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2014: Week 4


Hi everyone! I’m writing this post at home today, after having the day off due to Australia Day. I’ve spent most of the day with Ray doing wedding planning, watching Battlestar Galactica and going on a walk…so I thought I’d try and write up a post for tonight anyway.

Here’s this week, in passing:

-I’ve kept to my Curves Complete program quite well over the past week. I’ve been making an active effort to meet my step goal each day, and on several days have exceeded this goal. I’m finding that it’s easy for me to include a walk around the uni on my lunch break, and the walk to and from the gym is getting a bit easier for me. I still struggle doing the last block or so of my walk home, but I’m finding that overall it’s getting easier. The workouts have been going well too: even on days where I feel like I’m struggling, I still make progress on most of the machines. Fitting in the 30min workout 4 times a week seems to be going well and is quite manageable. Due to the long weekend, I haven’t had my weigh-in yet, which will happen tomorrow afternoon…I’m not sure if I’ve lost anything this week, but regardless, I’m feeling really active and alert.

-Along with my workouts, I’ve been keeping to my meal plan. I had my first meal out on Friday, and given my planned dinner for the day was steak with veggies (and we were at Hog’s Breath Cafe), it was relatively easy to order a healthy-ish meal and only eat 2/3 of what was on the plate. I also didn’t get chips…however, I did order a Coke Zero (my first soft drink in a few weeks), and a side of bacon (as I was needing some protein, and hadn’t had any bacon in forever). But, the taste of Coke Zero didn’t seem to phase me much, and it took me the whole meal to finish the glass, where I normally would skull it down before the mains came out. Australia Day also served as a challenge, where I had a bit more “snacks” than I should have, with some extra cheese and nuts, a glass of red, and a bottle of Coke Zero. I wasn’t feeling fantastic this morning after those extra things, so I’m going to try and remember to be more strict when I go out to events (for now). Otherwise, the meal plan has been great to follow, and I’m feeling quite full (even if there’s wayyyy less carb than I’m used to). It’s also making me more confident in being able to cook, though that’s mainly thanks to our George Foreman grill and its ability to cook meat to perfection (well, in how we like it cooked). I’ve made marinated lemon chicken with roasted vegetables, steak, skewers and much more…so I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with cooking up dinners on nights where Ray’s tired. This is a pretty huge achievement for me 🙂

-We’ve made some significant progress on our wedding planning over the long weekend (with less than 90 days to go now, eeeek!) Our invitations are now finished, and we’re in the process of trying to get them printed. Over the next week or two, we’ll be sorting out who to send these out to/their contact details etc…so it’s all getting very real now! We’re also in the process of purchasing the last “items” we’re needing (other than craft supplies for making decorations/flowers etc), so hopefully we’ll have this sorted over the next four weeks. We’ve also scheduled our Craft Day (for friends who’d be happy to lend a hand with this, please see my facebook and let me know), as well as planning a dinner for the bridal party to all meet before the wedding. Hopefully both go ahead without too many issues, as I’m starting to feel like I really would love to have some help, if it was offered. It’s getting quite stressful for me, in all honesty, as I really suck at organising events and I’m getting so anxious trying to sort things out…however I know that regardless of what happens, we’re getting married and it’s going to be epic (no matter how stressful it is at the moment).

-As of tomorrow, Ray is back at work in his almost-full-time position for this year! YAY! We are so thrilled that we’ll be able to financially support ourselves and be stable for this year: we feel secure for the wedding, our honeymoon and to start being able to save. We even figured out that once the wedding and honeymoon is sorted, if we put aside similar amounts for a house deposit, we’ll easily have enough to look into buying a “dream home” in a few years…which is absolutely incredible. So, we’re really hoping that the teaching Ray has this year (or some similar arrangement) is something that continues for many years to come. It makes me so happy seeing him so excited to be doing a job he loves 🙂

-Over this weekend, I finally hemmed and finished my babushka skirt (yay!), which I’ll probably wear to work this week. I’m now focusing on finishing the maneki neko printed skirt this week, and starting my next project. Recently, I purchased the following pattern:


