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2014-Week 12!

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Well, sorry for the delayed post, yet again! This time though, it’s because I had a bit of a blunder on Monday. Will explain below:

-When I was leaving work on Monday, I managed to slip on the pathway in the building, and completely stacked it. Right in front of a whole heap of students…but thank goodness I wore pants that day or I would have flashed everyone in the process (haha). I just completely lost my balance on the tiles, which must have become quite slippery from the rain, and in the process of stacking it, bashed my knee on the tiles, and twisted/bashed my left foot in the process. Realising I was in too much pain to walk (and after several students running over to ask if I was ok…and realising I wasn’t), I managed to get back into the office and grab our first aid officer. The first aid officer, as well as the other staff and my amazing colleagues were so supportive. I felt (and still feel) totally embarrassed as I was a blubbering mess…but I’m so incredibly thankful they were all there to help. I had to call Ray to come and pick me up, as there was no way I could drive home, let alone walk to my car. After being picked up and taken to the doctors, I’ve been told I have a very badly sprained foot, with some injury to my left leg. The doctor has advised that I have to take at least the rest of the week off, with complete bed rest. This means no work (other than some things I can do from home via computer), or no gym for me for the rest of the week….which is really disappointing for me. I feel terrible, because I’ll be letting down my colleagues, my gym coaches, and myself. But….I guess I have no choice and have to rest up. It could even be a blessing in disguise, as I’ve been stressing out so much recently…now I have no choice but to relax. As I’m restricted to bed rest, I’m planning to do lots of reading, gaming and catching up on some quality tv shows and movies. But I really do feel ashamed, as I feel like the most accident-prone person on the planet…after trying so hard to keep myself healthy and not getting sick, I now have unintentionally caused myself to have time off…it just doesn’t seem fair. 🙁

-I feel that I’ve really made a good effort with the Curves Complete program over the past week. I’ve kicked drinking any soft drink, and have been having soda water instead which has really helped. I’ve also been losing lots of centimetres still, regardless of how slow the right is coming off. I don’t have many updates in this area as I missed my weigh-in for this week due to my injury.

-Wedding…well, there’s almost a month to go. But you know what? I’m feeling much more confident about the wedding, as everything seems to be just falling into place. Over the weekend, we sorted the cake, and dress is in the stages of being finished. We’ve just got final payments to make, hens/bucks parties to attend, final crafts to be made and a couple of planning steps left. Also, the amount of help we’re receiving is mind-blowing, and we’re so thankful for it. On the same line, I’ve been getting so incredibly stressed about trying to keep everyone happy in the wedding planning process. I’ve needed to be reminded several times (and by several people) that it’s impossible to keep everyone happy…they keep saying that ultimately, it’s Ray and my wedding day, so we should do what we really want. Yet, I want everyone involved to be happy with the decisions made etc so I’m really struggling with this over the past week or so.

-I’ve really wanted to resume playing/start another computer RPG game of recent. I was tossing up between the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, the Witcher, or Icewind Dale. As of today, I’ve started playing Oblivion (which, I will shamefully admit, I’ve never played). It’s….ok. Yes, the story is pretty epic (for its time), but I’m still a bit “meh” about the quality of the game and graphics. That being said, I’ve just come from playing WoW and Dragon Age of recent, so I may be a little too harsh a critic of it. I’m going to keep playing for a while and come back when I’ve had a bit more experience with it.

-With the wedding and all, I’ve really had a reality check on budgeting efficiently. I think of this as a huge blessing in disguise, as I think being thrifty is a very good character trait and a huge strength. I also think it’s a very beneficial thing to develop, because I’d rather learn from struggles and being money-savvy than have things easily financially obtainable (or not needing to save). Once our wedding and honeymoon is over, we have some huge financial saving goals, so it’s important that we try to stick to the budgeting systems we currently have from the wedding so we can save as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s a real character builder-I feel we’ve learned so much about each other and grown so much as a couple from this too! 🙂

-Hopefully with this time off, I’ll be able to catch up on some reading 🙂  I’ve started reading the first of the Legend of Drizzt series, which has been great so far! But, I’m only 50 pages in, so don’t have much to comment on yet (other than it being an easy read so far). I’ve also managed to grab a copy of a book I purchased ages ago when I was really into the Mad Men TV series (I was into the show for the era/culture/fashion presented, not the morals and storyline, to be honest). The book is called Mad Women-the Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the 1960s and Beyond. It’s the perspective of a woman who grew up in the industry…and I think it will be an awesome read!

