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Week 33!


Time for another update!

-Unfortunately, I’ve been sick for quite a bit of this week too. After recovering from tonsillitis from last week, I ended up with acute pharyngitis and laryngitis. So, I ended up on bedrest and not being allowed to talk for three days. The doctor reminded me about something I often try to forget: as a type 1 diabetic, I am more prone to infections and take longer to heal and recover. He was really adamant that I ensure I give myself enough time to rest and recover and to not push myself into getting back to work, because it would make the recovery process longer again. This hit the nail on the head for me because I do try to forget about this, then try to push myself and end up getting more sick in the end. I guess this happens every year in what seems to be a time when my body fails to work properly between July-August. I end up getting tonsillitis, then straight after I get 2 or 3 more illnesses to combat because my immune system is down. And with my diabetes being an immune condition….it takes forever to recover. Yet, I feel so anxious about it…because I have to take so much time off, I get worried people think I’m “faking” being ill…so I then push myself to work harder, and then get more sick. I feel really bad for having to take time off. However, I’ve just recognised the pattern of it and am realising this is a one-year occurrence which happens, and to just be aware of it. And it’s true….as a type 1 diabetic, I take forever to recover or heal from anything. Proof includes: the ulcer on my leg only just becoming healed over after three years, me still suffering from acne after 10 years and the combo of illnesses I get at this time of the year. It does bring me down that I can’t really explain it well to people (and also because I have to take time off and recover), but at the same time I should be thankful for the health I do have…there’s many, many people in worse situations!

-I need to give a massive shout out to Ray. Over the two weeks (where I was hardly able to talk), he went out of his way to take care of me. Through learning some handy sign language (so we could communicate!) to trying to read my writing when I was communicating via notes, to communicating with people on my behalf and doing most of the housework while I slept off my sickness….he has been incredible. I am so extremely lucky to have someone so willing to take care of me and support me. I’m so thankful that he doesn’t think any of my illnesses are a pain to “put up” with, and I hope that I can be as supportive of him when he’s sick!

-We’ve been setting up a lot more of the house this week too. We’ve started getting into the gardening, and we’ll be looking to purchase some veggie seeds to start up the veggie garden soon! We’ve managed to also sort the lounge room…which means we only have the study and dungeon/man lab to go! It’s amazing having our own place to take care of 🙂

-Wedding plans: I really was getting worried about being behind in the wedding planning…however, once I checked off what we’ve done in my planner, we’re actually ahead! Over the weekend, I got fitted for a mock-up of my wedding dress (which is SO exciting!) and I’m so very thankful for my mother-in-law who will be undertaking the sewing project of making my dress! I’ve been told by many people (and seen for myself) that she is an incredible seamstress, and it’s really great that it’s a project that she’s really excited about too! J I can’t wait to see what the mock-up looks like! 🙂 On the note of people helping towards the wedding-I’ve been thinking about how many people have volunteered to help, or offered their talents towards our wedding…and I’m really grateful. Thanks so much to everyone who has offered to give a hand with anything…we really feel the love, haha 🙂

-Over the weekend, I set up my Wii Fit to restart my profile. What’s fantastic is that Ray’s going to do it with me-we’ve both set up profiles and are aiming to do this every day or second day, if possible. Once I’ve done the Wii Fit for a little bit, I’m going to add the EA Active programs in a couple of times a week! I’m aiming to get myself a little healthier for the wedding…I’m not aiming for a dress size, or particular loss of weight…it’s more about helping stabilise my blood sugar levels and being a bit more healthy. It’s great that I have someone who is going to encourage me with it 🙂

-This coming week, I have my photoshoot with Bexterity Pinup Photography! This was an engagement/anniversary/valentine’s present from Ray, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years! I cannot wait, and while I’m a bit nervous, I’m sure it’s going to be so much fun!

And that’s about it for now 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Week 32!


Sorry for the delayed post- I’ve been very sick for the past week, therefore haven’t had a chance to write my update 🙁 Therefore, last week wasn’t too eventful.

