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Week 29!


Hi again!

-I got too excited during the week and revealed the news I’ve been keeping on Facebook. So, I’ll reveal it here too. As of this coming Friday, Ray and I will have our own house in Corrimal! I’ll be moving into it this Friday, and cannot wait! The house itself is old, but very well taken care of (it’s actually a pretty quirky retro house, which suites us quite well!) We’re the first tenants in the house (it was previously owned by an elderly lady who then sold it to investors), and we aim to be there for quite a while. The landlords seem really lovely and are happy for us to make changes as long as they’re sensible, particularly to the garden. There’s an epic veggie garden patch which we’re definitely going to utilise, as well as a gazebo bbq area perfect for entertaining! We’re also going to be making the garage and attached workshop a project/arts/music area. We’ll use this downstairs area for music rehearsals, D&D games, any of Ray’s miniature projects and general crafty things. There’s so much storage in the house, which will be fantastic, and I even get a little nook/space to have my sewing machines! It’s been pretty stressful organising everything so that the moving part has worked out, however I simply cannot wait to be a 5 minute drive away from work, and having my own space close to Wollongong. We’ll definitely be welcome for visitors once we’re all settled in.

-My workouts haven’t really happened over the past week, due to packing and organising the move. However, we’re planning to have the Wii set up, so I’ll get straight back into my workouts once it’s all set up. The advantage of only being 5 minutes away from work (compared to the almost hour-long drive I had to do to get home) is that I’ll have no excuse not to do the program as I’ll have lots of time in the evenings. Plus, our house backs onto the mountains (rather than the beach), so it’s perfect for walks in the morning or evenings too!

-Wedding plans: Wedding plans were a bit quite over the past week, mainly due to organising the move. However, since receiving my tax return and clearing some debts, I’ve been able to purchase our wedding shoes and we’ve booked in our honeymoon! We’re going on a cruise to Japan, South Korea and China through Celebrity Cruises in September, 2014. We decided to do our honeymoon 5 months after the wedding for a few reasons: it’s a better time of year to go to those areas, most cruises to Asia were later in the year anyway, plus it’s in school holidays so won’t affect our work schedules much. Plus, we’re not too fussed about doing a honeymoon right after the wedding-we’re happy to wait, and potentially save more up for it! We’ll be leaving on our 5 month wedding anniversary (woo!) and will be spending a few days in Tokyo before we head off on the cruise (so I can show Ray around and go to my favourite places!) I seriously cannot wait to go: the last time I went overseas was in 2010 and I miss travelling so much! I’ve never done a cruise either, so it’s going to be great to have accommodation, travel and food all sorted (bar the first few days!) There’s a few day trips organised by the cruise that we’d love to do, such as a trip to the Great Wall of China, dinner with a Geisha and many more…so I guess I’ll add those to our gift registry/our honeymoon budget 🙂

-Speaking of which, I started our gift registry last week too! We really don’t “need” much…there’s only a couple of household items. However, we’ve come up with an idea of letting people “contribute” to things like day trips on our honeymoon (as we’re doing our honeymoon 5 months later than the wedding), gift vouchers for restaurants they recommend (as we’ll be poor once we’re married and probably unable to do fancy date nights), and other bits and pieces. It’s been fun looking into those possibilities!

-This week, I’ve really stressed out about trying to keep everyone happy with decisions I’m making and things which are happening. It’s been extremely difficult for me. However, I’ve been reminded that you cannot change how people think and feel about certain things…and that you can’t keep everyone happy. Several good friends this week have told me that what makes them happy is seeing me/us happy….and I am extremely content with everything that’s been happening lately. I’m so excited for what’s ahead this year and appreciate those who have been so supportive and enthusiastic! 🙂

And that’s about it for this week, folks! Next week’s post may be a little bit delayed as we most likely won’t have internet at our place for a week or so…but I’ll do my best!


Thanks for reading!


Week 28!


Another week, another update!

I really don’t have much to update you all on this week, because the main piece of news that’s taken up my time is something I won’t reveal for another two weeks! Sorry!

-Well…something massively awesome has happened over the past week! But, I can’t tell you what it is yet. Once I’ve received full confirmation of the “good news”, and it’s official, I’ll let you guys know. It will probably be in a week or two.