And that’s about it for the week in passing! I doubt next week’s post will have much, considering I’m spending this week in bed resting up my foot. However, I’ll hopefully have something thoughtful and insightful to write instead reviewing all the books I’ve read and games I’ve played. To everyone who has helped me out so far this week…thank you so much! I’m so grateful for those who have gone out of their way for me over the past few days. Anyway, see you all next week! 🙂


2014-Week 11!


Here’s this week’s update:

-I had a bit of a rough start to the week with my Curves program. I was getting so badly stressed by work and the wedding that I started to stress-eat for the first few days of last week. I was drinking excessive amounts of soft drink (well, excessive according to my meal plan), and my snacking went out of control. Luckily, I was honest enough to admit it to my coach at the gym, who then recommended soda water to me. She said that she thought it may be the “bubbles” that get to me with craving soft drink when I’m stressed. So, I started drinking soda water and found that it was helping me full and conquering those cravings. Looks like I’ll be having soda water instead when I’m feeling like a soft drink! I’m also finding my clothes are fitting me a lot better, and that I can noticeably see my stomach is shrinking! I think I won’t lose much weight this week (as I had alcohol on the weekend, which always makes me put on some weight), but I’ve lost almost 20cm in total and almost 6 kilos. Yes, I realise I won’t lose a huge amount of weight before the wedding, but I’m going to be feeling so healthy and confident 🙂

-As per above, I was really struggling with stress last week. I just became overwhelmed with the amount of work needing to be done, and wasn’t feeling very supported. It seemed like it would be impossible to get everything completed in time. However, towards the end of the week (even just Friday), I sort-of snapped out of it and realised that as long as you do the best you can (even if it’s not completing everything), that’s the best you can offer. So, I just tried to keep my head down and try and focus. Yes, I still did get stressed, but I didn’t have too many stress-outs or huge panic attacks…thank goodness. I’m hoping I can keep this up over the next week, though it’s hard when you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it or get support. Here’s hoping I have strength and patience for the next few weeks until the wedding.

-I have to apologise that I haven’t had any sewing updates of recent. In trying to organise the wedding and complete crafts for it, I haven’t had the time to work on my sewing projects. However, as soon as the wedding is over, I have a dress I’d like to try and make for a wedding I’m attending in May. I think if I dedicate time on weekends to sew, I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things.

-Unfortunately, I haven’t made any progress with setting aside time to read each day/week either. It’s pretty disappointing, to be honest. I feel that of recent, I do spend way too much time using technology, which feels like I’m being “dumbed down” in a way (all those trash tv shows I’ve been watching recently!) So, I’m going to choose a book this week to read/finish, and start setting aside time in the evenings to read. I really do miss reading and the impact it has on expanding your mind and creativity. So, I’m really hoping I can get this sorted this week, and I’m starting with the Icewind Dale Trilogy, as I really want to learn about Drizzt and his background.

-Wedding plans are slowly but steadily falling into place.  It’s getting so close (40 DAYS!), but we’re pretty much sorted for most things. We just need to make our final payments to vendors, and complete a few more craft projects/buy a few last minute things, and everything will be sorted. I’m trying to keep myself to a mantra of not stressing on the day and just “winging it” a little bit: realising that things may go wrong on the day, but regardless, we’re getting married and it’s a time to be happy and excited (which I am), rather than stressed out.

