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Week 15!


Ok, time for an update!

-This week, I was unable to get to the gym (so lame) as I was house-sitting and needing to keep my leg rested (so it will hopefully start healing up again). Hoping to get back into things this week…I know my gym sessions have grinded to a halt of recent, which I’m not impressed about, and I’m trying to get back on track with it. I haven’t gained weight when I checked, possibly lost about 250gm or something tiny. But now things are settling down, I’ll be getting my butt back into gear.

-So, as I said above, I was taking care of the house while my parents were gone…which meant I got to take care of our 15 year old blind and deaf Labrador, Sally. It was a bit of a bonding session for us, as amongst being busy for work and living out of home, I didn’t get to spend much time with her. She’s very sleepy and slow-moving these days, but it was lovely to just get down to her level and spend time with her.

-I’m starting to think about writing more posts on here (as shown by my Eurovision post last week!)…so, things which have a bit of my opinion in them. Anyone have any thoughts on what I should include? At this stage, I’d like to do some posts on Zelda culture (what my thesis was on about)/patriotic gaming cultures, my D&D escapades, projects and things. We’ll see…I just need a chance to sit down and write!

-One thing I’m looking at starting soon is making my own clothes, particularly dresses and stuff. I’ve got all my retro patterns ready and some awesome fabrics (including a Damask fabric which is decorated with many a Tardis!). I’ve been eyeing off the limited edition anniversary Singer sewing machine (, but as I have a 1960s Pinnock, old school 70s Bernina and an overlocker…I’d have to see. Maybe a present down the track as it looks pretty incredible with its features!

-I still can’t believe I’m not drinking Coke Zero, Pepsi Max or any soft drink! Water is my thing these days, and I don’t even need to think about my drink choices these days.

-I’m hoping to start trying out some gluten-free recipes I found on Pinterest soon. I might put reviews of them up on here (maybe, we’ll see how far I get in actually making this a reality!)

-Speaking of which, I may connect my Pinterest to this website. Maybe.

So…nothing much happened this week, sorry…it was more minding the house for my parents and planning things. There’s some MASSIVE awesome things coming up, so you’ll have to keep an eye on here to find out more.

This week, I’ve got my Dad’s 60th and Ray and my one year anniversary (we like to count from the day we first met!) I’ve got  a dinner in Sydney to look forward to with him, and then a big family luncheon, so lots of catch-ups ahead!



Ever since I came across the 2009 Eurovision Grand Final while staying in hospital, I’ve been following the song contest each year (and every year, my enthusiasm grows!) So, I thought I’d write up a quick post as to who are my favourites and why. These may be quite “out there” compared to what other people are backing, but to me, all of Eurovision is meant to be “out there” anyway (well, a common perception from outer-European countries).

This guy is one of the many reasons why I continue to watch Eurovision.

This guy is one of the many reasons why I continue to watch Eurovision.

Regardless, all are entertaining and make for good viewing. Here’s who I’m backing this year:

-Greece: “Alcohol is Free” by Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis

Ok, so Greece can’t afford to win and host the show next year. So, everyone is saying that this is a “dud” entry to ensure that. However, for some reason, I really like it. Maybe because it somehow reminds me of the Cat Empire here in Australia. And seriously….Greek guys in kilts! I find it really catchy, even if I’m the only Australian that thinks so. Check the song out here:

-France: “L’enfer Et Moi” by Amandine Bourgeois

Finally, France does something catchy and unique with a chance of getting to the finals! I really like this girl’s voice and this song stands out against all the ballads and dubstep. Check it out below:

-Norway: “I Feed You My Love” by Margaret Berger

I LOVE her voice. I know Denmark is the favourite, but I think that Norway’s female singer’s voice is much more powerful. Check her out here:

-Denmark: “Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest

Yes, I like this one, but it’s the leading favourite so far. It is unique…but I feel some of the others I’ve listed have more depth (and Denmark is pretty close to Sweden, so it would be nice to have the next contest in a further-away country). Check out “Only Teardrops” here:

-Malta: “Tomorrow” by Gianluca

Ok, this is my “cute guitar” favourite. I think it’s because of the cute little storyline and the ukulele. The  main singer kind of looks like he should be a member of One Direction though….Malta usually does big pop numbers, so this is a nice change. Check out “Tomorrow” here:

-Albania: “Identitet” by Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko

I guess this is my “rock”-like pick. Compared with Albania’s “what-the!?” choice last year, this seems like a good alternative song to add into the mix. I doubt it will get far, but it is catchy. Check it out here:

-Russia: “What If” by Dina Garipova

Ok, so this year you either have a choice of Ballads, Dubstep or WTF entries. This is my favourite ballad at the moment. Check out the song here:

-Romania: “It’s my Life” by Cezar

I think this is my WTF favourite…because of HIS VOICE. Wow…..was not expecting his voice to be operatic. It’s interesting to say the least…but it would be different if this one made it through to the finals (plus there’s a little hint of dubstep there too). I also hope he wears his sparkly edged tuxedo to the contest too 😛 Check it out here:

So, yeah, these are my favs so far.

