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Week 24!


Another week, another blog update!

I have been pretty sick this week, so not too much has happened….therefore, this blog post may not be too interesting, haha.

-I still haven’t been able to exercise much due to being sick. I’m trying to fully recover before I get back into the proper workouts…however, as I’ve gotten sick with two different things over two weeks (tonsillitis, and what I thought was food poisoning…but it may have been a virus), I haven’t had a chance to recover. My weight is stable, at the same as last week.

-I managed to have an awesome op-shopping day with two wonderful friends from work. While I was trying not to buy any clothes, the majority of my purchases ended up being additions to the wardrobe. I was very surprised to find many fur (and imitation fur) coats, and managed to pick myself up an imitation fur from a company based in Melbourne during the 60s-70s…it’s a lovely cream/beige colour and is a mini-coat (sits on the waist). I’ll need somewhere fancy to wear it though, haha. Regardless, it was fantastic being able to op-shop again, and if I end up moving closer to Wollongong, it will definitely be something I do on a regular basis.

-I’ve really gotten into playing Dragon Age. Yes, I will admit that I’m probably playing it on one of the easiest modes, but I’m really intrigued by the storylines and character development. It’s definitely filling the “void” I had from playing Baldurs Gate 2, and then not feeling like any other games were as good. It’s giving me lots of ideas for D&D character development.

-Wedding update: nothing  much to update on. I’ve been Pinterest-ing and on Etsy saving ideas, but I ultimately won’t be able to make many purchases until post-tax return. The next thing will most likely be organising buying the bridesmaid dresses, and then going shopping for my wedding dress fabric 🙂

-If I have some time off in the future, I am going to try and write a few blog posts (so I have some different content on here). I know of late, it’s been pretty boring on here, as I’ve just been giving an update of what’s happened over the past week. And really, of recent, it’s not too interesting as I’ve been really busy. So, I am working on this and when I have some time off, will get cracking on finishing a few posts to go up.

-Over the weekend, I’ve been shown how to bathe a newborn and change the nappies of a newborn. Considering I held a newborn for the first time only a few weeks ago, you can understand why I wouldn’t know how to do the two above items. However, I’ve been challenged to successfully change a nappy next weekend…sooo we’ll see if I remember, lol 🙂

-And lastly, today is my fiancé’s birthday. We celebrated on the weekend by going out to our favourite Japanese restaurant, and will be celebrating with his family today. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have him in my life. To have someone that you know you can completely trust, who praises your nerdy-ness and lame jokes (rather than trying to hinder them), and who loves you for who you are….it’s such a precious thing to have. I hope I can bring as much happiness to his life as he does to mine. I can’t wait to share my future with him!

-Next week, I’ll hopefully have some more interesting updates and potentially an off-topic blog post that isn’t an update.

Thanks for reading!


Week 23!


Hello everyone!

Well, another week, another update!

I’ve spent most of this week unwell with a bad case on tonsillitis, however it’s still been relatively busy.

-I have had to take a break from working out due to tonsillitis. Any time I tried to work out, I became a blocked-up mess….so, I had to rest this week. It seems I’ve maintained my weight from the previous week, which is good regardless. I’m still feeling not 100% yet…however am hoping to start back with working 0out once I can breathe well again.

-Wedding Update: well, it’s been a pretty productive week for wedding plans. I managed to go with my Mum and Maid of Honour and try on some dresses to get a rough idea of what suits me (before my dress is made, so it was a little sneaky of me!) There’s a few things I learned from this experience. Firstly, Western-Sydney bridal stores love bling. There were dresses which had a bodice that looked like a disco-ball everywhere! And many, many marshmallow skirts everywhere! The next thing was that the majority of stores won’t acknowledge your presence (maybe because I wasn’t a tanned size 8). We went to four stores before staff acknowledged us and were able to get me trying on dresses, which was really unimpressive. However, the final store I went to (called Brides in Love) was quite good with their service (even if the store was filled with exactly the same bridesmaid dresses…the standard floor length with interchangeable sleeve styles). I also learned that the things you try on are definitely samples, when one of the dresses had a massive bright pink lipstick mark on its neckline. You should also wear pretty modest undergarments (or what I did…believe it or not, bike shorts…lol, it was comfortable and I was taking advise from previous brides!), as the assistant will be helping you get in and out of dresses. After trying on 4 dresses, I definitely know the style I was thinking of will work, with a few good adjustments (a waist which finishes above belly button looks very flattering on me, which I didn’t realise!). It all became quite real when I was standing on a pedestal in the store, poofy skirt flowing out everywhere and veil in my hair. 🙂