-Over the past few weeks, I’m realising more and more that I have an “old soul” of sorts. Unlike people of my age, I can get anxious at the thought of going “out of the town” and having drinks in clubs etc. The thought of staying in and watching movies/playing video games, or having friends over for games nights is something I’m much more comfortable with. I also cannot tolerate alcohol like I used to, as it really mucks up my diabetes (and my Curves Complete program doesn’t really allow it), so I rarely find myself having a drink. I never really enjoyed going “out on the town” when I was at uni anyway…dinners out with a few drinks are more my thing. I’ve always been a minority of sorts with this, and I’m starting to learn that it’s ok. It’s ok to be different, and to be leading what may be a much “older” life than a lot of people my age…maybe even the majority. I feel comfortable in doing so, and I’ve always been mature (in some areas of life), so I’m becoming more and more accepting that my interpretation of socialising and parties is a completely different view to most people of my age.

Anyway, that’s this week’s update! Apologies again for nothing too exciting update-wise. Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 10!


Sorry for the late post! I had a rather busy day yesterday, so didn’t get a chance to write my post in the morning on Mondays. This week is so crazy already! Anyway, here’s the update for the week in passing.

-It is now LESS THAN 50 DAYS until the wedding, YAY! 46 days, actually 🙂 Things are starting to fall into place rather quickly, and while I’m still extremely stressed a lot of the time, the feeling of excitement about it all is prevailing more and more! I even got to see my wedding dress over the weekend, which is absolutely perfect, and it’s making it all seem so very real now! However, at the same time, parts of the wedding feel like a group assignment: while there are many people who seem to be helping, in the end you may have to do all the work yourself to get a good result. I don’t know, I can’t seem to shake this feeling that I may have to do the majority of things as we get closer to the wedding and it’s stressing me out big time. I have to admit as well, occasionally I can feel quite isolated and alone in preparing for the wedding. I’m very quickly becoming annoyed with people who don’t reply when being contacted (and am probably taking it personally when I shouldn’t be…hopefully I’m not turning too much into a bridezilla. I know everyone’s busy, and we’re going to catch up with everyone at the wedding anyway…it’s hard to explain, but I’m feeling quite on my lonesome with this whole thing. I should try and keep the above quote in mind! Anyway, hopefully everything just keeps working out for us in the next few weeks.

-Curves Complete is going so well for me. I’ve lost almost 19cm in total now, and I’m starting to fit into my old clothes! I am continuing to lose weight, as my wedding dress already needs to be taking in (oops!). I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me more time than most to lose weight due to having to deal with adjusting my diabetes at the same time, but I am progressing and seeing some great results. I even made myself a life-hack this morning: I discovered how amazing my protein shakes taste when I put a shot of coffee in them. INSTANT ICED COFFEE DELICIOUSNESS! This has been  great discovery, as I’m needing to up my protein intake, and also keep my morning coffee around somehow. I’m also slowly increasing my steps, and several days I have been so close to hitting 10000 steps…where it hasn’t even been a noticeable difference in how much effort I have to put in to do so. I’m so glad I’ve been able to keep up with this!

-I have to admit, I’ve been watching some “reality television” over the past week. For some reason, I had the urge to watch Australian Princess, a show I watched religiously when it was on over 5(?) years ago. I caved and bought the first season on DVD, and in the meantime watched Aussie Ladette to Lady until the DVD arrived. I know these shows are so trashy, however I became quite (embarrassingly) hooked to them. It must be nostalgia that’s making me watch them again…poor Ray, haha.

-Over the past week, I’ve had to think through some decisions with upcoming work opportunities. I’ve spoken to many people over the week for their advice, and I’ve also had a good think about where I want to be going with my career. Ultimately, if I was to progress into other roles, I want to be doing so for the right reasons: because I’m passionate about doing the role, rather than being for reasons of getting a pay rise, or just to gain extra experience (where the work involved was not my cup of tea). Also, with the wedding, honeymoon and the start of married life, I really shouldn’t have any additional pressure on myself, particularly if I wouldn’t be enjoying it. I’ve also been advised that if I was to go for temporary roles, it is quite likely that I may not be guaranteed to have my permanent role upon return. This is a huge reason why I want to stay where I am: I’ve worked so hard for a permanent role, plus while Ray is trying to obtain a permanent role, it’s so vital that one of us have a permanent, secured role. Regardless, there are a lot of changes happening, where my current role will also be changing and including many things which keep me passionate about my work. So, while I currently can struggle to be motivated when completing mundane tasks, I know that in a few months, these won’t even be tasks that have to be done…so I’m trying to keep this in mind as I go through the past few months. I’m also extremely keen to do further promotions related to mobility to Asia. So, I’m going to keep positive and working hard and helping develop these awesome changes that are coming up for us. 🙂

Anyway, there’s other things happening, but this is pretty much all I have update-wise for now. I’ve really been struggling with stress this week, so I just wanted to mention a couple of things. Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 9!


