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Type 1 Diabeetus and Invisible Conditions

What’s this? Another post on the same day!? Yeah, I felt like writing another post 🙂

So, many people recently have been asking about my Type 1 Diabetes. After some pretty interesting times recently with trying to get mine in order so I cope better on a daily basis, I thought I’d include the image below to show a good example of how much needs to be thought about each day. Please, zoom into it and see what us diabetes peeps think of on a daily basis:


I’m not trying to seek sympathy for “how hard it is to have a medical condition” or anything, it’s more awareness. I’m just wishing people were more aware, or able to be educated about what a chronic condition requires someone to look out for everyday, to think about etc. Especially if they can’t openly see the condition. And this doesn’t only apply to type 1 diabetes-I’ve got many friends with “invisible” chronic conditions and I feel their frustration too.

But there’s days that I get really frustrated with it. When I was diagnosed 18 years ago..they said they were 5 years off a cure. They say the same thing every year about a cure. And it’s a battle on a regular basis between making it out to be “nothing out of the ordinary” so you don’t get some label, or so you can prove that you’re able to cope like a normal person without anything medically wrong with them or “claiming it’s a disability” to be able to get the benefits you need to take care of it.

It’s just hard having a medical condition because of the stigmas there is if you openly admit it. It’s an invisible condition….unless I was in a wheelchair or had a physical impairment, sometimes people don’t believe I’ve got it (or that it’s more than me just watching my diet). I just wish more awareness was made for invisible chronic conditions-not only type 1 diabetes, but many other conditions, including mental health, that fall under the radar.

Anyway, I don’t like to do a soap-box like post, but sometimes I need to vent.






Week 7.


Well, I’ve pretty much had under 3 hours sleep last night. So…let’s see how I go with this post. Apologies in advance if there’s any extra emotions or anxiousness.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who said they really enjoyed having a read of my blog. Not only does it mean I know I have to keep posting and that people will read (eeeek!), but someone said to me this week that around our busy lives, we sometimes don’t have much time to catch up with people; hence, a blog is a great way to connect and find out what’s going on with someone, especially if they’re not openly discussing it. So yeah, thanks to those who read, and I might start putting up things more opinionated that happen to me during the week.

-Gym is going well. I’m finally feeling really good once I finish a work out. I’m hoping I’ll see some results soon.

-Checking levels for my diabetes is still on track..and am still following up on sorting these with my doctors.

-Still no soft drink! This is pretty epic!

-One things that’s become really apparent to me this week is that I have to work on just “going with the flow” and not being as anxious/lacking confidence in situations which are out of my control. Ever since high school when a teacher told me I was “highly strung (but in a good way, apparently?) I’ve always had an issue with stressing out…particularly with giving myself a hard time when I think I could have done better at something. Or maybe I’ve had it even before high school…who knows if I was some anxious stresshead in kindergarten freaking out as I coloured out of the lines, lol. It’s just been eating away at me this week, causing big bouts of lack of sleep. I just wish I could flick a switch and get rid of the anxiety that I suffer from a lot of the time…however, I guess it’s a part of me that I have to accept and work on. I’m just really trying to find ways to manage it lately…with many things being uncertain around me, it’s hard. I just want to know that my future is secure for a couple of things so I can embrace the present and future. For now, I guess I’ll just keep positing those motivational images and hope for the best…and hope people accept me as the “anxious ginger” for now.

-You know what’s been annoying for the past few weeks? Over the past 6 months, I finally found a makeup brand that matches my pale/unpredictable skin and doesn’t make me break out, while being mineral based. Physicians Formula makes incredible powders-their Magic Mozaic power is literally like Photoshop for your face. I kid you not: once I put this on in the morning I feel like I’m ready to be seen. So, Physicians Formula can be purchased from Priceline…however of recent, their brand has been disappearing from many Pricelines. Over the past few months, I’ve been to 6 Pricelines and the only one which stocks it is Liverpool, which is pretty disappointing. I’ve tried Ebay and there’s none of the pale/translucent shades I need, and the Priceline online store is quite limited. I’ve sent them an email asking if they can advise about where it’s stocked, and found out it’s only at Liverpool. So…I will now have regular pilgrimages to Liverpool to obtain the face powder of epic proportions, lol.

-I’ve discovered a new range of skincare cleansers which I love (and I’m also facepalming myself questioning why I didn’t try them sooner!) LUSH Cosmetics are organic, naturally made cleansers which smell amazing and make your face feel incredible. I was seeing people rave about the “Dark Angel” cleanser on Pinterest…it’s made up of Clay and…Charcoal. Yep…you read right, Charcoal. However, this exfoliant makes your skin feel so so so soft and help clear up any skin imperfections. Anyway, I had to try it. Not only did they have very friendly staff at the Parramatta store I went to, but I also purchased the “Herbalism” cleanser for daily use. My skin has been feeling awesome for days and it’s helping my skin to settle down. Seriously, I recommend their stuff to anyone.