-As I was sick this week, I did have some time off. I used this time to rest and catch up with some much-deserved movie watching and gaming. In particular, my Dragon Age game. Man, I love this game. The storyline is one I find really intriguing and the game’s consequential plot movement (and how your actions actually do have an effect on other characters and their stories) I know it’s quite old (5 years, in fact!), however I’m really enjoying it. On a side note, I think the female noble male NPC is a real whingy wuss, however to get anything decent in the story for side-quests, you kinda have to like him :/ Ah well! I’ll have no idea what to play next once I’ve finished Dragon Age…however considering I’ve only competed 10% of the game (according to the game itself), that won’t happen for a while.

-So, within the next few weeks I’m hoping to have an idea of where things are going for me…so that I can figure out plans for the future in a more concrete way. It seems like the final bit of waiting I have to do…yet I feel so impatient at the same time. I’m a little nervous, because I don’t really have a back-up plan if things fall through.

-While I’ve been very busy working, I’ve managed to start reading again. There’s several pins on Pinterest recommending “books to read in your 20s”, so I’ve started reading a few from this list. I really wish I could commit to reading at least one book a week, however this probably won’t start happening until I have my own place.

-I’ve been reflecting over the past week about my internet usage. I’m definitely not on Facebook as much as I used to be, and I’m absolutely fine with this. Compare this to when I was addicted to using MSN and Facebook and everything else…I’ve come a long way in accepting myself and the life around me. I’ve learned that some of the best people to spend the most time with are family of recent, and it’s been wonderful being able to be a part of their lives and good news of recent. I’ve also learned that the best of friends are ones that you don’t have to speak to everyday…but when you do catch up, it’s meaningful and is always the same. While another thing I’ve learned (or am learning), and this may be the hardest of the above, is that people drift apart. And most of the time, it’s really for no reason at all other than life being busy and taking you in different directions….and I’ve just read that back and realise it sounds very floaty and philosophical…which is definitely not me. Anyway, overall, I’m learning to be grateful of those around me in my everyday life, particularly with family, work and those who are in for the long haul.

So, that’s about it for this week. I know, I keep promising to write more blogs about different things, but at the moment I ain’t got no time for that.

Soon…I promise.

Thanks for reading!


Week 22!


Sorry for the late post, due to the long weekend and me getting my relax on! Well, I’m starting the current week with a very sore throat and very little sleep. So, to take my mind off how sick I’m feeling, here’s the reflection of the past week:

-Exercise is going well. The EA Active program is slowly getting there and I’m maintaining 3-4 workouts a week. My weight is currently stable, perhaps with a 500 gram loss.

-Things are becoming more finalised for both myself and Ray regarding our careers. We should have some answers within two weeks, which will help us start setting up for our future together (and get rid of a massive amount of my anxiety). I’m really looking forward to it all and I’m hopeful it all works out.

-Wedding things: We’re slowly edging closer with our preparation with under 320 days to go! A rough budget, guest list and browsing of clothes and ring ideas has happened. I’m just awaiting my tax return to get things more set in concrete (and I found amazing wedding bands on etsy!)

-On the same note of weddings, this week, I also found assurance for the future from several people. I’m so thankful that I have supportive family and friends around me. I feel that regardless of how things pan out, things will work themselves out…and it’s taken me a long time to start feeling that way.

