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Week Three

Week three already!

As we had the Australia Day long weekend, I’ve spent a weekend of well-needed rest and recuperation after a stressful week. However, here’s my update:

-I’ve lost another kilo this week. Slow but steady, and considering I’ve only just started at the gym and have only made slight changes to my diet (no softdrink etc), I’m pretty happy.

-I’ve started heading to the gym on my own, and this week I was able to do my first full cycle of the cross-trainer (which in the first week, I thought I’d have a very hard time doing!) I had to miss aqua this week as my diabetes had a small attack that afternoon, but I’m back to those classes this week!

-My water intake every day is definitely on 1.5-2 litres a day! I’m finding it so easy to drink that stuff these days, lol!

-I’m on top of checking my levels for my type 1 diabetes! However, it seems that they are a bit high at the minute…so if my doctors helped me fix these, many things could improve. Exercise, stress, weight loss etc. Clinic is in a few weeks, so will see how it goes.

-My leg: Well, after an appointment with the dermatologist this week, I’ve been told I won’t need to go back ever again, unless my leg changes dramatically. YAY! So, only one more month of bandaging and things….but after that, I’ll be free of wearing bandages and anything and just have a little scar to deal with. Well…it’s a big scar, but it’s almost ready to be visible without a bandage. I’m so happy…after dealing with my NLD condition on my leg for over 2 years, I’m glad it’s finally clearing itself up.

-I haven’t done much ukulele-ing this week, however I’ve been focusing on preparing for my Masters course starting next month, as well as developing my D&D skills.

That’s it for the update…nothing too exciting, but I’m still going strong 🙂

Week 2

Ok! I did write this up, but then my computer had a tantrum….so here goes again. A summary of how this week went!

-I’ve lost 1kg this week….not as much as last week, but it’s still progress. Grand total lost so far=3kg.

-I still am not drinking soft drink, especially Coke Zero or Pepsi Max…or anything with artificial sweetener. I did have one treat because of my sister’s birthday, where I was rewarded with Grape Fanta. But still, I’ve been aiming (and mainly, achieving) 8 glasses of water a day.

-I officially started my gym contract last week. My best friend and I also went along to our first aqua aerobics class. This is going to be embarrassing to mention but….it was a really tough workout! Apparently, we signed up for the not-so-easy lesson…and I nearly died. However, the ladies there were pretty easy-going and liked a laugh. I was constantly reminded of how uncoordinated I am, but we had a great workout and are continuing to go every Wednesday!

-MY BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL MONITORING IS STILL GOING WELL! This is in caps because it means so much to me that I’m getting my diabetes into control and finally making this a habit again. I’ve got diabetes clinic next month, so I’ll have heaps of records to show them to help adjust my insulin amounts. I’ve even made enough reward monies from checking my levels that I was able to buy myself the pocket watch I’ve been after for FOREVER as a reward. Very exciting!

-Ukulele playing is getting better! I know about a dozen or so more songs now, and am gradually getting used to different keys. Still love playing it!

-One down note is that my NLD (Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum….otherwise known as the ulcer on my leg I’ve had for two years that won’t bloody leave!) seems to be getting better, but it’s very slow in healing and has been quite red and inflamed this week. So, I”m off to the dermatologist this coming week to see what I can do. It will most likely take a year or two for the scarring to go down and be fully healed…so I’ve got a long way to go.


So….what is ahead this week?

-As of this morning, I enrolled into my first unit for my Master of International Relations. I’ve been eager to start some external studies related to work (and which I actually enjoy too), and I can’t wait to commence the unit next month.

-I’m aiming to hit the gym three times this week. I finally tracked down a decent and inexpensive sports bra (impossible, normally, for anyone above a D cup!) so I’ll be able to try out the gym a bit more without feeling like I’m going to have a wardrobe malfunction.

-Keeping on the water!

-Getting my NLD sorted out for faster healing

-Haircut….a cut and treatment once a month after work is my de-stress treat I give myself.

-Trying not to worry too much: I’ve got some big stuff coming up this week and over the next few weeks, so I’m trying to keep a level head. I’m also reminding myself of the true friends I have and how I appreciate the effort they make for our friendships around work and health and getting things in control. I’m really thankful for these peeps.


See you in Week 3!

Week 1

So, it’s the end of the first week of my 2013 goals in place! Here’s a summary of how I went.

-So, I made it to the gym this week for the first time in three years. I signed up for a free week trial, and my best friend already was signed up to the same gym. We decided that we will motivate each other to go a couple of times a week, to get fit for our goals this year. I’ve been several times now and my swimming is quite behind what I used to do 10 years ago. I can swim a quarter of the laps I used to…but it’s a start for now!

-Every morning and after exercising, I’ve been having water with lemon, mint and cucumber as a detox. Reading several articles (thanks Pinterest!) it says that this has detox-like abilities, and it wakes me up in the morning…perhaps more than a berrocca!

-As of Monday last week, I’ve stopped drinking soft drink, especially ones with artificial sweetening. I have decided that the only time I could have soft drink is when ordering a lemon lime and bitters when going out. I’m not really drinking alcohol anymore either, as it tends to wreck my system and diabetes when I do.

-After all the above, I stepped on the scales this morning and it appears that I have lost 3 kilos! This is a fantastic start and motivation for me 🙂

-I have also been checking my blood sugar levels 4 times a day, which is finally becoming a habit again. My diabetes is slowly getting better, which could also be thanks to the exercise I’ve been doing and cutting out soft drink/alcohol. I also think it’s very much thanks to the reward system my boyfriend has set up (every time I do a blood sugar check, I get $1, and when it’s in range I get $2. It’s the perfect way to save up for epic rewards!)

-I also bought a ukulele over the weekend, which I love and find very easy to pick up and play. I know many songs now and about a dozen chords, so I can’t wait to learn more…and it makes me so happy when I pick it up and have a little jam. It’s a good little thing to keep me happy and motivated 🙂

So, for this week, I am trying aqua aerobics and another go at the cross-trainer (which killed me last week!), and I might start off with the treadmill again. Lots of things ahead, but overall I feel like I’m off to a great start 🙂

2013: A Year of Goals


So, it’s 2013. I’ve barely used this blog (which was originally something I was going to use to do media projects and the like).

It’s time for that to change.

2013 is a year of changes ahead. Many positive changes in my life which I’d like to keep a track of. And you know, what better way to be motivated with them than keeping it on a public forum?

As we entered 2013, there are several things I wish to change or goals I have. These are:

-Get my type 1 diabetes in control

-Become healthier and into shape

-Exercise regularly

-Find more happiness in everyday

-Stress/be anxious less

-Compose and share/make music

So, I am not ashamed of showing my plans for the above this year. Keeping an update of it all here. Welcome for all to see who are curious. Or, maybe it’s just me and a select few who will follow.

Yeah, I know randoms can access this page as it’s public…but you know what? Screw them.  Not my problem. If they want to stalk me being happy, good for them.

Here’s the start to my blogging journey of my personal goals for 2013! 🙂