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Week 38!


Another update!

-Wedding plans are going well! We’ve booked out cars, and we started to look into hire equipment and sorting out our catering. I’m also hoping to send out ‘Save the Date’ cards in the next month or so. It’s all starting to fall into place now that the “big” items have been sorted. However, I feel like I’ve forgotten something every now and then, or will forget something, so we’ll see. Haha.

-I’ve been feeling pretty bad about my body this week. We had a mufti day at work and I really struggled to find something nice to wear. I also became heavily aware of my stomach and how much it sticks out. I can be quite self-conscious about my larger figure…being in an office where the majority of staff are average/quite thin makes me sometimes feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. Having the stomach is a combination of an “Insulin belly”, a build-up of fat from the insulin injections I’ve been giving myself for the past 18 years…and also normal fat from weight gain. It feels like no matter what I do, I can never get rid of this stomach. I’m seriously thinking about starting some waist-training again or similar, just to start toning the stomach. I’ll also try to add in some sit-ups each day.

-And…well, I also do need to get onto my workouts. My leg got quite infected this week (so much that I was struggling to walk), so I feel like it’s a constant battle between trying to lose weight/work out and trying to make sure my health is ok with my diabetes and leg. When one is going well, the other suffers. If my workouts are going well, my leg gets infected and my diabetes levels go crazy. Or, when my leg and diabetes is good, my workouts suffer. It’s incredibly frustrating…particularly as I was wanting to be in good shape for the wedding. I might take a new approach, where I do 15 minutes of exercise in the morning, do a walk in my lunch break and then 15 minutes when I return home to break up my day and get the exercise I need.

-My stress has settled down over the past week. I’ve been making an effort to go outside during my lunch breaks, and read or have a walk. It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make in having that “time out”…I come back to the office feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

-Thanks to Ray’s best friend (who is a paramedic), I’ve discovered some new products for my leg. I’ve finally found a bandage which covers my ulcer, yet still allows the wound to breathe and be exposed to air etc. It’s called Coban, and from using it over the weekend, I am very impressed! This might really help my ulcer get back to its normal healing-up self. What’s even more awesome about the bandage is that it’s a tan colour, so doesn’t stick out. As I couldn’t have my ulcer exposed during the day (OHS issues and it doesn’t look professional), this new bandage (which allows the wound to breathe) is just what I’m after! I’m really hoping it starts to heal up properly again.

-I’ve been doing some D&D sessions with Ray to build up my confidence as a player/character. I’ve been getting a bit self-conscious when playing with a larger group, mainly because I’m relatively new to D&D and can struggle with making decisions for my character sometimes. I also played quite a bit of Baldurs Gate 2, which gave me some inspiration too. We’re very eager to keep holding D&D games at our place, so I’m doing all I can to be prepared 🙂

-Ray and I managed to hit the library again over the weekend, so I have another big pile of books to get through! This time, I’ve managed to borrow a whole heap of Asian pre-WW1/WW2 autobiographies…so I’ll have to update my Goodreads when I start them. I still need to get through Shogun, but I have to admit I’m struggling getting through the start of the book. Regardless, I feel pretty thankful that we do have libraries around us with so many books available. While Ray and I may not much money to purchase our own books, I’m learning not to take libraries for granted: knowledge for free works for me 🙂

-It’s kinda funny to me that every week, I have readers from Japan, USA and Canada continually jumping onto my site each week to read my updates (yes, I can see where people are located who read the blog!) However, I don’t know if these are complete randoms who are just keen to snoop on what I’m up to, or they’re overseas friends wanting to know what I’m doing/not doing with life as I don’t post on Facebook anymore, haha. Either way…hello and thanks, I guess? 😛

And that’s about it. As you can see above, I have quite a bit to work on. Thanks to those who have been encouraging me to keep at it 🙂


Week 37!


Another update!

-While many exciting things have happened recently, I have to admit that I’ve had a rather bumpy week. In all honesty, I’ve been struggling quite a bit with stress and being overwhelmed over the past two weeks. I’ve been made aware of this over the past week in particular (thanks to those who have been concerned J), and I’m going to start making an effort with stress management. I’m probably going to be spending the next few weeks setting up some relax-time for myself and figuring out what’s good to help me “de-stress”. I’ve got a few ideas…and I’m definitely going to work on this before it affects my health any more than it already has. If anyone has any suggestions of what is good de-stress things to do, please let me know 🙂

-Our fridge died over the week. It’s being fixed (today) but it meant that we had to made do with a makeshift freezer with ice in our laundry tub. Thank goodness we have a mini-bar fridge to save most of our items, particularly my insulin.