After realising how awesome this pattern is (the bows on the front and back are epic!), I’m planning on making two dresses from it: one for a friend’s wedding, and another for my hens party. The first dress is going to be made from some gorgeous forest green velvet I purchased over the weekend…and I can’t wait to start it! It’s a level up from the skirts I made, and it is lined (the velvet will be lined with a cotton-like black material) Hopefully I can start making the dress soon, so I can try and make my dress for the hens party 🙂

-I have to admit: I have a new tv series I’m getting a bit obsessed about. Battlestar Galactica. Ray introduced me to the show about 6 months ago, and I didn’t get too into it. However, we recently started watching the rest of season 1 about a few weeks ago, and while it was still a bit “meh” to me, I am now hooked after the end of the 1st season. We’re now almost halfway through the second season, and I’m loving the show. The philosophy included in the show, as well as the mythology and history is really intriguing for me…and all the questions the show brings (like LOST) has gotten me obsessed with it. It’s great having something to watch in the evening to relax after a hard day at work and the gym.

-Over the long weekend, I had a few “moments” where I became anxious about my socialising skills, yet again. I’m pretty paranoid of recent regarding my communication skills with friends, particularly if I haven’t seen them for a long time. I’m so aware of how hard it is to make friends as you get older/have left uni…so I feel quite anxious when I do have a social event to attend where I’ll have to attempt to make decent conversation, and hope that I can keep friendships alive and active. I was yet again reminded that even if I’m feeling awkward about my social skills, most people also feel awkward about the same things. People just want to be liked by other people, however they become so nervous about how to communicate, or if they’re being awkward. So, I’m going to try harder to accept myself and my awkwardness…and that if I prefer to sit and chill out at a party and play some games (rather than jumping between a whole heap of conversations), it’s absolutely fine. If people want to be friendly, they will accept you for how you are…awkwardness and all. Hopefully there’s some people that will accept my awkwardness, haha 🙂


And that’s about it for this week! Thanks for reading 🙂


A good reminder for today :)

Yesterday, I was struggling with having motivation. And by the time I got to the gym I was feeling tired and “blah”. This pic reminded me that it’s ok to just have a “breather”, and that a bad day isn’t going to ruin things, as long as I keep trying and working towards my goals. 🙂

2014: Week 3


Hi everyone! Firstly, I’m sorry for the delayed post: we had an emergency on Sunday night/Monday morning (I will elaborate below), so I haven’t had a chance to write this week’s update. Here’s what happened in the week in passing:

-Over the weekend, Ray suddenly had surging pain in his left foot, leaving him unable to put pressure on it. It became so swollen and painful that several times he almost passed out. I was extremely worried, as I’ve never seen him in so much pain. So, we ended up making the decision to go to emergency because we thought it may have been broken, given the pain he was in. After arriving at emergency at Wollongong at 9:30pm, we didn’t get to see a doctor until about 2:30am. Several people ahead of us waiting a similar time, including a man who had a lacerated hand and was severely bleeding (he got in half an hour before us after waiting an almost similar time), while an elderly lady with chest pain ended up calling a taxi to go home after waiting for 4 hours. It was quite distressing to see how long people had to wait…and at one point, after 2 hours of no one being called in, the triage yelled out to staff “is anyone actually being seen?”…where three of the groups waiting were then quickly called in to see to see a doctor. While we were waiting to test results, there were a group of nurses gossiping next to the beds, particularly discussing their salaries in detail. While this was occurring, there were buzzers going off from other patients asking for a nurse. I know the public healthcare system is struggling, however this is the second time I’ve seen such poor service from Wollongong hospital. If we have an emergency, we’ve decided we’ll call the radio/home visit doctor or go to Campbelltown. Anyway…in the end, after X-Rays, Ray doesn’t have a broken foot, but we have to keep an eye on it for a few days as it could be a hairline fracture. He’s on crutches and medication for a few days, and I hope everything’s going to be alright.