-I haven’t been working out as much, mainly because of the “good news” above/organisation for it taking up most of my time over the past week. This will be changing over in a couple of weeks, where I’ll have better access/time for exercising.

-For Ray’s birthday, I got us tickets to the “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” show at the Opera House. My favourite part was getting photos with the 501st…legit photos with Stormtroopers and Vader! My favourite stormtrooper had a Scottish accent…which I now think all Stormtroopers should have! Anyway, the shows itself was great, however a lot of references went over my head (as I’m not as big a fan of Star Wars as Ray is). Favourite moments included the audience having mass sympathy (note: all going awwwww) when Chewie didn’t get a medal in the first movie ( 🙁 ) and also the guy’s impersonation of Jabba. After the show, he announced he also does a LOTR show, which got my interest. I definitely recommend the show-they are very fast paced, but worth it 🙂

-This week, I’ve had a few realisations about some things. I’m slowly realising that part of being an adult is not caring too much about what other people think, particularly about decisions you make. Also, that a lot of the time there’s no “right” answer to things, and that part of becoming an adult is becoming your own person, rather than what people tell you is “right”. In summary, I’ve always been a worrier of what people think of me and my decisions, and trying to do things “right” by as many parties as possible. However, I’m slowly realising that you have to accept that you can’t please everyone and have to make sure that you are happy. Hard to explain, and I know it’s cryptic…but when I reveal the news above in a few weeks, it will make sense.

That’s about it for this week….sorry it’s not much. There’s a lot going on in real life atm, and I can’t reveal it all yet. Let’s just say that I’ll have lots more to write about soon! 🙂


Week 27!


So, here’s an update on what’s happened over the past week.

-I’m still lagging behind on my exercise, particularly because I had a lot of social events on after work last week. No excuses though…I’m getting back into it this week.

-Over the weekend, Ray and I purchased our wedding rings! It was totally unexpected that we were going to buy them so soon, however we were browsing in a store and found one that fits perfectly with my engagement ring! Plus, Ray then managed to find a ring he really liked at the same store, and we got a heavy discount for both rings (and my engagement ring got a free clean!) My wedding ring is quite small and dainty, with some sparkly diamonds, while it fits in perfectly with the setting on my engagement ring. Eeee excited!

-My tax return is done and on its way! This will definitely help with savings, and I’ll probably get a few wedding things out of the way once it’s come through in the next few days 🙂

-I read three books last week. The one that really struck a note with me overall was Dreams of Joy by Lisa See. I’m a sucker for Asian historical fiction (and non-fiction) based upon a female protagonist, and of recent I’ve been reading a lot of books about women in Communist China. I found this book interesting particularly because of the slight “spin” it took to stories of this nature: rather than being a woman wishing to escape China, or one adjusting to life in America after fleeing, it was about a girl who left America to return to China in search of her true biological father. The way the story focused on her readjustment to China (particularly to Communism) was really interesting and I found the books itself quite engaging and an easy read. I’ve got a few more books from Lisa See which I am definitely going to try reading soon. Otherwise, this week I might try reading some R.A Salvatore or similar.

-I also gain a skill I’ve never been able to do over the weekend: blowing bubblegum. I’m pretty sucky at being coordinated with things like this, yet the ever-patient Ray was able to teach me. It’s so silly that I’ve never been able to do it…but regardless, I feel pretty awesome now I can do it.

-On another note, I also discovered Ben and Jerrys Icecream over the weekend. This stuff is heaven. I cannot get enough of the Clusterfluff flavour (peanut putter icecream, with peanut pieces, caramel swirls and marshmallows), however I will have to make this a very special treat…otherwise my goal of getting healthy will go out the window! I’m warning you now…the stuff is addictive.

-As of last week, I’ve/we’ve started looking into applying for houses again. There’s two I’m waiting to hear back about…however, I’m not feeling too confident about them. Apparently, the real estates have had lots of interest for the two properties, particularly by families (as they’re 3 bedroom homes). Plus, when Ray visited the real estates to get more info, one was particularly rude. I’m just hoping something comes up soon so I can settle into a place before the end of the year!

And that’s about it for now 🙂


Week 26!