-I found an amazing blog to follow this week- iheartcabramatta. Ray and I had been wanting to visit Cabramatta for forever (even though we both live relatively close to it), yet we had no idea of where to start. Thanks to the insightful and very informative blog from iheartcabramatta, we managed to have an awesome adventure in Cabramatta over the weekend, eat some amazing Vietnamese gluten-free food and find some awesome stores for our favourite nerd merchandise 🙂 Plus, the blogger herself is absolutely lovely, therefore take my advice and have a look at her page for inspiration towards your next trip!

-On another note, this week I thought about two of my colleagues who I won’t be seeing as much anymore (as they’ve moving in other directions to pursue their dreams). Both of these colleagues have been amazing to worth with and I’ve really appreciated learning from them. It was really thanks to them that I was able to develop in my current role and feel so welcome and involved in a team. I’m really going to miss seeing them everyday. However, I will be catching up with them soon! 🙂

-It’s always this time of the year where I fall sick. I’ve been getting pretty constant headaches, while some of my wisdom teeth have been growing through. I’m sort of bracing myself to get sick soon (last year, I was sick for a solid few weeks varying from infections to tonsillitis to hand, foot and mouth disease). Now I’ve gotten the sore throat (which feels like the start of either hayfever, an infection or tonsillitis) today, I’m hoping I don’t get sick. I can’t afford to get sick as I’m too busy and have too much work to do! So, I’m dosing up on Vitamin C and avoiding belting out my tunes on the way to work….fingers crossed….I really don’t want to get sick 🙁

-I currently have to blog posts in progress, which I hope to put up over the next few weeks. One is addressing the anxiety of making friends, particularly female friends as you get older (something I definitely struggle with), and one that’s a “letter to my high school self”, which is more reflection than anything. I may also put some pics up and further details on Cabramatta if I have time.

And that’s about it for now. Things could get very interesting in a couple of weeks time….so here’s hoping! 🙂



Week 21!



Well, many things have happened this week!

-First off, the most exciting thing: my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Anastasia Jane. I was lucky enough to get to visit her within 12 hours of her being born (so definitely the “newest” baby I’ve ever seen), and I even got to hold her. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever held a newborn baby…and it was really special. It’s amazing what life gives us 🙂

-Secondly, things are moving forward regarding the main “worry” of mine about future financial security and my career. I’ll have answers soon and know where I’m going and finally be able to start planning things in details regarding moving and settling down. I won’t say much on here (sorry, I have to be vague about it), just that I’ll have an idea of what I’ll need to be doing after the next two weeks. I’m so determined to secure my career and really hoping everything works out because I’ve had some pretty anxious times recently….just because I really want it all to work out so badly.

-I had a couple of times this week where I was challenged in a professional setting where I had to step up and be confident. It was a good experience overall for me, as I now know what to do in those scenarios and also that I am capable of handling issues when they arise.

-I have been keeping up my 4 workouts a week at home. So, I jumped on the scales to find out how I’m going, and it appears that I’ve lost a kilo over a week. Progress, woo! I had a little break over the weekend (and a few days before), so I’m going to get back onto it tomorrow night 🙂

-My diabetes blood sugar levels as well have improved dramatically, which has been beneficial to my productivity and wellbeing. It’s within the “target” I set a few months ago, however this target may need to be tightened to the real “targets” I should be reaching with levels, according to my clinics.

-On another note, I’ve had some pretty anxious moments this week. It’s mainly been about two things: awaiting news of the main “worry” I listed above, and also that I can be so awkward socialising and can find it hard to make friends of recent… especially reaching out and deepening friendships with females in particular. I was going to write a post about it, but it was too “melodramatic” for my liking. But anyway, just something I’ve noticed of recent and trying to work on so I’m not a worry-wart .

And that’s about it for now. This weekend, I’m most likely going to head out and try some wedding dresses on to get an idea of what suits me (I’m getting my dress made, but want to make sure the style suits me), and I’ve got a few things to work on and sort out in my spare time. This week will be a busy one though, so will see how it all goes.