-Curves Update: Well, I had my first weigh-in to see how I’ve gone in my first week of Curves Complete. I was absolutely shocked to find out I’ve lost 2.7kg! This is absolutely incredible for me, particularly when my diabetes levels have been so well-controlled for the past week as well. I’m finding the meal plan is easy to stick to, and the food is great and keeps me full. I’m definitely eating less carbs than I used to (I think as a diabetic previously using injections, I became used to the idea that I had to have a LOT of carbs because of my insulin…and I then abused that idea and had too much). Plus, I’m easily having my water intake each day. I do need to work on my step intake each day, which needs to be at least 6000 (I’m not much of a walker, so my goal isn’t at 10000 yet). I’m also finding the workouts are manageable: I’m working harder than I’ve previously have in other gyms/workouts and I’m not sore after! Now I’ve got my Curves Smart set up (where it monitors your progress on each machine, adjusts the hydraulics to suit what you require, records your reps and stores your data to show you what needs improvement etc…it’s awesome), I feel like I’ll be more motivated to keep pushing myself. And not to forget, the encouragement and motivation I’m receiving from others has been truly incredible-I really appreciate everyone who has been supporting my progress. Thank you!

-Wedding: Well, we’ve got less than 100 days to go! I’m feeling rather relaxed this week about the wedding (no stress….yet), as we know that regardless of what happens/what could go wrong/what needs to be organised, we’re getting married. We’re signing our lives away on a piece of paper, celebrating with family and starting our incredible adventure. It doesn’t matter if some things don’t work out the way we wanted when organising the wedding, and it doesn’t need to be perfect: it’s our wedding and it will be awesome! We’re hoping to have invitations done by this week (slight hold-up with the weekend emergency), and I’m going to start some purchases of items for the reception and other bits and pieces. But overall, am feeling pretty chilled out about it.

-On the note of wedding and all: I’ve noticed a number of people posting on Facebook the pics where it’s saying “All my friends are getting engaged, and I’m (insert something about making choices in life that aren’t serious and marriage-like”. I understand that all of the happiness I post on Facebook about getting married and having an awesome fiancé can be distressing or annoying for others. However, there’s three things I want to say about this:

1. Unlike any other ordinary person on Facebook, I only really post the “good” things happening in my life. Yes, life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…I just decide to post about the good things. Reality check: most people do this, so when you are feeling shitty about life, DON’T GO ON FACEBOOK. However, do know that bad things happen too…I usually write about them on this blog instead.

2. I really am truly happy with how my life is going, and I want to share it with others. Too long did I not share things about my life with others….well, what I’d do is I’d share it in exquisite detail with a few people, and barely share anything with anyone else. I’m wanting to make an effort to be confident and share when good things happen, and I feel I’m being true to myself in doing so. I know that how I am now is certainly “different” to how a lot of people may have known me previously, and while I’ve gone in a different direction in life/made different choices to what those around me have made, I really feel that I’m living my life honestly to myself, and those around me.

3. I do what I want. Enough said, haha.

-I haven’t been sewing this week, with all the things happening. However, I am hoping I can finally hem my babushka skirt and start on my new skirt. With my weight loss, I’m thinking the skirts will fit me a lot better than they were previously.

And that’s about it! Thanks for reading 🙂


2014-Week 2


Here’s this week’s update, and it’s definitely full of updates relating to health and starting my new Curves program!

-Today marks the official first day of the Curves Complete program for me. I’ve started their meal plans today and meet with my coach this afternoon. I am pretty excited, yet scared at the same time as there’s some big changes ahead. One of the main things I am trying to do is to be brutally honest with myself, as I feel it’s the only way I can truly progress and make myself healthier. So, here’s a confession: I had a horrible moment when I weighed in at the gym last week: I found out that since I was last a Curves member (almost 5 years ago), I’ve put on about 20 kilos. I felt so disappointed in myself. But, that’s going to change soon, hopefully! The first week of the program has a meal plan to “kick-start” my weight loss and exercise….and I’m very scared about it. The meal plan I’ve made has hardly any carbs (the type 1 diabetic part of me is freaking out about this, feeling like I’m going to starve!), so I think my levels may be a bit crazy this week. However, there is quite a bit of red meat on the meal plan (we get to have steak and veggies twice a week, which Ray is very happy about!), but it’s probably a good thing as we thought we weren’t eating enough red meat. I’m also expected to drink 2 litres of water a day (I’m averaging about 1.5 litres recently), and exercise at Curves 4 times a week. I’ve really appreciated the support and encouragement I’ve received from friends and family so far, which will continually keep me motivated and on track (especially in the first few weeks of adjustment).