Wow, it’s officially halfway through the year…which means I’ve done half a year’s worth of blog posts! And I have LOTS of news to share on this post 🙂

-First off, I can now disclose what I’ve been anxiously/patiently waiting to find out about. As of the day I’m writing this (Monday, the 8th of July), I am officially employed on a permanent basis in my current role. I am absolutely thrilled about this as I love my job and am really grateful for the team and students I get to work with. This now means I have security for the future, and can start looking into moving out and everything else which has been on hold for the past few months. At the same time, I’m hoping to really start working on my professional development skills. Overall, I have to thank everyone who has been a source of encouragement over the past few months…you were all right in saying it would all be ok! 🙂 So this, on top of becoming engaged, means that 2013 has been a freaking awesome year for me.

-With everything going on, my exercise regime has been…lacking. I have a massive reason to make sure I’m healthy and as fit as I can be (with the wedding), but I also have a reason less than two months away. Ray booked in my Valentine’s Day/Anniversary/Engagement present for me last month: a pinup styled photo shoot (something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do!) It’s happening at the end of August, so I really should start getting back into my schedule of exercising pronto! Once more details are confirmed for the shoot, I’ll give more details as to what I have in mind for it 🙂

-My diabetes has still been acting weird. I’ve been having crazy high levels in the morning (after having several weeks of near-perfect levels on the same amounts of insulin). It was getting me pretty down last week, until I found some type 1 diabetes memes on Pinterest, lol. On another note, I had the first “bad” reaction to a hypo in months last Friday. Normally, I act pretty normal when I’m having a hypo-I’m still myself and functioning at a 2.0. However, I was having a very mild hypo of 3.8, yet I had pins and needles everywhere, could not speak properly, focus or move well. It was very scary for me to have such a reaction where I wasn’t in control of what my body was doing. Thank goodness Ray was there, as well as his paramedic best friend/his girlfriend…while it was really embarrassing for me, I’m glad people were there to help. It really whacked me around and I ended up passed out due to such dramatic changes in my levels/their recovery. Hard to explain, but it was a pretty scary realisation that I can still have that kind of reaction with low blood sugar levels.

-I’ve learnt some things this week, particularly with kids. As of this weekend, I can successfully change nappies on babies! That being said, it was a newborn, not a toddler…so I had it relatively easy. But considering it’s something I’ve never done, I’m pretty happy to have acquired this skill! I’ve also learnt not to take things personally that toddlers say to you in anger (I’m a bit of a softie and got a little hurt), and that it’s more the stage in their life when they are trying to express themselves by going against what they’re being told to do…a “no” stage. Keep in mind…I’ve NEVER really had the chance to be around kids, so this is all really new for me. As I’ve never really been around kids, it was a little unsettling having a child go against everything you say to them/them saying they don’t love you/not wanting to give you a goodbye hug etc…but I’m just learning it’s how it is and it’s pretty normal, lol. 🙂

-I managed to snap up some new shoes for work this week after my good news. Thank goodness my favourite work shoes store, Ziera had a massive sale. For those who don’t know, Ziera was formely known as Kumfs (yes, the old people’s brand, which I used to sell when I worked in a shoe store). However, they did a massive re-branding a few years back to introduce funky shoes for those of us with foot issues such as orthotics, flat feet and circulation problems (all three I have thanks to genetics and diabetes). I HIGHLY recommend them if you are after comfy heels, and like myself, struggle to get through a day in normal heels. I can RUN in these heels and wear them all day without dying. I’ve been really impressed with the heels I’ve managed to get from Ziera…while they may be loads more expensive than other shoes I buy, they ALWAYS last longer, and are made extremely well. These full leather shoes look/wear exactly the same way since the day I bought them, so are definitely worth your money. I’ve included pics of two of the shoes I recently bought so you can get a rough idea as to the styles they can have…which, considering they’re shoes that orthotics can do into, are pretty funky. Their website can be accessed here:


-I’ve also managed to start reading books again on a daily basis. Over the past week, I’ve just been reading wedding-related materials. However, I went on a bit of a kindle spree this week, and have a bit of a range of things. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give little reviews of these as I get through them.

