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Week 20!


Wow, I’ve been blogging for 20 weeks now! Almost half a year! So here’s what I’ve been up to over the last week:

-I’ve managed to work out at home 4 times this week. I’ve re-set my profile up on EA Active and am doing the 9 week program. It contains a lot more core/resistance training than what I was doing at the gym (which was pretty much cardio and some tiny weight training). So, even though it’s only 30 minute sessions at the moment, I’ve been dead after these workouts…my legs have ached the next day, which is good in a sense as I wasn’t really working these areas out as much at the gym. My dietician said I should be aiming for an hour of exercise a day, so I’m slowly building up to that.

-After jumping on the scales this morning, it seems that I’ve lost a kilo since last week. But that brings me to a similar weight as what I’ve been over the past few weeks anyway.

-I’ve also changed a few things in my diet. My dietician also recommended that I start eating more protein to lose weight. So, I’ve taken to eating eggs on toast for breakfast, and am trying to eat some more meat and things. I’ve also changed my iced coffee or flavoured milk in the mornings to soy, as it’s way better for my diabetes in the mornings (regarding sugar, fat, being gluten free and more low-gi). It does have that slightly-nutty taste that most people told me about, however that seems to go well with the coffee and chocolate flavours, and I find it way easier to drink.

-I’m still drinking just water, however I think I’ve been drinking less amounts than what I previously was. Maybe 1.5 litres instead of 2….which I’ve got to fix up again.

-Wedding updates: not too much has happened, other than securing a makeup artist and purchasing bridal-like underwear so I can start trying on dresses in the next few weeks to get an idea of the styles that suit me (I’ll then be getting my dress made instead!) 🙂

-I’m still keeping an eye on the real estate rental market, and over the past week it has really slumped. There’s hardly anything “for rent” in the areas I was considering…it seems like it’s all dropped down over the past week in particular. It’s hard to decide where I/we’ll end up living because we’d have to pay an extra $100 a week to get a place we’d like in Wollongong, compared to a similar place in Wilton/Appin/Douglas Park/halfway between home and Wollongong. I guess having the beach so close to many regions here on the coast means that prices are upped (which I discovered from living in a unit on the beach). I’m hoping the real-estate bubble bursts soon…it’s getting pretty disappointing that there’s not much out there at the minute.

-I read this blog post during the week, and found it quite inspirational (as a larger-than-average girl):

Other than that, not much else is happening. Just trying to keep on top of things at work, my diabetes and my diet/exercise.  🙂


A quick blog update :)

Hi guys! I thought I’d write a quick update on the blog.

I totally missed that my blog has hit over 4000 views a few weeks ago (now at 4200!). Wow….haha, well it seems people do like to read my updates (or they’re mad pro stalkers). Either way….thanks, I guess?

No, really-thanks to those who have supported me keeping up with the blog, even when it’s really just an update of where things are up to and keeping up with goals. It’s great knowing that there’s a support/motivational network there, and I hope I can also help you guys out too.

I’ve also had people visiting my blog regularly from Japan, the US, Denmark, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Hello to anyone who was one of these visitors! It’s really awesome that my blog has had some overseas action (unlike myself, who hasn’t been able to head overseas since 2010 now….sob)

On another note…I’m not sure if you guys would know, but anything you google to get to my website comes up in my admin page for me to see…and there’s some funny (perhaps creepy) results there. Lol…. :/

I should probably start writing some more “informative” blog posts with content other than my weekly updates because of all of this. So, once things settle down regarding moving and employment status for both myself and my fiancé (still getting used to saying that, teehee!), I’m going to aim to do two blog posts a week. One will be an update of what I’m up to, and the other will be a blog on an “interest” I’m pursuing or commenting on (D&D, cultural things, wedding stuff, sewing or anything you guys want to know/hear about). I’m welcome to suggestions, so feel free to let me know what you’d like to hear 🙂

Anyway, let’s end this not-very-informative quick update with a few cool (and relevent) pics which I feel sum up stuff and my thoughts of recent 🙂

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Week 19!





Sorry for the later-than-usual weekly update. I was at Diabetes Clinic for most of yesterday, so didn’t get around to writing my update.