-My leg has gone backwards in its healing…and I’m extremely worried it’s infected again. I have a constant dull pain there, however every so often once I put my medications on it, it’s been stinging. I just am at my wit’s end with trying to get this healed up…after three years. It ultimately needs to be uncovered to help with healing, but I’m extremely self-conscious about how it looks and that it’s not appropriate for the office. It just feels like it’s going backwards in its healing…and I can’t afford to see the dermatologist ($180 a pop). Here’s hoping it might be better for the wedding.

-My diabetes is going haywire again. I think it could be linked to my stress levels…particularly as I’ve been getting migraines regularly. 🙁

-We received some worrying news about family over the weekend. I’m not going to share it on here, but I’ve been hoping for the best with it.

-Ray and I are trying to prepare ourselves for the Christmas holidays. Being a casual teacher, Ray won’t have work for 6 weeks over this period. So, we’re really trying to figure out our options. He’s thinking about getting a Christmas casual job so we’ll be covered, otherwise we’re trying to budget like crazy and put any money aside for this time frame.

-My exercise programs have been grinding to a halt again. This is mainly because of my leg going backwards again in its healing, and also because we’ve been busy working out our house and backyard. This is something I really need to get ahead with (and I’m certain will help with my stress levels).


Reading all of the current post back to myself…and I’ve noticed that it’s a bit negative in content. Alas, not all has been difficult and troublesome over the past week (and there’s people who are most definitely worse off…so I shouldn’t be complaining!)

-We held our first D&D session at our place over the weekend. It’s great that we can utilise our house for this and host some guests. I did realise during the session that I’m still struggling with my confidence as a player (being new and playing with a group who have been playing together for years). However, Ray and I sat down on Sunday and had a little mini-session for me to become more familiar with my character and her abilities. I’m feeling a lot better and looking forward to more games 🙂

-I’ve really been getting into my reading (as you can see by the Goodreads widget on the side of my website!). I’ve finished a few books I’ve been in the middle of reading, and finding so many more I’d love to read in the process through Goodreads. My current book, Shogun by James Cavell (I think?) has been a bit of a slow start for me…but I’ll see how I go!

-Over the next two weeks, I’m hoping to set up my sewing machine still. Again, this may be something that will help me de-stress, yet keep productive at the same time (and even save money!)

And that’s about it for the past week. Sorry it’s a bit of a mixed emotions…as I’ve said before, I’m using my blog to be honest and upfront about my progress (mainly for my own reflection…so I don’t mind if people read it or not). Regardless of all the above, I am really happy with how things are going with living out of home, being blissfully engaged and having some awesome friends around. Thanks to those who have been so supportive and enthusiastic towards me/us, and we look forward to sharing the rest of the ride with you all.




Week 36!


Updates for this week (nothing too exciting, sorry):

-I’ve been a bit slack with exercising this week. I’ve been a stable weight (no weight gain or loss), however I’m hoping to try and do 3 workouts this week to get back into the swing of things.

-This week, I’ve started reading books at a more regular pace. I’ve signed up to Goodreads, which I’m finding extremely useful at motivating me to read. I’ve also found a large number of books which I’ve added to my “to read” list. I managed to finish 2 of the 5 books I’m currently in the process of reading. This week, I’m going to re-start reading Raymond Feist’s Mistress of the Empire trilogy, and then maybe continue with some Game of Thrones books…it’s really been quite enjoyable for me. I feel like my brain is starting to work better and I’m enjoying keeping it occupied with reading!

-Ray and I have started to work on watching movies which I haven’t seen before. I thought I had seen a pretty decent amount…however it seems this isn’t the case. This week, I watched Back to the Future and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and both were absolutely fantastic movies (especially Bill and Ted). We also have started watching the Clint Eastwood Man With no Name Trilogy (I think that’s what it’s called)….we watched Fistful of Dollars while eating Tacos and wearing sombreros. Haha.

