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2014- Week 8


Well, another week where I’ve still been quite unwell-apologies for the delayed post. I’m still feeling under the weather, so the past week hasn’t had too much going on as I’ve been trying to take it easy. Anyway, here’s this week’s update.

-As per above, I’ve been rather sick over the past week with the flu. It’s been strange, as I don’t think I’ve ever really had the flu. Plus, I had my flu needle as well, so it’s a bit of bad luck that I still fell to a different strain. There’s this cough that I can’t seem to get rid of, and I’ve just been feeling really exhausted. I’m really hoping I start feeling better soon, as I feel like I’m not performing at my potential each day at the moment. They say as a type 1 diabetic, my immune system isn’t as strong as other people, and I’m now starting to believe it at the rate I’m getting sick 🙁

-In my Curves Complete program for the previous week, I thought I hadn’t made much progress weight-loss wise. The week before was a little slow in progress, and my coaches believe this was due to me having the flu. My diabetes levels have still been fantastic though, which is the main focus anyway. The coaches believe that because of my diabetes, it may take me longer to lose weight. I do feel slightly discouraged when others are losing several kilos each week consistently, whereas my results don’t compare to similar numbers. However, knowing that I have some health hurdles to tackle, and that I am losing weight and my measurements are going down regardless is a good thing. I start with my new coach this week: a typ1 I diabetic on an insulin pump, so hopefully it will be a massive help.

-That being said, as it’s Tuesday today, I did have my weekly weigh-in yesterday, and I’ve lost another 1.4 kilos! So, in my journey so far I’ve lost 5 kilos, which is absolutely fantastic! I think my results are awesome, even if they’re smaller than what others can be getting on a weekly basis. For me, it’s long term results and my diabetes has improved in leaps and bounds. Bring on the next couple of weeks and (hopefully) seeing results just as awesome!

-Wedding planning is…going. There were several times this week I nearly had full-blown panic attacks about it all, because I was getting very overwhelmed by finances and how much we still had to get done. There is a lot I still need to somehow do myself, such as making a lot of craft items for the reception…but we did get some assistance on the weekend with this (thanks to everyone who came along to help!) Ray and I also sat down and did a complete update on our budget, and realised that we’re definitely going to be ok with affording everything else that’s remaining for wedding costs. Regardless, I still feel stressed (but it’s probably due to having 2 months to go to organise it all), but I know somehow it will all work out.

-Of recent, I’ve been struggling with staying motivated when I’m having to complete mundane tasks, making me unsure of where careers will be taking me for the future. I had a small moment where I was worried I wasn’t going in the direction I’m wanting to for the future. However, I’m a part of a massive project which is super exciting, and will bring massive (positive) changes to the types of work I’ll be doing in the future. It’s really helping me to be focused and keep my eyes on what the future holds opportunities-wise.

-I’m still contemplating future studies. There was a brief moment when I was considering applying for graduate law by distance, because I’ve realised I should probably look at doing something that involves policy and governance if I’m wanting to progress in the fields I’m in. However, ultimately, I’m wanting to be a big part the promotion and application of mobility to Asia, so my original plan of a Masters in Asian Studies (with some subjects related to international organisations, policy and governance) seems like the best way to go still. I think a whole Law degree would not be as relevant to what I want to do, particularly when there’d be a massive chunk of subjects that wouldn’t be useful for what I want to do. So….I’ll just have to wait and see if I get that offer into the Masters later this year.

And that’s about it for the week in passing 🙂 Thanks for reading!


2014-Week 7!


Sorry for the delayed post! I was at Diabetes Clinic appointments for most of yesterday, and had a pretty rough afternoon. Here’s this week (in passing)’s update:

-I’m still on track with my Curves Complete program. I am losing weight, whether it be slow progress or not. What matters to me the most, though, is how healthy I have become. I started the Curves Complete program with the mindset of becoming “healthy”. I wanted to focus on getting my diabetes in control and be healthier overall. If I lost any weight, it was a bonus. Over the past few weeks, I think I got really caught up in the numbers on the scales and was getting frustrated at how it was taking time to lose the weight. This definitely should not be my focus! Particularly after Diabetes Clinic yesterday, where my HBa1c (formal blood test) shows my blood sugar level average is a full 1% less than 3 months ago (this is a HUGE improvement), and my average is in the 7s (a very healthy range, and what should be normal for me!) So, while I am losing weight slowly and steadily (and in a way which will be more long-term in its results), I’m trying very hard not to be discouraged when I see others losing much more weight than myself. I do have several other complications to tackle on my health journey, particularly my diabetes, leg and coeliac disease, so in the end the greatest thing I can have is all of these in control, with the added bonus of losing weight.