So, over the past week:

-I’ve started to exercise at home, which is working out quite well. I’m aiming to do this 4 times a week, and then do some form of other activity over the weekends (as I’m not usually at home). I’ve set up the treadmill, along with my weights and have incorporated sit-ups and the EA Active program into this too. Hopefully I’ll stay on track!

-As I said, I had Diabetes Clinic yesterday. The great news is that my HBA1C (google it if you’re unsure what it is) is down to 8.5% after being 9.6% previously. Yes, this is still very high (it’s meant to be 7.0% or below), but considering I’ve been able to drop this by a whole percent since last clinic is amazing. So, I’m going to continue the level of monitoring I have been doing (and the doctors have changed my insulin doses to hopefully help with this). I also managed to see a dietician who gave some good tips on helping maintain my weight loss.

-Wedding plans are going well. We met with our photographer on the weekend who is absolutely incredible and “fits us” so well for what we were after for the wedding. She’s genuine, nice and incredibly talented (and about to get married herself!). Check out her website here:

-Other wedding plans are slowly starting…our parents have met, we’re starting to form our bridal parties and we’re contemplating an engagement “do” with our families. Many of our plans are pending on finding out our job situations and things.

-The next couple of weeks will be tense as we both look to secure employment so that all of our plans can go ahead. Teaching jobs are by far the most competitive in Wollongong, so it can be the case of having to do quite a broad search (even in the Campbelltown area still). And I’m just bracing myself and preparing for things on my end (again, sorry to be mysterious but don’t want to disclose much on here). So, we’re just both sitting tight and playing the waiting game until we can start organising more things.

-Eurovision was on over the weekend. I did find out who had one before we went to our Eurovision Party (serves me right for going on Facebook that morning and being curious)…but regardless, I was quite impressed with the Wildmoose Café and their Eurovision Night. I’m glad that Greece (my fav) managed to be placed 6th, and many of my favs in the top 10. 🙂

And that’s about it for now….I’m a bit busy, hence a very summarised weekly post, but will try to write more when I can! 🙂


Week 18!


Hi everyone!

So, Week 18! It seems so long ago that I started to blog about my goals for this year, and it’s been awesome that I’ve been keeping to them (and that people say they enjoy reading my updates, haha) 🙂

The past week has been pretty busy, but lots of things to update:

-Wedding stuff: Well, I have made us a wedding planning book and we haven’t really done much else (except put our deposits down for the church and photographer so they’re out of the way). We’ll be confirming our budget over the next week and thinking over guest lists. We’re both pretty keen on having quite a small wedding with family and very close friends. Otherwise, not many updates here!

-Gym: So, as of last week, I have cancelled my gym membership. The main reason is because I now have access to the same equipment I use at the gym at home. So, I can use these at home and save myself $30 a week (which is very important for our wedding savings!) So, mum and I are setting up a routine so we can do this together. In reality, I have enough support and motivation to keep it up at home, and now I have the resources, it’s not a cost-effective thing for me to keep having the membership.  Also, I can’t use the pool there either until my leg is fully healed (which is going to take forever. But, do not stress, as I will be keeping up with my exercise.

-Last week, I had a bit of worry and frustration about trying to lose weight in relation to my Type 1 Diabetes. I remembered that I have a Diabetes Clinic appointment in a fortnight. One issue I was wanting to discuss with them in particular is losing weight. As I’m getting married in about a year I’m really determined to lose weight and start married life as healthy as I can be.

I’ve always been overweight. A combination of genetics and the man-made insulin amounts I have to have for my diabetes means it’s a struggle for me to maintain a weight ever since high school. My weight tends to balloon up and down depending on how my body’s coping with insulin absorption and my blood sugar levels/stress/other injuries including my leg. So, right now, I’m really frustrated with how hard it’s been to lose weight of recent. Here’s why:

-I’m Finding that I’m barely losing weight, even though I’ve made significant changes (going to the gym, only drinking water, cutting out foods)

-When I “push myself” at the gym, I end up having low blood sugar levels after my workout, requiring me to eat sugary foods to fix myself up…I then feel that my workout was a waste.

-My levels change dramatically when I do exercise, meaning I have a very small window for having the “right” levels to exercise

-According to diabetes forums I’ve read online, Type 1 Diabetics really struggle to lose weight due to our varying insulin amounts and trying to keep balance of our blood sugar levels. A girl and her family went on the same diet and exercise regime, and while they easily lost 10-12 kilos, she barely lost 5.