-I keep running into people from High School at the gym, however the other week there was a guy from school there who (during high school) gave me a bit of a rough time about my weight. No shit…I know I most definitely wasn’t ace-ing the “looks” department at school, but I swear some people have no idea how teasing someone because of their weight, skin and hair colour could do. I clearly remember when a guy called me a “big, fat mushroom” because I chose to wear a more comfortable school skirt which was longer than usual. And I knew what was being said behind my back or when they thought I couldn’t hear. And well, I didn’t care too much about it…I was/am a nerd and was ok with just sinking into my studies. But you know what? At the gym last week, this guy made a point to smirk at me while I was doing my workout. Not in a nice way…in a way that he was mocking me just like high school. And you know…I’ve accepted who I am since high school-what was disappointing to me was seeing that some people are still stuck in the same mentality they had in high school. While you’re still making fun of the same people for the same things, many people who you picked on have gone on to do great things. The list is endless of how many of us “nerds” or whoever got given shit at high school who are now successful businessmen/women, teachers, travellers, soldiers and have such an amazing life ahead of them. And I really respect them.

Anyway, apologies for the post being a bit out of whack than usual, and perhaps a bit more personal. Thanks for those who read the blog, even those who are just stalking it to find out what I’m up to these days, haha.

More updates soon 🙂

Thank you!


Wow…what is this? I’m posting earlier than the usual Monday or Tuesday?

I sure am!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has contacted me with words of motivation and support for my blog. It really means a lot and is so encouraging for me.

My blog is now officially connected to Facebook-something I was wary of doing for ages because I was just scared/worried about being judged, I guess. I didn’t want it publicly admitted that I really had things I needed to work on with health and everything else, or even showing that I’m working towards fixing it. But you know, when something is out in the open I feel it gives more motivation to work on it and fix it.

So many of my dear friends (who I certainly do not get to spend as much time with recently due to work/distance) have sent me lovely encouraging thoughts this week about my posts-and many would love to see more. It’s been incredible 🙂

So….thank you! I’ll try to keep this blog interesting and with plenty of motivational pictures and shiz.

Much love <3

Week 6

Well….I wrote this entry, posted it, it came up in my Twitter…and then, the post was gone. I have no idea what happened, lol.

So, here’s the post again with some extra bits:

Firstly, I feel pretty flat from the past week. So, there’s not much progress to report really. But all that matters is that I’m sticking to it.

-Firstly, I haven’t really lost any weight this week. I guess it’s good that I haven’t put any on. Still having no soft drink and keeping my water intake up.

-I missed the gym quite a bit with events on last week for work and Valentine’s Day (which I was thoroughly spoiled for…the first Valentine’s Day where I’ve really celebrated with someone). So, starting back at the gym yesterday was hard after almost a week off. I think the program they’ve given me is a bit out of my reach currently, as I’m struggling to do the reps and weight amounts. Or maybe I’m exhausted.

-I’ve also learnt that the best time to go to gym is an hour before close: 7pm. Rocking up straight after work means a) all the kids are there for karate/gym/swim lessons and ALL the parking is taken b) I run into someone from high school which is awkward as because I’m not wearing any makeup/not back to my normal weight/I’m dying in an attempt to exercise and c) all the “buff” people tend to go at 6pm, which sort of intimidates me while I flail at walking fast on a treadmill while they jog out their marathon. I mean, yeah, I should only be focusing on myself, but it’s hard when everyone else there is way ahead in progress. So, I’m going to try going a little bit later..after dinner is good too as I need to food before I go otherwise my diabetes just fails.

-I have a new motivator for getting fit: as a Valentine’s Day extra present (yes, there were several…I’m a very lucky girl), my boyfriend has offered to pay for me to get a Pinup Photography shoot done. This is something I’ve wanted to do FOREVER. Nothing seedy-I’m after the more classy/cute styled ones. I’m thinking of doing one as Batgirl, another as a Nintendo Pinup, something Travel related and something Japan related. We’ll see…but it’s a massive motivator!

-I had diabetes clinic. Overall, I’ve got a bit to improve but I’ve made massive progress. Because I’ve been monitoring my levels at a near-perfect rate for 2 months now, they have heaps of data to go off. We’re creating new insulin levels to go off, which will hopefully improve things. I had updated blood tests too to see how my Vitamin D levels/Coeliacness stuff is going. According to my weigh-in at clinic, I’ve lost 2kg compared to the weigh-in I did at the gym several weeks back.