-Since last Wednesday, I’ve been really sick. It appears to have been a bad case of tonsillitis with a virus thrown in that just sent my immune system crashing down. The doctors originally thought I had a strep infection, but then because I still couldn’t talk by the Friday and the results came back negative, they think it’s just bad tonsillitis. I’ve only just managed to start speaking again (it’s the Monday of the following week), but it’s still really hard for me to talk. I wish I could just get my tonsils out…because I feel really bad about taking any time off, or getting sick, especially when we’re busy at work 🙁 I just am getting more and more frustrated with how often I’ve been getting sick lately, and even questioning if my stress or diabetes is causing me to get sick easier. I don’t know…I’m just worried that I could become burnt out.

-Wedding wise, we received our wedding shoes in the post! We’re both wearing matching teal Converses, and they are the perfect colour! I’ve also received an authentic 50s/60s veil, which I may alter and use! Now we’re more settled into the house, we’ll get back on track with our wedding planning. I’m a bit nervous/stressed about planning it all and figuring out finances/our budget…but I’m sure it will all fall together.

Ray’s in charge of the three “Cs” for the wedding: Catering, Cars and Cake. He said I’m in charge of the three “Rs”: Reception, Rachel and the Rest. LOL.

-We’ve taken huge steps in getting our house unpacked and sorted. Most rooms are now done, except for our study and the “man cave”/dungeon. We’ve even set up all of our consoles….6 or 7, I believe…and that’s been very nostalgic in itself. Being able to play old school Nintendo and Sega games has been awesome, and we’re very eager to open up our house for games nights, for sure!

-This week, Ray and I have also been able to set up our LAN, and have been gaming quite a bit (one of the only things I did while I was off sick, except for eat and sleep). We’re currently playing Neverwinter Nights 2 and we may start with Borderlands in a bit.

-I’ve also been doing some side D&D prequel sessions with Ray to focus on developing my characters and not getting them confused/coming across as the same characters. This has been really helpful and it’s given me lots of possibilities of where my characters will be going with their stories and development.

And that’s about it really….being sick has really put me out of whack and I’ve spent a lot of time just resting. I hope to have some more exciting updates soon, once I’m fully recovered! 🙂


Week 31!


Well, this week hasn’t been too eventful, as we’ve still been unpacking and settling in.

-Moving has been exercise in itself, which is good because I haven’t been able to set up my Wii exercise profiles yet. Our lounge room is now pretty much unpacked as of yesterday, so this is going to be set up this week. We’re about halfway through unpacking…but sorting everything out will take a while.

-It’s been so awesome having our own space. It’s great that we have our study, where all of our games, books and technology is kept, as it means our rooms are spacious. I’m finding I’m sleeping so much better…maybe because there’s no technology in my room to distract me from sleeping. Being able to cook our own meals in the epic huge kitchen has been fantastic…and we’ve been eating stacks of veggies and meats and fish. So, I’ve been feeling quite healthy. We also have an awesome Indian place up the road from us…definitely somewhere we’ll be taking guests for dinner outings!

-One thing which has happened over the past week has been a bit weird for me. I’ve been waking up with nose bleeds for about the past week since moving into the house. I’m guessing it may have been because of the dust and allergies/change in environment…but it was really weird. I’m not someone who gets nosebleeds (the only time I did was when my sister accidentally elbowed me in the nose as a kid)….so it was weird waking up, going to have a shower and blood being everywhere 🙁 I think it’s passed, but it was freaking me out a little this week.

-Wedding plans are slowly getting there…we just wanted to sort out the house first. We’ll be having our engagement photo shoot done by my amazing best friend and maid of honour, Kate from Gaia Photography. We’re going to do some pretty standard (mushy) engagement shots, then we have a little nerdy surprise to throw in. J I’m going to give her a massive shoutout in this post because her work needs to be seen….she is incredible and puts so much love and dedication into her work. This girl has a big future ahead of her, and I recommend for EVERYONE to check out her website:

-D&D happened over the weekend with my brother and his wife. It’s always so awesome being able to share a common interest with family, and we always have a blast! However, I realised that my character in that game and my character in another game I play are being blurred: I’m confusing them and am a bit unsure of their identities and how they are meant to “act”. So, I’m going to be spending a bit of time this week running through some research to strengthen my characters. Ray and I have a really good set-up at the house, and we’re hoping to re-establish a few D&D games we’d like to play (including, perhaps, a Forgotten Realms game). So….if anyone is willing to venture to the Wollongong area and is keen to D&D (and is Facebook friends with me or Ray, lol), let us know 🙂