-Last week, I had my first full workout at Curves (after I signed up for Curves Complete). Initially, I was slightly self-conscious, as I was heading to the gym without makeup, walking up to town in my gym gear on busy roads where anyone could see me. Plus, there was the chance I’d run into students on the way, or even at the gym. But, I then thought to myself that if they see me like this now, and I keep going with the program, they’ll see me when I’m healthier and meeting my goals. So, it’s important for me to swallow my pride and get over the fact that people will see me with no makeup, sweating like a pig in gym clothes that barely fit me. I’ll admit, I’m even finding even the walk up to town to Curves from my house can be slightly challenging for me (showing how unfit I am, haha), but hopefully it will get easier as the weeks go on. After doing the Curves circuit x 2, which had a focus on legs on Thursdays, I did a good stretch and then proceeded to head home. However, the Curves I go to is on the second storey of a building, and as I approached the stairs to exit, my legs turned to jelly. I felt so embarrassed that I was struggling to go down the stairs as my legs were being so uncoordinated! However, I’m sure this will improve in the coming weeks…and I’m only revealing this embarrassing episode in the hope that making it public pushes me to work harder over the coming weeks.

-I’m finding as well that the Curves I’m attending is motivational in itself with its members and staff- the lady who signed me up has lost 50 kilos on the program, and the members who were there all had success stories! I have to admit, the previous Curves I went to 5 years ago made me feel slightly intimidated; firstly, the main coach was a man (where the gym is women only), and all of the coaches were very thin and had no “weight loss” stories to share. The community at the Curves I am at now (which includes age ranges from high-school students, up to 85 year olds) is something I’m hoping will be a big encouragement for me. I’m hoping to be an active part of this community, and maybe make some gym-buddies or friends. 🙂

-My Diabetes blood sugar levels started going crazy again (with high levels in the morning), however they are still relatively good (getting quite a few levels below 10, finally!) I’m hoping that the extra exercise will help bring my levels down before I got to bed (as the problem is that they’re spiking overnight, particularly if I haven’t stabilised my levels from dinner correctly). I’ve actually noticed since starting to exercise this week, my levels have significantly lowered themselves….so here’s hoping it lasts!

-On the note of diabetes, I have to see an eye specialist today. When getting my eyes tested recently, they found some abnormal readings in the pressures in my eyes, so I’m getting it checked out further. Since, I’ve noticed that my eyes can feel “tense” or full of pressure…so I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious and maybe related to my headaches. However Type 1 Diabetics are more prone to having eye complications like glaucoma. Anyway, I’ll find out soon!

-We’ve had a rather busy week in passing with lots of socialising during the week, and I started my workouts too, so I haven’t been able to get much sewing done. I’m hoping I can finish hemming my babushka skirt, and finish the other skirt this week.

-So, now it’s after my birthday, it means my designated break from wedding planning is over and I have resumed organising things for the wedding! With almost 100 days to go (EEEEEEEK), I feel that there’s so much that still needs to be organised…particularly the invitations which need to be sent out by the end of this month (STRESS BIG TIME). However, a lot of the items are “big” items, which only require the final payments to be made in around March/April. I’m going to start asking around as to if anyone is interested in helping us out with our DIY decorations with a “Craft Day”, maybe in February sometime. I got to see the lace for my dress this weekend, which is incredible! I’m so happy I chose the lace I did, because seeing it “in bulk” makes me realise that it was the right decision 🙂 Ray is working on designing our invitations this week, and I’m going to start picking up more things for the reception. With 103 days to go, it should be all good.