-On the note of my Type 1 Diabetes, I wanted to mention something. Several friends have what we call “invisible conditions”, and they’ve been putting a post up on fb basically about how hard it is to have that condition and people don’t understand how it affects us because they can’t see it. I really wanted to mention this for this week. The majority of people don’t realise how much diabetes can effect me in relation to my behaviour or emotions-the slightest change in my levels can make me change from being happy to being anxious and vice versa. It can seem that I’m just a nervous wreck (which I can be), but of recent I’ve been going through many changes in level in an attempt to fix my blood sugars. I don’t like people making a fuss, but I’d just like people to be patient and understand how hard it is to try and manage something which isn’t an obvious visual medical condition. While it may seem that I’m being grumpy or am freaking out over something, it’s very likely these days that I could be in the middle of having a low or high blood sugar. It’s just something I wish more people were aware of and considerate of. I’m bad at explaining it…but it’s just been on my mind this week.

I guess the arrow picture I put up just before is a reminder for me this week when I’m feeling a bit flat and awaiting news of things that affect my future this week.

Anyway, hopefully more progress to report back with for next week.

Week 5

Well, 5 weeks! I’m pretty exhausted this morning…I woke up thinking I was being strangled after a bad dream. Great way to start a Monday.

Anyway, updates!

-I haven’t lost any weight this week…I may have put on 500gm even. I’ve had a few changes in diet and routine this week, so this may have thrown me off. I’m hoping I start to see some noticeable changes over the next few weeks, as I’m really trying hard. I hope other can start to notice too.

-I had a fitness check-up at the gym, where they also wrote me a tailored program to suit my goals (as I was only really doing cardio before). First off…the scales at the gym are different from the ones I have at home…the weight that came up was several kilos more than what I weigh on my ones at home. A bit off putting….anyway, I started out my new program yesterday. It’s a killer…including planks, crunches, weight lifting, rowing, running on treadmill etc. I had to cut some of the reps yesterday as I was so tired, but I’m sure after a few weeks I’ll be into it.

-I haven’t touched Coke Zero, Pepsi Max or any other soft drink (other than the occasional mineral water or lemon lime and bitters when going out). I don’t feel cravings for the drinks, or even miss the taste of them. I’m keeping up my water intake still.

-This week, I’m trying to find some motivational gym gear. Yes, Lorna Jane has quite a bit of what I’m after…but unfortunately, if you have a larger bust and are a bit above-average curvy, they won’t work…and I also can’t justify buying a singlet for $50. So I’m on the lookout for some good ones…if anyone knows of any, please let me know 🙂

-There’s also some changes at work…big changes, but positive ones. I’ve got a big task over the next few months, and I’m hoping I can stay on top of things, keep organised and not freak out about things changing.

Overall, 2013 has many amazing things ahead. The previous week really assured me of this.

Week Four


Apologies for the delayed post. It’s been a pretty hectic weekend, so I’ve been catching up…including being a nanna and hitting bed at 9:30pm so far this week.


Ok, update time!

-This week, it appears that I haven’t lost any weight, maybe 500gm. But that’s ok, I’ve had a few changes in diet and things, so I was expecting not much to happen.

-I’ve upped my training at the gym to doing two full cycles on machines. So far, I’m doing just cardio with the cross trainer, bikes and treadmill. I’m glad I’ve been slowly upping my gym participation. I’ve booked in a consult with a gym trainer to make goals and a fitness plan this week, including my doctors advice to include resistance training (as apparently this helps with insulin production/resistance issues). It’s a bit scary that I’ll have to get everything measured and do a bike test of death, but it will be worth it.

-I *still* have not had a Coke Zero or Pepsi Max, or any softdrink (bar a lemon lime and bitters when I go out for dinner). This is a MASSIVE achievement for me and I’m proud I’m keeping it up. My water intake is still going well.

-I took the time to get to the doctors and sort out some diabetes things to help with exercise. I’ve got clinic in two weeks so I wanted to be prepared.

-I feel that this week I had a massive weight taken off my shoulders with previous worry and stress about the future and my career. I’m just trying to take things as it comes and adjust to change (two things I really suck at most of the time).

-My amazing boyfriend took me to the Zelda Symphony of the Goddess concert over the weekend. BEST. CONCERT. EVER. I was so excited like the little 11 year old I was when I started playing Ocarina of Time. And ever since, I’m setting myself up to try and finish the Zelda games I gave up on because I sucked, lol. Zelda was such a massive part of my childhood, and the concert was so nostalgic for me.

-I’ve started reading books again…I’ve really missed it. So far, I’ve read “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, which was a bit “meh” for me. Probably not my style of book, but it was still reasonable. This week, I’m starting the “Women of the Empire” series by Raymond Heist, which has been  awesome so far 🙂

So yeah, that’s about it for now. This week (week 5) has had an amazing start, which I’ll tell you about in the future. 🙂