Another week, another update 🙂 Here’s what’s been happening over the past week:

-Can I just say how EXCITED I am getting about the wedding?! I know that I’m getting quite stressed about it, however I really am starting to also feel so incredibly happy about it as well (both those feelings at the same time, I guess?) Every time we receive a RSVP in the post, I get so excited that we get to share this day with people who have been a part of our lives. I imagine us all sitting around, having a good meal, laughing, taking lots of crazy, fun-filled photos and hitting the dance floor with some old-school classic party songs. I seriously can’t wait to share this day with everyone…and I think regardless of how stressful it seems to be, knowing that this is a day that we can “catch up” with everyone that is important to us and have a blast with them…that’s just making me giddy with enthusiasm 🙂

-On the same note, I am having bouts of getting ridiculously stressed about the wedding. We’re running out of time very quickly, and sometimes I’m not seeing how I can do everything that’s needed to be done. That being said, we are on the right path in our checklist/time frames of what needs to be done…so I’m probably stressing over nothing.

-Curves Complete is going so well for me. I’m realising that there is a “bell curve” in losing weight: you’re not going to lose large amount each week, and depending on circumstances (eg. being sick, hormones etc), you can even put on a little weight. I’m finding that I’ll have a week of small/no weight loss, and then the following week I’ll pull big numbers. It’s all part of it, and I’m preferring to measure my progress against my monthly loss/body measurements per month. I was notified this week that they’re making me their “Member of the Month”, which is awesome and a big surprise! My coach even said that I was an inspiration for her…so I’m feeling really encouraged and motivated by the staff and the ladies who work out at the same times I do.

I have to admit though, there are times that I still struggle along this journey to become healthier. Last week, I had a day where I thought I was going badly with my food choices. However, I realised I was just having larger snacks than usual, and that considering I accidentally skipped my snacks on the previous day, it wouldn’t have much of an effect. I also walk to the gym and back each time I go…and while the walk there is an easy downhill (mostly) stroll, I have to walk home up a steep, gradual hill. If it’s a hot day, the sun is also directly on me…so I can really feel like I need to stop/am dying from the heat or can’t make it back. However, it must be will-power (or the need to get home in time to watch my favourite show, If You are the One on SBS2, haha) that helps me keep going…no matter how slow I’m walking, or how many runners or walkers pass me.

-Over the past week or so, I’ve become a teeny bit obsessed with Modcloth and Torrid for clothing. I used to be an advocate of City Chic, however of recent am finding their prices a bit unjustifiable for the quality you receive…and their styles are becoming boring. I always thought I couldn’t afford to buy items from Modcloth or Torrid, however of recent I’ve discovered that they’d actually be a LOT cheaper than City Chic (including shipping!). So, once the wedding has passed, and I ever have money to buy new clothes (probably not likely until after the honeymoon), I’m definitely going to start buying from these sites over City Chic. I also want to make an active effort to start making clothes again (with the wedding and my commitment to the Curves program, I’m a little short of time at the moment to do so). I’m really hoping that these “clothing dreams” can be a motivational goal for me: once I’ve become more healthier and reached some great weight loss/measurement goals, I feel I should invest in some items…but not until after the wedding/once I’ve started having savings again.

-I really need to start reading again. I feel like my brain will become “dumbed down” if I don’t keep it active by taking the time to read. We’ve been so busy lately, that by the time I go to bed, I’m exhausted. So, over the next week, I’m going to try and make an active effort to putting aside time to do some reading. Does anyone have any suggestions on how they set aside time to read?

And that’s about it…not too much happening between organising the final bits and pieces for the wedding. Thanks for reading 🙂