And that’s about it for the week in passing…as I said, lots of Curves-related updates, sorry. I’m really hoping I can stick to it and make some long-term changes! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Healthy Curves


Woo, an extra blog post for this week! 🙂

So, yesterday I  realised that I am struggling on my “being healthy” goals I’ve set myself over the past year. My exercise has become very minimal, I’ve started drinking soft drink again, I’m not eating as healthily as I should with crappy portion control, and I’m barely keeping up with my daily water intake. So, I’ve made a few decisions to try and have some long-term impacts (aka I’m not just doing this for the wedding, I’m doing it for a long-term healthier me).

-As I am struggling to stay motivated in organising my own exercise, I have decided to try out Curves again. I was at Curves about 5-6 years ago, and found it was very effective for me (I lost several kilos easily, and maintained the weight. The only reason I stopped going was because it was extremely difficult to go between commuting 1.5 hours for uni, and completing all my uni study). There is a Curves just down the road from us (literally a 250m ish walk), and I know that the program has worked well with my diabetes and injuries previously (so it shouldn’t put too much strain on my leg). Therefore, I’m having a consultation at Curves this afternoon to see if it’s the right thing for me. I’m looking into a few other programs (mainly Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body thingy), but overall the program Curves offers seems to be the right “fit” for me and my medical conditions/lifestyle. I feel that I definitely need to be more active, and can’t just rely on changing food/doing some fad-like diet to making me “more healthier”.

-I am going to stop drinking soft drink again. Pure and simple: I feel this is a huge reason as to why I’ve been putting on weight again recently. Plus, it’s definitely not a necessity for me to drink it, now we have our epic coffee machine instead. This has also stopped me from drinking water. I may replace a soft drink at work with a cup of tea or similar. So, I think from next week, I’m going to cut out soft drinks again (with the only allowance being for special occasions, or when I’m having a meal out).

-I’m going to start monitoring my food and the amounts of it I eat better. Over the past few months, I’ve become very “lazy” in my carb counting (for calculating my insulin, mainly), yet at the same time, my portion sizes have gone out of control. While I do eat relatively healthily (being a coeliac means it’s quite difficult to have junk food anyway), I’ve been having “too much” of the healthy foods and not balancing the quantities of it. So, I’m hoping I can be stricter in the foods I’m eating, and start having more realistic portions. Here’s to less “pigging out”!

-I’m going to have realistic goals. If I start wishing I could lose 20 kilos before the wedding and drop several dress sizes, I’ll need to call myself completely mental. It’s absolutely not realistic at all, and setting myself up for failure. To avoid this from happening, I need to focus on being happy with my body, regardless of its state or shape, and aiming to be healthier (rather than aiming for unrealistic goals which have depressing results).

So, here it is. I’m hoping I can keep to this mindset of aiming for a healthier lifestyle (rather than trying to find some magical cure where I don’t need to exercise or change diet and drop several dress sizes…which all seems like a load of bull and very short-term results but long-term failure). This is to give me a better future, to help my medical conditions stay in control, and to keep me positive and happy with myself. If any friends are hoping to do the same (or similar), please let me know, as I’d love to share the journey with you and hopefully we can motivate and encourage each other together 🙂


2014: Week 1


Hi everyone!

Wow-it’s pretty awesome that this is my “Round 2” of posting weekly updates! The start of the year always has lots of things happening, so here’s my update of the week in passing:

-Firstly, I became a year older last Friday…I’m now 24 (yay and ugh)! Birthdays seem a bit uneventful for me these days, particularly as I get older, and because it’s not in uni/school holidays (I work on my birthdays now, haha). However, I do have to say that I felt quite spoilt and loved by family on my birthday. I received flowers at work from Ray, had dinner at my favourite Chinese restaurant with my in-laws, and then had an extended birthday over the weekend with lunch with my family. For me, the birthday wasn’t really about celebrating me…it was spending time with family that really mattered to me. I decided not to do anything to celebrate (other than meals with family), because it’s a time of year when most people aren’t around. Also, I usually suck at organising events and people normally forget or don’t turn up…so I didn’t want the stress of it all. Besides, we have the wedding to focus on for the next big celebration!