If any friends are in Wollongong, I would encourage you to check out the Eurovision Grand Final Night being held at WildMoose café. I’ll be there with friends, and the night will include Eurovision trivia and Swedish nibblies (the owner is Swedish and loves Eurovision!) You’ll have to call the café to book and I’m pretty sure they’re quite booked up already.

Sometimes, I kind of wish Asia had something like Eurovision, but then it wouldn’t be the same!

Week 14!



Hello again!

Well, the week that has passed has been massive for me (in a good way) on the work side of things (and have just caught up on sleep from it all!), and I’ve been minding the house for my parents. So not too much has really happened.

-As you may have noticed, I updated the website a little by changing the design. I’m still looking into more options and want to upgrade so I can edit more, so will keep looking into this.

-I haven’t checked my weight loss much this week (and haven’t gotten to the gym) based on work events during the week and minding the house. However, last I checked I was at the same  weight as last week. I’m hoping to get back into some gym this week (and now my leg has healed up a little). I’ve had to be careful lately, as any additional stress on the leg has caused it to go backwards in the healing process…so some gym times I’ve had to miss. However, it seems to be on track so I should be good to get back into the gym.

-The event I was organising at work was a success (and it wouldn’t have gone so well without the help of my amazing colleagues and boss!) The one thing that I learned from this was that I proved something to myself-that I can be organised, in control of my stress and can do things I set my mind to…I guess I was after some assurance in that to get my confidence up. And after how things went, I’m feeling pretty good about things ahead. Yay-I love my job! 🙂

-I’m trying to read more books lately. I’m getting into the Song of Ice and Fire series (finally), since I probably should after seeing the first two seasons…

-I’m tossing up about selling my old camera and getting a new one. I’m really keen on this one ( Any thoughts or suggestions?

-Ray and I managed to catch up with the trivia group of friends from Wollongong for a much-anticipated Bad Movie Night. How it works is that we all select movies with IMDB ratings under 4, and then take turns drawing one of these movies out of a hat to watch (including pot luck dinner). This session, we had Spiceworld (which I had never seen, believe it or not!) and Birdemic. Seriously…Birdemic got a 1.9/10 and is rated the 9th worst movie of all time……but it’s so bad that you have to see it. More info about it here (and there’s a sequel, which we will watch next time!)

Other than that, it’s been a pretty uneventful week except for catching up with friends on Friday, getting my car fixed (there was a warranty-fixable error with a fixture on my door), and seeing a local production of Pride and Prejudice.

More to come next week, hopefully! 🙂


Week 13!

Hi everyone! Time for a weekly update 🙂


-The gym is slowly getting on track. I still need to get up to the 3/3 sessions a week, but when I do get there, I put in as much as I can. It may be difficult as I’m house-sitting and coordinating a massive event this week, but I’ll try my best. I seem to have lost 500g this week, and have had a few people mention that they can see it in my face and I seem more toned…I’m not sure if this is correct, but it’s good to hear it anyway. I feel really invigorated when I do get there…but I’ve been finding on the days I do get to the gym, I struggle falling asleep after. It’s quite weird!

-I managed to play some D&D over the weekend. I’m not feeling completely confident with my ability as a player, however I’m working on it. I’ve got another game with my brother and sister in law next month, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve also been invited to a Cthulu game, which I’m considering.

-My diabetes levels went a bit crazy over the weekend (I think my calculation of carbs and insulin was a bit out of whack). It didn’t help that I had a dream over the weekend where I got all of these medical complications because of it. I’m trying so hard to get the levels in control and monitoring things, however sometimes it’s a bit unpredictable. I had quite high levels when trying to D&D over the weekend, and it really affected my ability to focus, be alert and be involved because I felt so drained. Anyway, levels are a work in progress, as always.

-So, as of the past week. I’ve started to look at moving closer to Wollongong. I’ve got my savings all ready to make it happen: but I’m still awaiting confirmation on a few things which will determine if/when I can move, however I feel I can start looking. But, to be honest, the real estate market sucks right now. I never want to live in a unit ever again, therefore I’m looking at houses…however it seems these are getting snatched up quickly as well. There’s many families struggling to find houses in the rental market, and I’ve heard of people turning up to housing inspections dressed professionally (treating it like an interview, providing official resumes and charts explaining why they should get the place), or people arriving at inspections to be told the place is already sold. So it seems quite competitive for now, depending on what my circumstances are when I’m moving/if I’m sharing a place. Then there’s the decision of buying or renting. At this stage, the market is horrible either way…but I’ll probably have to stick to renting for now. I’m looking at a half-way point (not in the middle of Wollongong), as I like the rural living for now…Appin, Wilton and Douglas Park are on the cards because these are all central to Wollongong/Campbelltown/home and are easily accessible. I’ll have to also think about my gym membership and a few practical things too. Anyway, if anyone has any tips for renting, or knows of any good places going, please let me know 🙂

-So, I had a little bit of softdrink over the weekend. Just a ginger beer. It’s a treat and every other day of the week I have water. The fact that a year ago, I was having up to three cans of Pepsi Max or Coke Zero a day and I’m now only having water (and the occasionally Lemon Lime and Bitters or Ginger Beer), I’m pretty happy with myself and this change.