-Many diabetics seem to be working towards one of the following: losing weight or having in control sugar levels. Many find they can only have one of the two, so have to sacrifice one. With my NLD on my leg, many times I’ve exercised on a 3-4 time a week basis has made the healing of it slow down or even become infected.

-On the other hand, something quite shocking has been occurring with Type 1 Diabetics who are desperate to lose weight. “Diabulimia” as it’s called (, where diabetics stop taking their insulin in order to lose weight quickly. It’s so saddening to hear that some diabetics feel that they have to go to this extent to lose weight because it’s so difficult. Don’t worry…I love food too much (and am becoming so good at monitoring my levels and giving insulin) and I would never ever consider something like this. It’s just really sad to hear that this is happening 🙁

Anyway, just something that’s been on my mind over the past week. However, after talking to several people, I have done quite well so far, considering I’m keeping the weight off which I am losing, and working on my levels and having my leg healed. I guess I just wanted to make people aware that it can be quite difficult for me to work at.

-I’ve started becoming anxious about some things related to being able to move out and secure Ray and my future (I won’t disclose too much about it on here). However, I’m really, really, really lucky to have Ray here for me. Even when I’m an anxious wreck sometimes he still things I’m awesome and capable, and constantly assures me that things will work out for us to be able to start our future together soon. I don’t want to be too mushy about it on here, but I am constantly reminded of how amazing my fiancé is and how I am very well taken care of. 🙂

That’s about it for the past week! I’ve also managed to get back into my ukulele playing, which has been a bit of a relax-thing of late. This week is EPIC because of Eurovision, so I look forward to this weekend! 🙂

Week 17!

Hi everyone!

So, time for another update 🙂

First off, THANK YOU once again for all the lovely messages and words we’ve received…it’s really been so inspirational knowing we’re surrounded by so much love. The fact that so many people are as excited as me is epic, haha.

-Wedding planning: we’ve started (just). A date has been set and we’re looking at our budgeting. I have many, many ideas for things (thanks Pinterest!) and we’ll most likely be having our engagement shoot soon, yay!

For those curious, here’s the ring and the proposal box I was talking about:




I absolutely love it. The first time I went outside with it on, I was blown away by the shiny colourful streaks that come off the diamond from the light…I was pretending it was lasers and going ‘PEW PEW PEW’…..Ray thought it was cute…but I can hear some of you yelling out “NERDDDDDDDDD” from here, lol.

On a side note, I purchased Cosmo Bride out of curiosity. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read the budgets in the magazine. I think I only saw 2 under $20 000…everyone else was $50 000 upwards, even into the $100 000! Seriously, I think that’s a little ridiculous…that’s a deposit for a house right there….so yeah. We are looking at doing things on a budget (and keep saving for a house and honeymoon adventures overseas). Yet at the same time, I’ve dreamed about a wedding since I was a little girl, so it’s going to be a fun challenge keeping the theme and being thifty 🙂

-We’re investigating houses still, awaiting on more news on our employment as to when we can look in more detail. We think we’ll be renting first (as I don’t think we’ll have a full deposit by the wedding), however will be able to save for a deposit still.

-Sadly, around all of this exciting news, our family Labrador, Sally, passed away over the weekend. Sally was the last surviving member of her litter and after being with us for over 15 years, she had a stroke last week and had to be put to sleep. It’s been quite upsetting, however we are happy that she is no longer in pain. I have many great memories of Sally (from training her to jump over our tree stumps with lilli pillies as treats, to being a member of our Sister Club when I was 8), and it really feels like I’m moving into the next stage of life with her passing. I miss her and it’s not the same leaving home for work or getting home from work and she’s not waiting at the gate for me. 🙁

-This week, I really am going to try to get back into the gym. I need some epic motivation to get back into the swing of it (wanting to be a pretty bride is a good one).

-My leg is still “healing”. I’m contemplating looking into some more treatments, as I’d love to have it fully healed by the time I get married.

And that’s about it. It’s been a pretty event-filled past week. This week coming, I get to catch up with family, play D&D and lots more, so we’ll see how it all goes 🙂

Week 16!