-I have started my sewing projects! Last week, I sat down and made my first project: a simple half-circle skirt out of some babushka doll material I found in the sales at Spotlight. Here’s a picture of the almost-finished product (it still needs to be hemmed), and it’s displayed on my new mannequin that Ray and his parents got me for my birthday (so stoked!). The pattern I used can be found here (, and it’s a bit dodgy sewing-wise as it’s my first go of sewing clothes for about 10 years (other than a dodgy costume I partially made a few years back). I also screwed up the top of the dress with the twill tape, but know what to do next time. Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the skirt on my mannequin (please excuse the mess):

Babushka Skirt

The biggest thing I was afraid of in making the dress was putting the zipper in. I have this irrational fear of sewing zippers in…and I’m not sure why I’m so afraid of it. It might be because a few years ago, I accidently put the zipper foot on backwards and broke a needle (which freaked me out), or that I have never gotten it right. However, with Ray’s encouragement, I sat down and put the whole zipper into the dress properly, and sewed it onto the dress with the machine (even though I was considering hand-sewing it in, as I was that worried!) It seems silly, but this was a huge accomplishment for me. I now feel I can have more confidence in my sewing abilities (including putting zippers in), and can’t wait to start on my next projects! These include a gingham dress, denim capris, peasant tops and some 1950s styled pyjamas. For now, I have one more half-circle skirt to make out of this cute pattern of maneki neko (isn’t it adorable!):

Maneki Neko

-On the same note, can I take a moment to say how awesome Simplicity costume patterns are? Spotlight had a massive sale over the Christmas/New Year, and they had 3 patterns for $10 from Burda, Simplicity and a few other brands (none of the Club BMV brands, which was fine with me as I buy them online). Ray and I snatched up about $500+ worth of patterns (including some amazing steampunk/fantasy costumes which were $25 each normally!!!!!!), material and sewing supplies for only $180! So…I won’t need patterns for a while now, I think. The detail on Simplicity’s costume patterns are epic, such as this Steampunk pattern we purchased: and this one: So yeah, I’m pretty happy with the extensive pattern collection we have now.

-Ever since the start of the new year, my diabetes has been acting strangely. I’ve been having really good blood sugar levels (most in range) since January 1st…and I haven’t made any changes that I’m aware of! It’s thrown me off a little bit, because after working hard a few weeks back to correct my levels, they’ve now improved dramatically…and I’m really unsure why! I have some other health problems to focus on for the next few weeks (I have to see an eye specialist, mainly, as my eye pressures are apparently abnormally high), otherwise I’m pleased that my diabetes is settling down. It’s probably my damn hormones again, haha.

-I’m going to try and jump back into some exercise this coming week, depending on how my leg is going. I think starting back on something small, like Wii Fit, is a good place to start. Then I’ll increase up to EA Active again. I feel that my leg is almost ready for me to start walking regularly again, but I don’t want to push it too early, and end up sending its healing process backwards.

And that’s about it for this week! As you can see, I’ve really started to get into sewing. So, you’ll probably get to see my projects as I go on here from now on. Thanks for reading and see you next week! 🙂


2013 in review, and goals for 2014


So, it’s now the 1st of January, 2014. Therefore, it’s time to review my goals from 2013 and how I progressed over the year.

Here’s my goals listed below:

-Get my type 1 diabetes in control: This is definitely a work in progress. However, I have succeeded in making my blood sugar checks a habit (and am doing them at least 3-4 times a day). I definitely have Ray and my family to thank for their ongoing support. I’ve had to tackle some unexpected health problems in 2013, and have had a few health scares (some which are still awaiting results). I’ve seen my body make changes which I haven’t liked to see happen because of my diabetes….which has been really discouraging. But, I’m realising that it is an ongoing progression in perfecting my diabetes and the insulin levels because of how much my hormones have changed (as I’m almost 24, it seems they’ve started to slow down this year in particular). I have an incredible team of doctors and endocrinologists to help figure out my diabetes and settle my levels down…plus an amazing fiancé and family who constantly are helping me take care of myself better.