-On the note of being “healthy”, I will admit something on here about my body, which has been worrying me. It’s been troubling me, and making me very embarrassed, but I’ll admit it here anyway because it’s been a big part of my worry for the past few days. Of recent, I have developed some strange “stretch marks” on my stomach. They’re bright red and purple, and some slightly protrude from the skin. These marks are all around my stomach where my “insulin belly” sits, and where my insulin pump sites are. I’m extremely self-conscious about it (particularly when I was already self-conscious about my insulin belly). I’ve done some research, and I’ve found that these types of stretch marks only usually happen to either pregnant women (nope, not me), or people suffering from Cushings Syndrome. Upon researching Cushings Syndrome, I realised I do have most of the symptoms, however I’m trying to not worry about it (or over-analyse it, because it’s very likely I wouldn’t have it). It would be such a pain to have yet another condition to deal with, so I’m just trying to stay positive and am hoping that they’re just from my insulin belly/changes in diet/exercise/losing weight. I’m hoping it’s all ok.

-Wedding planning is going ahead at full speed. I spent the weekend purchasing most of the final things we need from overseas sellers, and we have only a few more things to purchase. We’ve got a craft day coming up this weekend, where we’re hoping to get place cards/paper crane decorations/the bouquets out of the way, but otherwise well most likely have another craft day in a few weeks too. With RSVPs slowly starting to return to us, it’s all becoming so real, and I’m getting more and more excited about it every day (with stress levels becoming less and less, yay!)

-Ever since I was very young, I was a typical girl who planned my imaginary wedding. Ever since then, I clearly remember that I thought that Michael Buble’s “You and I” would be my first dance song. I thought that the message the song spoke, along with Buble’s crooning would be meaningful and romantic when I was having my first dance with my husband. However, in the lead-up to the wedding, I’ve realised quickly that this song isn’t for Ray and I. It doesn’t reflect the love we have for each other and how perfect we are, and this life filled with nerd-doms, adventures and us being big kids at heart. So, I did some searching, and with a huge thanks to the Offbeat Bride blog (I swear, this site has kept me sane about the wedding, and doing our own thing!), I have found the perfect first dance song. I had heard of so many brides finding a song and crying because of how perfect it was, and I really doubted it would happen to me. However, when I listened to this song for the first time, I was bawling. It perfectly reflected us and the love we have for each other…it is US. I showed Ray, while I was still blubbering and crying everywhere…and he too was blown away with how epic and right this song was for us. I’ve decided that this new song I’ve found is going to be a secret, and I’ve only told Ray and my maid-of-honour about it so far. Other than that, we’re going to keep it a secret until the big day, because I don’t want to over-play it (I’m going to ban myself from adding it to my ipod playlist) and I also want to keep it as special as it is now.

And that’s about it for the past week’s update! Lots of medical stuff and wedding stuff, sorry (but that’s been the main focus of the last week anyway). Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 6


b30e497b27357b5d5beabda34d6df3a4Wow, this year is flying by! I think it’s great I have these posts each week though, as I can look back at the year so far and have a great record of everything exciting that’s been happening 🙂

Here’s this week’s update:

-As of last week, I’ve lost 3kg in 3 weeks, which is incredible for me. If I continue on the average of losing 1kg a week, I’ll have lost more than 15kg by the time I get married. It’s incredible progress! I’m feeling so healthy and active, and the exercise is really becoming a habit for me. I’m even starting to notice changed happening to my body. Last Friday, I noticed that my waist and stomach seemed slightly smaller, so I measured with a tape measure to find that I’ve definitely lost some centimetres off my waist area! I’m also feeling more toned…and have had several comments from people saying that they can tell I’m working hard and it’s paying off, as I’m looking good. I’m feeling like I’m starting to look good too, which is a big confidence booster! Today after work, I’m having another weigh-in, and my first measurement check which I started. Hopefully there’s some good results! 🙂

-As of this morning, wedding invitations have been posted to everyone (except for one international one that needs some more stamps), and we’ll be handing out the remainder in person over the next week/couple of weeks. It’s starting to feel very real, with 75 days to go today! We’re hoping to make the last of our international purchases this week (so they will arrive in time). After finding some epic things for the reception our “Old School Fun and Games” theme is going to have a lot of Lego involved, yay! Also, I must say that we’re continually blown away by the generosity and assistance we’ve received from family and friends. I seriously cannot thank them enough for their help! At this stage, all is going according to plan, and there’s no need to stress out too much…yet.