-We’ve managed to start working on our garden over the past week. Ray and his best mate managed to get the garden beds/soil set up, and we purchased a good bunch of seeds to plant over the weekend. We’ve also set up handing strawberry and tomato plants on our front balcony. We’re really hoping to have a thriving garden in a few months, so it can help us even out our budget and save money. We also bought ourselves a garden gnome which we’ve named Balin Barrowarden…who will be the guardian of our garden (and will probably be photo shopped into many photos when we travel).

-The past week has been quite emotionally draining. I’ve been incredibly over-stressed, to the point that I’ve just be a wreck each night returning home. My stress levels went a bit out of control, so unfortunately I had a bit of a short fuse this past week (poor Ray…I’m sorry!). I think I just had a lot on my plate (I’ve felt quite under pressure and easily worried), and am now in need of a good breather or a relaxing break. We also had a few family emergencies over the past week, so the week has been quite full on. I guess I need to learn to control my stress and not over-worry….but it has been quite a hard week.

-This is going to sound very OCD, but I have started my Christmas shopping for people. I didn’t want to leave it to the last minute, and with our budget being quite thin (particularly with rego coming up and the possibility of only having one full-time salary to rely on during the school holidays), I wanted to get started early so I won’t run out of funds. Etsy has been incredible with finding little handmade (but reasonably cheap) gifts which will hopefully be something nice for the recipients. 🙂

And that’s about it for now! We’ve been quite busy between sorting out the house…so nothing too action-packed has happened at this stage. We’ll see though, as next week we’ll have our first D&D sessions at our place 🙂


Week 35!


-Something amazing happened over the weekend. I became an aunty! My brother and his wife welcomed baby Theodore Timothy John into the world on Friday! 🙂 He is absolutely gorgeous and mum and bub are healthy. Ray and I got to visit Emma, Ben and Theo in hospital on Saturday…and it was such a blessing. Holding Theo was such a touching moment for me…knowing that he’s related to me by blood and is healthy and going to grow into an amazing young boy with such wonderful, caring and devoted parents. He also has this habit (at the moment), where his bottom lip wobbles when he cries…it’s so freaking cute (even though he’s upset…it made his mum, Emma and I giggle quite a bit). I am so happy for these guys and can’t wait to be a part of Theo’s life.

-I have done a few workouts this week! Woo! After a slow start on the wii, I jumped on this week and found out I’ve lost a kilo! Woo! Ray and I have been feeling really good with the healthy/home cooked meals we’ve been having, as well as a strict no soft drink rule (unless guests are visiting, or we’re going out somewhere), plus take-out food is a treat which we only have once a fortnight, max. We’re also keeping active with the garden, as well as the Wii Fit programs. All of this is making us feel really relaxed and rejuvenated each day, and it’s great seeing it all starting to pay off. Here’s hoping I’ll see some big changes from all of this in time for the wedding! 🙂

-I’ve been thinking again about commencing some more studies. However, I think it’s something that can wait until once we’ve had the wedding. I’m tossing up some options at the minute, because there’s an incredible course I’ve found which is not only exactly up my alley of interests and hobbies, but it sounds perfect for the career direction I’m wanting in the future…it has all the appeal of incredible (non-dry) subjects in areas I really want to investigate further, yet it’s specifically targeted towards Australian-Asia communications, promotions and cultural developments. I could reapply to do the Master of International Relations at Macquarie, however I’m now thinking that this may not be as relevant for where I want to be going with my future…it’s a bit too generalised and may not be as relevant to the work I’d like to be doing down the track. Anyway, it’s all in the stages of being thought about right now…I’ll probably need to seek some “future career development” advice for it soon before I go any further.

-I’ve noticed over the past week that there’s something I need to work on. I’ve become a bit crappy with some of my communication skills, and I’m sorry for anyone who has been affected. What I’m meaning is that I’m not really listening to others when they’re talking, or expressing interest in their opinions or what they have to say. I’ve been cutting off people before they finish talking, making things awkward by it, and also continually referring the conversation back to myself or an example of something that I’ve done that relates to conversation. Most of this is probably because of how anxious/awkward I can be when talking to others and making a good impression, but there’s no room for excuses. All of this is a big no-no…and I can’t believe I’ve become so lazy and inconsiderate when talking to others! 🙁 I’m definitely going to do some reflections and see what can be done so I can be more focused on others, thoughtful and considerate. Sorry for anyone who’s been affected by this lately!