So, as many of you know, the past week has been a massive week for me. Firstly….




Ray and I are absolutely thrilled to be preparing for this next stage of our lives together. We can’t be happier…and the support and well wishes we’ve received from everyone over this week has been incredible. I feel honoured and blessed to be surrounded by so much love. Thank you!


I thought for this week’s post, I’d answer many questions people have asked (or I thought they’d ask) about the engagement (with some assistance from Ray). So, here goes:


Q: How did Ray propose?

Well, here’s the story (the shortest version):

April 24th 2013 was officially one year since we first met. So we liked to call it an “anniversary” of sorts (it was also my Dad’s 60th, so added celebrations there!) Anyway, Ray had told me we were going to the city to dinner to a place we normally go to. So, after heading in, we stop in to his parent’s office to drop off/collect keys for parking, when Ray hands me a backpack. He says I should go to the bathroom and check out the backpack. I am very confused at this point.


When I got to the bathroom, I open the backpack up. In there is the dress I wore on our first official formal date (which he said he’d love me to wear when he proposed one day), plus matching shoes and everything. I am quite shaky with excitement yet still have no idea of what’s going on (but at this point I also had a low blood sugar level so was shaky due to needing sugar!)


We headed out once I had gotten changed (I’m very shaky and giddy, with no idea of what’s going on), and we head to the place we originally we meant to be going, but just to have drinks. I have a peppermint tea to settle my nerves and we then head out for a walk on the harbour.


We then stop at the Captain Cook Cruises, where I discover he’s booked us a three course dinner on a cruise around Sydney Harbour. We head on board and get seated with a view overlooking the harbour. It was amazing!


Once some food and wine was served and we were in the middle of the harbour, Ray then said some amazing words (which I’ll keep as my own special secret), and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!


He then gave me a box. Inside the box was the scene from the very first Zelda game where the mysterious old man says “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” and in the spot where the sword should be, is where the ring would be placed in the box.


Funnily enough, after Ray proposed, the band on the boat started playing “Smooth Operator” which gave us many lols.


And then we spent the rest of the cruise up on the top balcony, overlooking Sydney Harbour.


And that’s it, really! 🙂

Q: Wait, where was the ring!?

A: So, we technically don’t have the ring yet. The ring has been purchased from the USA and has arrived in Australia, however there has been some declaration issues we didn’t realise with it. So, we should have the real ring within the next two weeks. I have a temporary ring for now, and am happy to wait. Really, it’s about the commitment, not just the ring. I’ll put up pics of the ring when it arrives.


Q: Do you have photos of the proposal?

A: Haha…we were meant to, but the photographer didn’t get there in time. We have “fake proposal” ones which were done just after, which I may put on Facebook once I get the ring. I may put them up here too, maybe.


Q: When’s the wedding?

A: Umm….we only just got engaged, lol. We’re planning to enjoy being engaged for a little bit before settling down and sorting out a wedding. Rough guide is probably about 12 months.


Q: Wait…haven’t you guys only been going out for a short period of time?

A: ….firstly, why does it matter?

Ray and I have known each other for a year. Throughout this time, we’ve been through a lot of big things together, from health issues to big stress-inducing issues, holidays, studying, working through some very anxious times for myself and really getting to know each other. After our past experiences with relationships (particularly being in reasonably long ones previously), we were determined to find someone who would be our ‘forever’ even before we met. So when we did first meet, we went through many things, such as being penpals for a start, to be secure and know what we were in for. We absolutely love each other to bits and know this is perfect and our forever.


And to be honest, it’s none of your business really, if you think the above. We don’t care, lol 😛


After all of this, I really have to say I’ve been blown away by everyone who is happy for us (which is my mind seems like everyone anyway, or everyone that matters!) Thank you for your continued happiness and support, and we must all catch up soon! 🙂


So, what else happened in the past week to add to my update? Not much.

-I still haven’t gotten back to the gym, but I now have some pretty good motivation now.

-I’m still off the soft drink and with good water consumption each day, yay!

-My leg is on the mend for healing and hopefully I’m up to the stage of reducing the scar 🙂


So, I’ll probably have a weekly “wedding” update in my post each week now, yay! But that’s about it for this week….I’m pretty much the happiest and luckiest girl out there 🙂