-I am LOVING my Galaxy S4. I’m so glad I made the change from the iPhone (yet, as I have the iPad, people can still iMessage me on there). It’s going to sound stupid, but I love how easy it is to put things on the Galaxy. Just a simple drag-and-drop. Also…Dropbox gave me 41GB of extra storage because I have a Samsung product! This week, however…I found out one of the best reasons why it’s awesome to have an android: GAMEBOY ROMS. I’ve been playing old-school Pokemon, Minish Cap and Kirby’s Dreamland on my phone all weekend! I regret nothing.

So yeah….not to many life-changing updates, just things I’ve discovered this week. Thanks for reading! 🙂


Week 30!


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delayed post: with moving house over the past week, I’ve been a little behind in writing my post this week, and don’t have too many exciting updates because of moving (but that’s a massive update of epic proportions, in my opinion!). Plus, I’ve been massively exhausted and held down with being unwell from some bug in the process. You’ll also see both of my blog pictures this week are quotes from Neil Gaiman, which I’m really liking at the moment and finding inspiration from.

Anyway, here’s the updates from this week:

-As of Friday, Ray and I have moved into our house! 🙂 It’s been a big adventure, including not having hot water until yesterday! We’ve got lots of unpacking to do (and cleaning!), but it’s a lovely house and we can’t wait to settle in. Last night, we had our first home-cooked meals and got the TV set up. Internet won’t be set up in the house for another 2 weeks, so we’ll be living off our phones for a while. What is great is that we even have our own library/study which we were wishing for, because the lounges wouldn’t fit through our hallway…hence a re-structure of where rooms were going to be happened. We have a well-established study now, complete with walls of bookshelves…which is fantastic! Even while I was off sick yesterday and resting up in bed, I noticed how much natural light the house receives, and it really is quite lovely. Once we’ve unpacked everything, we’ll get started on the garden and establishing our veggie garden in particular….and of course, we’ll be up for visitors 🙂

-Speaking of the move, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us with the move. For Ray and I to know we have so much support and people that care about us and our well-being is incredible. I know some people don’t necessarily agree with our decisions, however I have really appreciated that they want to see us happy, help us out regardless, and respect our decisions. Overall, this week has been a massive eye opener as to how blessed we are with the company we share in our lives. Thank you to everyone who has helped us out this week!

-I’ve been sick twice over the past week with something like a bug. It’s been really strange, and definitely made me think that since starting full-time work, I’ve gotten sick more than I have before. I seem to be ok now after resting up for most of yesterday, however I just seem to be catching any illness which has been going around of late. Might need to see how my immune system is going….

-As of this week, I have a new phone! I’ve jumped off the Apple bandwagon and got myself a Samsung Galaxy 4, which I’m absolutely loving. The customisation options, as well as the better apps (and it also seems to work better for me overall) has really impressed me…and I’ve only had the phone for a day. Yes, I still do have the iPad and Macbook…however I’m really enjoying having something non-Apple to play with. Especially for the Gameboy Emulator which runs SO WELL on the Galaxy 🙂

-Now we’ve got the TV set up at our place, I can finally get into my exercise programs again! It’s great only being 7 minutes away from work, as I can come home and do the program before dinner! We’ve still got a bit on unpacking to do, so once that’s out of the way, I’ll be setting up the Wii.

-We also have what we call our “Dungeon” in our house. It’s the workshop downstairs and the garage, which we’re using as places for D&D/making crafts and models/music area etc. We definitely would be eager to host D&D here, if people would be interested!

-I’m also hoping to get into my sewing again, once we’ve set up the sewing machine corner in our study. I’ll have to put updates about my projects on here once it gets started.

And that’s about it for this week! Sorry…it really has been just getting adjusted to moving and settling in, which will no doubt be the case for the present week too. I’m hoping I’ll also gain some time for writing more on my blog with the move, so here’s hoping! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂bddf27c27e3ef71ab66ef6316c3adb71