-I’ve avoided posting anything political on Facebook, but after the result of the election I’ll say a few things here. I’m a bit worried about how the change will affect Ray and I, particularly related to Education. The security of teaching jobs is something which we heavily will rely on for our future….and I’m concerned about what’s going to happen there. There’s many other things I’m concerned about, but because I’m not even remotely politically informed, I’ll keep it to myself.

-After Ray and I voted, we signed up to the local library…so we feel like locals now! I’ve managed to read two of the three books I borrowed over the weekend. I forgot how awesome it feels to read a book and finish it…so I’m going to start aiming to read 2(ish) books a week….that being said, I am a skim reader, so it can be done.

-Wedding planning- we spent the weekend thinking of gift registry ideas. 230 days to go was yesterday, and I think it’s all progressing well.

And that’s about it for the update!


Week 34!


Ok, update time!

-I’m gradually getting back into my Wii Fit program. It seems I’ve lost about 500gm this week. However, I’m really trying to make the effort to be more active in my daily life as well. I’m aiming to try and walk a bit more and not just end up on the lounge when I get home from work. Now I’ve been feeling better for about a week, I’m getting back into my exercise, which is awesome.

-I’ve have two photo shoots over the past weekend. My 50s pinup photo-shoot was on Friday, which was a fun experience and a learned a lot from it. I definitely now know that most of the 50s pinup poses aren’t very comfortable (or I’m just really unco, lol). However, I did get quite a big confidence boost from doing the shoot. I’ve always been self-conscious about doing a shoot of that style  because I haven’t been happy with some parts of my body. As I would be what you’d classify as a “plus-size”, I’ve always felt that I could never really be a good “50s pinup” for a variety of reasons. Mainly, my horrible belly…years of insulin absorption in the tummy means I have a belly that is really hard to get rid of because of the insulin-fat build up. I’m extremely self-conscious about this (and I feel really nervous even writing about it on here, but I might as well admit my worries, as it’s something I’m wanting to work on) and it’s incredibly frustrating. No matter what kind of exercise or waist training or whatever I try to do, I’m unable to get rid of the “pooch” caused by over 15 years of insulin injections in my stomach. So…rather than having a nice hourglass look, in my mind I feel like I look pregnant most of the time and out-of-proportion. However, one of my photos was shown on the photography company’s Facebook page, and there was some really nice feedback there from strangers…which kind of gave me a little confidence boost. So, I’ve been inspired since having the shoot to accept how I am and put my own spin on what a “50s pinup” can be. And I’m definitely going to try and get my 50s look back on…starting with setting my hair overnight and getting into my sewing again! 🙂

-The second photo shoot was our engagement shoot by my best friend and maid of honour, Kate. Kate runs Gaia Photography, and is a complete genius with her photography. We had some “normal-ish” engagement photos, but we then got our Storm trooper on! Check out some sneak peeks below 🙂 (I’ll put up a whole post of pics from the shoot once we receive them too :)) Check out her website to see more of her amazing work:

Photo by Kate from Gaia Photography

Photo by Kate from Gaia Photography

Photo by Kate at Gaia Photography

Photo by Kate at Gaia Photography

-Wedding plans: my “draft” dress is in the process of being made, which is really exciting! I’m sure it’s going to look fantastic 🙂 We’ve also started looking into cars for the wedding! Now we’ve had our engagement shoot, we should start sending our save-the-date cards in a month or so. However, we’re still tossing up if we’ll have an engagement party. We’d like to have a celebration with our family and very close friends, but at the same time we’re trying to save money for the wedding so don’t know if we can afford it. We might have a small “Save the Date” party, or housewarming, or something. I’m not sure what we’ll have yet.

-I’d like to yet again recommend LUSH cosmetics. I got a new order from them this week, and the products I got not only smell DIVINE, but they have been working wonders for my hormonal, scarred skin. I also find I’m spending less on skincare, because their 100gm tubs last forever for me, so it’s definitely worth the money! Check out their website, you will not regret it:


And that’s about it! Thanks for reading 🙂