-Ray and I have been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica, mainly due to me requesting to do so. I think this show is filling the “void” for TV shows for me. I managed to get through the “worst part” according to Ray (start of season 3…what the hell?), and it’s just becoming more and more intense and hard to stop watching. I even attempted to guess who the “final five” Cylons were last night, where Ray let me know that I got 2 right (he didn’t say which ones). I think I’ve missed watching “intelligent” television/sci fi…to me, I haven’t found something similar since watching “Lost” of recent. I also have no idea who my favourite character on the show is…I thought I did, but now as things are getting very interesting, I don’t really have any stand-out favourites.

-After the Pin-up hair and makeup workshop I did last weekend with my best friend and her sister (my sister-in-law), I’ve been thinking about working on my “looks” more. I absolutely loved how my eyebrows looked in the pin-up style, so I’m hoping to work on this and make it part of my daily routine. I’ve also started applying my eyeliner in the methods I learned on the day, and am finding that it looks a lot less like it’s been attempted by a dodgy teenager. I seem to get a more subtle line, yet it frames my eyes better and has a great “flick” to it. We also learned about using white kohl eyeliner on the bottom water duct of the eye (to make your eyes “pop”), and I found it made me look a lot more awake and bright, so I’m in the process of obtaining white kohl eyeliner. We also learned about the “Kim Kardashian triangle” of concealer under the eye to make someone appear more awake, and this also looked really good on me. So, I’m in the process of purchasing some of the products from the day. I know this sounds like a LOT of makeup processes, but it really wasn’t. It was small differences that could easily make me look a lot better/alert etc. I’m looking forward to trying them out. I’m also still yet to set my hair properly (as I’ve had a full-on week/been sick/still am sick), however I’m aiming to set my hair in rollers in the next fortnight or so. So far, I’m setting my “front rollers” (for my fringe) in a different way, so that my fringe sweeps over the side of my face (rather than the curl at the front of my forehead). I’m finding this shapes my face better, perhaps.

-Ray and I were lucky enough to play a game of D&D with my brother and sister-in-law over the weekend. I find it incredibly motivating to play with such enthusiastic individuals who appreciated getting into the storyline and really acting out their characters. I’m slowly figuring out how to “play” my character better in this game, and we’ve been left on a cliff-hanger (great for next time!) I am so thankful to have such awesome family, who share the same interests 🙂

-On the note of D&D, I caved and got Baldur’s Gate 2 on Ipad on the weekend. This in turn reminded me that I’ve got Baldurs Gate 1 on there, which I haven’t played since the newer updates came out (I got frustrated with being unable to “select” things well). So, I started playing BD1 again, and was relieved to find it was MUCH easier to select things/open doors etc. On the Ipad, I’m very appreciated of the auto-pause for when enemies are sighted by the party; while this isn’t something I used on the PC, I find it almost essential with the Ipad. So, hopefully I can stick with playing BD1 with my current character, and then move it on the BG2.

And that’s it for this week’s update (nothing too exciting, sorry!) Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 5


My goodness, we’re already a month into 2014! Where did the whole month go!?

Well, either way, it’s time for another update!

-I have decided that I am going to make an active effort to stop talking about the wedding. Let me explain: of recent, I’ve been getting rather panicked about the wedding, thinking there’s so many things we haven’t done yet and the like. Yet, Ray reminds me (over and over again…thank goodness he’s so patient with me) that it’s all sorted and all will be ok. However, we did realise that the main times I’m getting panicked about wedding things is when I’m not at home…and I’ve realised why. There are several other people I know of within social circles who have also gotten engaged of recent, including some whose weddings are not for a couple of years…yet, these people are constantly talking about their weddings to others. These “listeners” seem to be getting frustrated and have voiced that they wished these people would stop talking about their weddings all of the time…and it’s made me realise that I should really shut my mouth too. Yes, the wedding is something I’m quite excited about…but I don’t want to be annoying people or sharing every tiny detail about the day so that nothing is a surprise. I also want to be confident enough to make my own decisions on things for the wedding, rather than having to ask everyone for their opinion. So, I have decided to only discuss my wedding with people if they ask me about it…otherwise I will only give updates on this blog. I feel it’s a healthier approach to have: for me and for those around me. 🙂

-I finished my Babushka skirt last week (I was a little bit slow in doing the hem!), and am starting my Maneki Neko skirt. Once I’ve finished these, I’ll be moving onto starting on the green velvet dress. I also managed to pick up some epic Geisha printed materials, which I’ll probably use for a skirt (I don’t think there’s enough for a dress :()