-I’ve got a few decisions to make regarding whether I will start my studies for the Masters of International Relations next semester, or give myself a break to focus on professional development at work (and also give myself time to plan the wedding and do hobbies), and then commence the Masters later on. I do love learning, and am realising that this can be done practically as well (in jobs), rather than only in an academic setting. I’ve got to think it over…but regardless, I want to learn new things for the rest of the year!

And that’s about it! Lots of happy things-tell you what, I’m incredibly blessed and lucky with what surrounds me each day. 2013 rocks! Thanks for being here for the ride 🙂


Week 25!


Well, lots of bits and pieces have happened this week!

-First off, I should have some news to share next week of something I have patiently been waiting for…which impacts my future and security, being able to move out, wedding etc. I’m hoping it goes well this week…so if people could keep me in their thoughts and/or prayers this week (particularly Wednesday), it would be very much appreciated! I’m hoping I’ll have some great news to share in next week’s post as a result 🙂

-This week, it appears that I’ve lost 500gm again…and that would just be from maintaining certain diet changes and eating less. I’m exercising a little bit, but need to step up and get back into my workout programs. As I’m finally feeling better after 2 weeks of being under-the-weather, I’ll get onto this asap.

-My diabetes levels have been a little bit crazy over the past 2 weeks, which is due to me being sick. I’m hoping they settle down again soon, as they were behaving themselves so well recently.

-I’ve become aware and maybe even worried that I’m losing my creativity/artistic talents. I legitimately haven’t really used my Japanese since graduating, and feel I’ve lost most of my skills there (I will need to re-teach myself). And I barely pick up my viola these days. It’s just worrying that around work and everything else, I’ve run out of time to keep these skills up. It feels like I’m slowly losing the creativity side of my brain. Hard to explain, but I’m just hoping I can keep these skills up in the future and re-teach myself both.

-I’ve always believed that it is extremely important to keep on learning things. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to learn how to code…once I’ve learned the basics, I’ll probably try some Java and HTML eventually. I was reading on a friend’s business page about how important it is for today’s society for people to understand basic coding…and I guess I’d have to agree. So, I’ve set up an account with Code Academy and will try to keep doing lessons. I’ve finished the first lot of lessons on HTML coding and they weren’t too difficult 🙂

-On the note of learning, I’m considering taking some free online courses through sites like Coursera. This is where universities host free courses on everything, ranging from Physics to History, Philosophy and Medical Sciences. There’s some History, Creative Writing and Music Composition subjects taking my fancy. So, I’ll definitely look into this at some stage too….that being said, though, my Masters will take priority first off.

-I also have found an OpenColleges sewing course, which I’d like to take in the future. Depending on finances and costs, it would be something I’d be very interested in doing as the courses themselves go through a lot of content I’m not familiar with (and if I want to start actually making my retro-styled dresses and using my patterns, I should probably re-learn how to sew, haha)

-Wedding things are slowly getting there-we’re ordering the bridesmaid dresses soon. I’m hoping to go fabric shopping for my dress in the next month or so, and once I get my tax return I’ll be able to purchase some bulk things related to decorations and the like.

-Ray and I had a fantastic game of D&D over the weekend with my brother and my sister-in-law. While we didn’t do too much dungeon battles, we really got a feel of our group dynamic and how our characters interact and respond to each other over explorations and ethical issues (do we try to obtain a magical spear being held by a powerful necromancer mummy? The dwarf stays back and out of the way, while the druid decides to explore and try to obtain said weapon, while the paladin…happy regardless of if the weapon is obtained or not, is there to protect the druid/dwarf. Even if it led to our first pretty decent battle, it was a great experience of seeing how the party can work together. I have to say, it’s been my absolute favourite D&D session so far!)

-On the note of Ray…I once again want to express how lucky I am. Over the weekend, we did something really epic: we bought matching dragon onesies. We the proceeded to wear them to get Maccas for breakfast, as well as get petrol. I definitely have found the perfect husband for me 🙂 (and yes, I have photographic evidence of our adventures…but to be nice, I will not put them up…yet!)

Anyway, lots of thinking and planning over that past week. I should have a lot more to tell next week, hopefully.

Hope everyone is keeping well with this cold weather 🙂