that we included just made the day more unique to us. No website or wedding magazine can take that away from us.

4. The wedding itself isn’t the huge thing: it’s the marriage. Once the ceremony was over, we quickly realised we were just attending a big party (with those we love) to celebrate our love and commitment to each other. It was an amazing day, but it’s not the end of our amazing adventure. Those who attended the wedding can view it as us saying “hey, you’re pretty cool and we’d like you to be a part of our lives as we start our married adventure. Come and celebrate with us and share the fun, and in the future we’d love to hang out with you”. Seeing how many people are so happy and supportive of us is such a huge blessing. We’re starting on this massive adventure together, but it means the world that we have this massive army/following of people to support us. It’s so incredibly exciting! (on a side note: for anyone who wasn’t invited to the wedding, we’re sorry-we were limited with funds, so ended up having a smaller wedding and couldn’t invite everyone…BUT it doesn’t mean we don’t want to hang out with you etc. If anything, we’re looking forward to sharing married life with you and hanging out more after the wedding!).

And yeah, that’s all I’ll say about the wedding for now. Once the professional photos are in our hot little hands, I’ll do a wedding-specific post! But yeah, I’m so freaking happy! 🙂

-Now I’m a married woman (with a new last name in the works…gotta love government paperwork and policy making things difficult!), I’m going to be setting myself some extra life goals. I’ll probably talk more about these in the coming weeks.

-Once we returned from our mini-moon (we only went away for a couple of days to rest and recuperate, as our actual honeymoon isn’t until September), we went straight back into our working lives. But, I’ve had a realisation since returning to work, especially in my happy-married state. I’m realising that my life and identity is not defined by my work or career, or that I don’t have to be defined by it. Now I’m married, I have this new aspect to my identity which relates to being a wife/family unit and all the adventures it encompasses. I have a purpose in having a fun, adventure-filled life with my husband where we keep up our awesome hobbies and continue to bring happiness to each other’s lives. I think for a while, I was getting a bit too overwhelmed with making my career a priority…while it is still very important, it’s not the only important thing, nor the be-all-and-end-all to how I define myself and my value/importance in life. Yes, I do want to figure out my career with a five year plan, but there is definitely more to me than just “working”. I’m glad I’ve realised this 🙂

-I’ve started working on my “clothes and confidence” campaign too. I’ve been aiming to wear at least a splash of colour in my outfits over the past week, and I even went without makeup for the majority of our mini-moon (something unheard of for me, as I do have bad acne scarring). I’ve been trying to add a bit of my quirkiness to my outfits through some of my brooches by Erstwilder (seriously, check them out here: Now I’m married, we are still poor (gotta pay for our honeymoon still, haha), so I’m probably going to start going back to op-shopping on a regular basis. I’m pretty excited about this, and hope to share my findings with you 🙂

-I’m also getting back into writing stories. As a child, I was blessed with amazing primary school and high school teachers who encouraged me to write regularly. I remember writing huge fantasy fiction stories in primary school, with heavily developed characters and detailed plots. I even did a project in year 7 where I worked with a local author in starting to write my own novel (which I believe I still have the materials for). However, when I became a senior high school student, I thought that the only writing I’d need to do for my “dream job” (which at the time was a foreign correspondent) was journalistic writing….so I stopped writing anything that was creative. Years passed, where I only wrote my fact-filled articles and essays. However, since playing Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve realised I really do miss writing fantasy fiction. So, with the encouragement of my amazing husband (who is a very talented writer), I’m going to start writing again. I have a big plan to use my main Dungeons and Dragons character and set up a story in the D&D world Ray has created. So far, it’s just a whole heap of ideas which is several pages long…but I’ve got plans 🙂

-Also, since returning from the mini-moon, I’ve received full clearance for my ankle (pending a last physio appointment to give me full clearance to return to the gym). I’ve returned to my full-time hours and duties for work, and I’ll be starting back at the gym at the end of this week. I’m so relieved I was able to recover in time for the wedding, and throughout the healing process I learned how important it is to allocate time to relax and take it easy. Hopefully I’ll remember this in the future!

And that’s about all I’ve got to write about for the week/weeks in passing. Thanks for reading, as always! 🙂