-I got to have a good go of my viola over the previous weekend. My sister and I have a wedding gig coming up, and it was awesome being able to play again. The viola and cello sound so lovely together-it’s a good mellow combo. I’m very rusty, but it was great being able to share music together when we haven’t performed together for over a year!

-I’m contemplating changing some themes and content on my website. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could/should be added or changed? I’m curious to hear what people have in mind.

-Of recent, I’m getting slightly annoyed with people not responding to messages. And then you can see that they’re posting on Facebook, so you know they’re around. Personally I know I sometimes can take time to reply to things, but I don’t openly ignore the messages and then show that I’ve been communicating with other people. Makes you sometimes feel like you’ve been replaced, I guess, but maybe that’s what happens when you’re working full-time and don’t have as much time as you used to. Ah well…slightly immature moment from me but meh. All good 🙂

-The rest of this month is crazy busy, with some big changes ahead. I don’t have much free time until May now…and weekends are becoming two precious days where I try and fill in everything and usually get booked out anyway, oops. I’ve realised how limited time is these days, and often I need the weekends to sit back and relax…but then when they’re packed full of events I don’t really feel very energised for the next week. Oh…the first-world problems of having to balance work and weekends for events…lol.

-I’ve been busily preparing for a university event these past few weeks (which I’ve been in charge of organising on behalf of the office). It’s been a massive test for me, personally, to see if I am capable of keeping organised and not stressing out with managing a large workload. I feel that I’ve done very well with it and have proven to myself that I can go above and beyond what’s needed, when required (something I’ve wanted to know that I can have confidence in myself with). We shall see how it goes for the rest of the week (it’s on Thursday), but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

So, as per above, I’ve got a busy week this week. I’ll see how I go with gym and everything, but it may be a small post next week. Thanks everyone for your support so far 🙂


Week 12!

Apparently, Facebook wasn’t working and sharing my new posts for the past two weeks, so I’m posting this one again to make sure it works!

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Due to the Easter long weekend, I’ve delayed my posting on here slightly. But I wanted to apologise for my not-as-positive update last week. Things are still tough, but much better than the previous week 🙂

Just a quick update, as I’m pretty busy!

-I’ve started back in the gym after having a week off because of my leg/exhaustion. I managed to go there 2/3 times, and am hoping to get back onto the 3 times a week goal I had. I also weighed myself over the long weekend and it seems that I’ve lost a total of 4-5 kilos since starting out, and am keeping it off! Yay! 🙂

-My leg seems to have gone backwards in its healing, and I’m on antibiotics. My parents are quite worried about this, and we’re currently looking into alternative treatments. I’ve had the ulcer for almost 3 years now, so I’m getting quite fed up with it. Many people (and doctors) have been raving about Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy for diabetic ulcers, so we are currently looking into this and will be seeing a few doctors for recommendations. I was silly and read a bit of the internet where it stated that these ulcers can sometimes lead to amputations (eek!), so I got a little worried. I’ve been assured that mine won’t, because it’s healing and I’m young and healthy…but yeah, am looking at some alternative options to heal it up.

-Since deferring my course to next session, I feel much more relaxed and in control of things. I’ve even managed to catch up on some video-games. Dragon Age is incredible…except my computer’s memory is crappy and it keeps crashing. Anyway, I’ve been able to indulge in lots of gaming and TV shows (wooo Stargate!) over the weekends (including the long weekend), and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed and ready to take on study next session.

-One thing that I’ve been wanting to talk about in posts is my “adventures”. Being raised in a primarily Anglo-Saxon area (even though I’ve done extensive travels overseas), I have to admit that I hardly know/have been to Sydney and its suburbs. So, Ray and I have been having “adventures” into the city, its surrounding suburbs and the such every weekend or so…and I’m loving it! Sure…I’m pretty lame for not having explored Sydney, but it’s really interesting for me seeing the different cultural representations in the outer suburbs and going somewhere completely different each weekend. We’ve explored North Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, Newtown, Epping, Bankstown etc. Really, I haven’t been to these areas before and I’ve been really enjoying our “adventures” to discovering Sydney.

-Oh, I also still haven’t touched Pepsi Max/Coke Zero/Soft Drink (except for Lemon, Lime and Bitters on special occasions). I had a sip of Pepsi Max on the weekend as a test…and the taste did not appeal to me at all. So….success!

-There’s many, many exciting things coming up over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got D&D, Baby Showers, going to the Theatre and much more, so will keep you posted 🙂