-Over the weekend, I hosted a Pin-Up makeup and hair workshop at my place, which my best friend and sister-in-law came along to. The workshop was run by Peta of Dolls and Dames (check out her website, as she is incredible! and we had a fantastic time! Peta showed us how to set our hair properly, applying pin-up make-up, including perfect eyebrows (seriously, they looked awesome!), drawing the most precise cats eye eyeliner, highlighting and contouring, lipstick and hairstyling including victory rolls, pompadours and much more! I learned so much from the day, and Peta was incredible helpful and patient with us (well, particularly me!) I highly recommend these workshops to ANYONE, as you learn everything you’ll need to know. I can’t wait to try out setting my hair properly, as well as perfecting my eyebrows and eye makeup! 🙂 We had such a wonderful day, and I’m extremely thankful to be able to have the company of such lovely ladies over the weekend!

-As per the above post re: talking about the wedding, I’ll include my update as to how we’re going. We’re pretty much on track with everything, and it’s all falling into place, really. I went a bit crazy this week and purchased a few things we needed from overseas (to ensure they get here with lots of time to spare), and got us some epic Lego-themed things for the wedding and reception. I’ll be purchasing some origami paper over the weekend as I’m determined to make lots of paper cranes to decorate the reception (and maybe make some hanging paper crane mobiles)…we’ll see how I go as to if I can make 1000 or so, haha. Our invitations have now been printed, and we’re currently preparing to give them out/post them to everyone, once we’ve confirmed our test invitation arrives in the mail to our place (so we can see that they will send to us). We’re also awaiting dates for our marriage preparation course/checking out the church/meeting the minister. I’ll also need to plan another trip to Cabramatta to get some reception decorations and supplies soon. But otherwise, it’s all starting to fall into place, so I’m trying not to stress too much about it. As per my previous pic post on here, it’s really just ONE DAY, so I shouldn’t put too much stress into it as in the end, we’re going to be married regardless of whatever happens (good or bad) in the process. 🙂

-This week, I’ve been sticking to my regime with the Curves Complete program, also increasing my step goal each day to 7000 steps. My weigh-in this week said that I’ve gained 300 grams, however the gym told me not to be too worried: they think that because I lost so much in my first week, this is most likely muscle (so I shouldn’t be worried). I think considering I’ve lost 2.5kg in 2 weeks, I’m still doing an awesome job. I’ve been keeping up my water intake and have beaten my daily step goal 4 times in the past week (so far). Also, I’m noticing that I’m feeling much more alert and full of energy, which is surprising with the amount of exercise/lack of carbs I’ve been eating. With the changes in my diet since joining Curves, I’m finding it easier to not be eating as much carb. I’m left wondering if I “need” to have rice with stir fry (like I used to), or if I really need to have sides of big carbs with meals. So, I think my body is definitely adjusting to eating more “wholesome” food choices, as I’m definitely not missing the extra carbs I used to eat! I also got myself some nerdy T-Shirts as a motivation for the gym, including shirts with Dr Who, Daleks, Batman, Superman and references to bacon. Definitely encouraging T-Shirts, haha. And as per last week, my diabetes levels have been incredible this week and well-controlled. The only time they went a little unstable was when I had some wine for Australia Day, and when I miscalculated carb for when I had some pizza (healthy-ish pizza, as per my meal plan!) Otherwise, I’m so happy to be seeing results: internally/medically I’m seeing progress, so I hope to see some progress externally in the coming weeks! 🙂

-Ray and I have also decided that when we want to have a “date” adventure, we’re going to be local tourists. We’re compiling a list of places around the local area that we haven’t been to, and aiming to see more of the local community (we’ve been living at our place for almost 6 months now and have barely seen much of the local area!)

-We’ve also started a new habit each week: Kung Fu Wednesdays! SBS here in Australia has been incredible recently with their channel SBS 2 (which is now the channel we keep out TV on). Every afternoon once I return from the gym, Ninja Warrior is shown, while 2-3 times a week If You are the One (an incredible Chinese dating show) is on, which we love to watch. And then on Wednesdays, a Kung-Fu movie is shown. So far, every Kung Fu movie on Wednesday nights has been awesome: Kung Fu Hustle, Gallons, Mr and Mrs Incredible and Shaolin Soccer! It’s a pleasant change to just watching the news while eating dinner, in my opinion. We’re definitely keen to own a copy of each of the movies that are being shown on Wednesdays, in the hope we can also have an epic Kung Fu movie collection.

And that’s about it for this week! Thanks for reading 🙂