-Become healthier and into shape: I feel I am definitely taking some long-term steps in getting healthy. While I have had some set-backs over the year (with my health making me unable to exercise as regularly as I have hoped), I have made some huge diet changes. I definitely don’t have soft drink as much as I used to, with it now being a treat for weekends/holidays/if I am needing a big caffeine hit. I am definitely drinking more water, cutting out a chunk of junk food and being more acceptive of my body: regardless of its current shape and condition.

-Exercise regularly: I have been making constant steps in the direction of exercising more regularly. I had a bit of a roller-coaster with how much I was exercising throughout the year, thanks to my leg ulcer. Now my leg is almost healed, I’ll be starting to get my workout programs into my everyday activities again. We’re (Ray and I) are also looking at starting back to dance lessons one we’ve settled into the new year, as this was a great motivator in 2013.

-Find more happiness in everyday: This has definitely been happening, and I’m happy to reflect on it through this blog. Finding the pictures for my blog each week has led me to having an inspirational gallery of quotes and messages on my Pinterest boards. It’s definitely a great way to start the week! I’m also finding that I’m taking the time to enjoy the simply things in life, being grateful, and acknowledge when good things are happening (again, this blog has helped). I’m certainly feeling a lot more happier over the past 12 months than I’ve ever been in my adult life!

-Stress/be anxious less: Ah, stress. I am someone who could associate stress as being a “imaginary friend” in my everyday life (Ray says it would be an “imaginary douchebag friend”). It’s something that is quite present for me in life, and something I’ve been trying to control and manage. I feel this year, I have become much more calmer and at peace when things go wrong, or are unpredictable. Yes, I do still occasionally panic over unimportant things, but the quantity of these panic attacks occurring has definitely decreased. I have learned how to calm myself own when I am feeling overly anxious, and to focus on other things…more positive, optimistic things. I am definitely a less-stressed person compared to who I was twelve months ago, but I still have a long way to go!

-Compose and share/make music: I didn’t really get to work on this much over the past year. However, I have been able to start developing hobbies which I’ve been yearning to work on for a while. While my music has taken a back seat, I’ve been able to commence things such as my sewing and rock and roll dancing: both of which are things I’ve wanted to start for a very long time. I think also having a Mac computer has been a downfall in trying to compose music, and I’m going to try and get a PC set up with Sibelius (my preferred composition program) in the New Year. I have some bits and pieces of melodies and old compositions which I started to work on throughout the year, but nothing has been finalised yet. Though, music, in my opinion, is always a work in progress.

Overall, I have found that the goals I set myself for 2013 are definitely long-term goals that can’t be completed in just one year. They are goals which are part of my daily life now, and I am constantly working at all of the above. I feel happy with the direction I am taking in a more positive view of self and those around me. 🙂

To those who have followed my progress over the past year: thank you for your support. The messages and conversations I’ve had have been greatly appreciated and have continually motivated me to keep at it. I look forward to sharing 2014 and my progress with you once again 🙂

So, here’s my 2014 goals (which I will also update on my “About” page):

In 2014 I:

-Will strive to keep this blog updated at least once a week

-Will refuse to be defined by how much I weigh or what medical conditions I have.

-Will get married, and start to develop a marriage more beautiful than our wedding. We’re aiming for five-ever (as it’s more than forever, hahah!)

-Will aim to keep my mind open and constantly learning by reading. I hope to complete a new book at least once a fortnight.

-Will no longer be a slave to the “plus-size” fashion industry by staring to make my own clothes (and hopefully learn to sew quite well by the end of the year).

-Will try to stress less by seeing that very few situations are a crisis.

-Will persevere at my quest towards being more healthier and in control of my health.

Here’s to 2014 and to a fantastic year ahead. 🙂